Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Tribute to Fred

I first met Fred when he was wondering around in the street by my house. His tag said Greens and that they lived in Texas. I had noticed that our new neighbors had a license plate from Texas so I figured this was their dog. They weren't home and my husband was so I left Fred with him all day. Well, that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with not only Fred but his people, Gretchen, Chuck and their son Scott. To this day Gretchen thinks that Fred was on his way back to Texas and that we saved him. Many happy years have gone by. The Greens had another son, Tommy. Fred loved those boys! We would watch Fred whenever the Greens went out of town. Fred loved frisbees so whenever we went anywhere where there was a free frisbee we would pick one up and give it to Fred. He would destroy it in no time flat! He loved to go on walks. When he stayed with us, Chris would take him for a walk in the evenings. He would take his cigar and a plastic bag and they would bond. Fred always did his business in the park which was nice as there was a trash can there and you didn't have to carry the poo in the bag then. About a month before Fred died, Chris bought him a great toy that he loved to carry around the house with him. Anytime I would see him outside he would race over to me and be so happy to see me. I will miss him like crazy!! Shelby came home from college the weekend before Fred died to stay with him while the Greens went out of town. They didn't want to ask us as he was not always able to get outside to go to the bathroom. All of my kids spent time with him that weekend. Last night when Gretchen came over to tell me that Fred had died on Friday, I was working on a quilt. After she left I spoke aloud to Fred and asked him to wait for me on the Rainbow Bridge. Even if his people get there first I asked him to at least visit me. I told Rimshot to keep him company while he was waiting. We are all sad over Fred's passing but I know I am a better person for having known him. I will miss his sweet personality but I know we will see each other again on the Rainbow Bridge. Good bye dear friend may God's peace be with you!

Monday, April 03, 2006

It is another beautiful day in Michigan and I am ready for another week. My DH has gone off to flight safety for school and it is just me and the kids for most of the week. It makes it an easier week as I don't have to plan a lot of formal meals.

I almost have the second baby quilt done. I called and ordered the fabric for the borders. I wasn't going to but I think it will make the quilts. The theme is Noah's Ark (for twins). I am hoping it comes soon as I have 4 other quilts to take to the quilter. I also took out a quilt someone asked me to repair. It doesn't look like too much work, shouldn't be that difficult to fix.