Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Health Update

 Hey friends!  
I am still here and doing so very well.  
All your thoughts and prayers have been working. 
I got the pathology back and the margins of the tumor excision were all clear!  
They took 3 lymph nodes and all three were negative for cancer too!!! 
 Next step is they send the tumor for an oncotype score. 
 They will look at 21 genes in the cancer and give it a score based on what they find. 
 This score is predictive of reccurance and will determine if I will benefit from having chemo. 
 If my score is low then I am guessing I will not have to have any chemo, only radiation. 
 I have a video appointment with the oncologist on April 14v to discuss my treatment plan. 
 That's the update for today.

My neighbors send me the most beautiful yellow roses!
  FIFTY of them!!
 I had to split into 2 vases!

Also, my SIL sent some food for us and one morning this was my breakfast. 
 Sugar cookies and Diet Coke!

Next I will share the projects I have been working on, so stay tuned.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Baby Quilt

 I was trying to decide what project to begin and looking at the scraps from the crib sheets. 
 I found I had enough of the giraffe scraps to add a few more fabrics to and
 voila, a baby quilt was born!  
I added 2 more colors, found backing in my stash (a really soft yellow plush), put some batting scraps together and quilted it myself.  
I love using stuff from my stash don't you?
I chose a soft purple and a light gray.
There is a pale purple in the giraffe fabric.

All bordered, quilted, and bound!

This yellow was so lush.
  I had bought it as a remnant. 
 I *just* managed to eek it out of this backing.
I used the same piece for a back on the doll quilt I made.

I used one of my iron on quilt labels.  
It is now ready to gift.

I will be sending this one to a friend of my daughter's that just had a little girl. 
 I will send that crib sheet with it as well as a self binding blanket, some burp cloths and a teether.

Next one to tackle is the Bjorn Bear quilt I cut out before my surgery.


A Visit From My Daughter

 I am recovering well. 
 My daughter came up from NC on Saturday after my surgery and stayed until Wednesday.
  It was so good to see her!  
On Monday (day 3 post-op) we went and got pedicures.  
Just like in the old days when she was living here.  
So much fun!

We ended up going to East Lansing on Tuesday to meet up with a friend of hers
 and her 2 boys for lunch.  
I was 4 days post op and felt pretty good so off we went.

After lunch we drove over to Mason and met my SIL and niece and her 4 kids for ice cream.
My SIL, had food for us, stuffed peppers, chicken salad and her famous sugar cookies.
It was nice to see everyone.

It was great having her here.
I really miss her.
She was anxious to get home to her little boy and her life though.
I certainly do appreciate her traveling all that way though!

After she left I finished these 4 crib sheets. 
 I had sewn them all but they needed the elastic inserted and closed up.  
It felt good to finish something.

At this point I was still waiting for the pathology results.
  More on that tomorrow!


Sunday, March 20, 2022

I Have The BEST Friends and Family

 I guess this is slightly out of order but I wanted to thank everyone for taking such good care of me!  My family has been amazing. 
 My husband has be
feel very blessed and humble to know that so many people care about me.
I want to share a few little things my friends and family have sent. 
 My friend Paula, made this adorable pillow and sent it all the way from Kansas!  

Check out the bling on the kitty's glasses!

My friend, Melanin, sent me this beautiful bracelet.  It says "she doesn't fight alone".
Such a great sentiment!  It shows how my friends are always with me.

My sweet husband bought me this bracelet.  
The metal on that is St Agatha.  
She is the patron saint of breast cancer.

My SIL, Julie, had given me a green scapular that was from a box that their mom bought and had blessed many years ago.  
 I have worn it everywhere I have been, even in to my surgery
 (I had it in my sock)!  

I have also received many cards, texts and messages.
This whole experience has been very humbling.
It has brought me closer to God and taught me to pay better attention.

I will update you as new things happen.


Saturday, March 19, 2022

Surgery Day

 Yesterday was my lumpectomy.  
We arrived at the clinic and were assigned a number. 
 Lucky 13! 
 I say that in all sincerity. 
 It is a very lucky number for me. 
 This was just before they called me back.

This was as they were taking me back to surgery.

The procedure took a little over an hour and a half. 
 It was outpatient. 
 I got home and didn't have too much pain.
  They gave me some pain meds but when I went to bed I just took Tylenol and Motrin.
That seems to be controlling the pain so far. 
 I feel more sore but not really much pain.
Hopefully that makes sense.

They sent me home in a tube top thing like we used to wear in the 70's, LOL.
It opens in the front with velcro.
I can't take it off until tomorrow afternoon.
I am anxious to see what the incisions look like.
The doctor told Chris the margins were clear.
They took 1 or 2 Lymph nodes, I am not sure.
Those get sent for pathology and I should have results in about a week.
Hoping those are negative.
I think then they send the tumor for the oncotype.
If that comes back with a good score then I might be able to skip chemo.

I just wanted to update you all and let you know I am doing ok.
So we are just lounging around here today.


Friday, March 11, 2022

Loose Ends

I have some good news to report. 
 My surgery, lumpectomy, has been scheduled for next Friday, March 18.  
I have a lot to do before then!  
We saw the surgeon on Tuesday and I feel much better about my choice.  
We were waiting for the HER2 results to come back and they were negative. 
 Now if my lymph nodes are  also negative I think I may be able to skip chemo and just do radiation!  Please pray for negative nodes!!

Back to sewing stuff.  
My friend, Kailie, sent me the cutest pattern to make purse tissue covers.
  I can not even believe how quick these are to make! 
 I think I made 5 in a matter of 20 minutes or less!  
Very addicting and a good way to use up larger scraps.
This is the first one I made.

I finished my Lyric top and got the backing in.
Unfortunately, it had holes along the edges.
I was able to cut off the parts along the edges that had the holes.
They were about 10" into the fabric.
They sent me another piece so now I have what I needed for that quilt and enough for another back.
These holes were SO tiny, I am so glad I even noticed them.  
I was folding the fabric and was holding it up with the window light behind otherwise I don't think I would have even seen them!
Good reminder to check your fabric before you use it.

The holes are perfectly round, like they were punched out or something.
The fabric is a lawn as I wanted this to be a lightweight summer quilt.

I did finish my Sparrows quilt top too.
I have to say this is one of the most well written patterns I have even used.
If you have not made one you should.
I LOVED making it and hope to make at least one more.
Please excuse the poor lighting I took it at night.

The triangles are the most delicious berry color.

That's it for today.
Feeling the stress of getting my house cleaned and some quilts cut out before surgery.
I don't think I will be able to cut much after so I want to get at least one quilt cut out before.

I will keep you all posted.


Thursday, March 03, 2022

Quick Trip to Shipshewana

 We decided to do a quick trip to Shipshewana while we were still able to travel.  
It was a fun day!  We ate a Jojo's pretzel (that neigher one of us should eat), shopped for lounge wear and slippers for me, bought some fabric (of course) and ate fry pies on the way home! 
 LOL  We did all the things.  
First stop was Jojo's.  
The BEST pretzels!

Gotta take a selfie or it didn't happen, right?

Obligatory horse and buggy photo.

My adorable lounge wear.

My new slippers

We were in the bulk food store and Chris asked me to look at a bag he had in his hands. 
 I SWEAR, it looked like a bag-o-maggots!  
 Annnnd now you can't unsee it,  LOL  you're welcome!

These are the fabrics I bought too. 
 Some Essex yard dyed linen and some backgrounds plus the great rainbow low volume fabric.

I found a coat pattern and a marker.  The coat pattern is kind of a crap shoot since there were minimal measurements.  I was thinking that a quilted coat might be fun with this pattern.

I see a theme with this fabric, do you?  
It was a happy accident that they all coordinated.

Yoders had their Christmas and Halloween fabrics on sale and
 a line I have some of but wanted more of. 
 I did not have a list of the ones I have so didn't end up buying any.  

Amazing fry pie on the way home!!