Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weigh In

I completely forgot to tell you about the official weigh in yesterday. Since we went to the party on Sat, I gained a little bit back from my Sat am weigh in at the gym. Still a loss of 1.2 pounds. I received my 25 pound washer thingy to put on the key chain they gave me for losing 10% of my body weight.

People are beginning to notice it too. Best part so far? I tried on some size 14 jeans and I can fit into them and still breathe!! They are a little snug but bearable. There is no going back now!! LOL.

I also figured out that I can go in the am (means getting up around 5:15am) and work out for a half hour, shower and get to work on time so that's what I am doing 3 days a week.

How is your week going so far?

Monday, March 29, 2010

The "Butt" picture

I was going through some old papers this weekend and making boxes for each of my kids with their old things in them. It was so fun to read some of the cards they made when they were little. But there was one picture that my DD2 had drawn that always held a special place in our hearts. We affectionately referred to it as the "butt" picture. Here is how this story played out.

DD to her daddy: "I drew you a picture"

Daddy, "Who is it?"

DD, "It's you!"

Daddy, "It is? Where is my body?"

DD thinks about it and goes back to the crayons and brings him back this picture.
The "Butt" Photo

Daddy, "What's that?"

DD, "It's your butt, I didn't have room to draw your whole body."

We cracked up!! I was just thrilled to run across this picture. Just thought I would share!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Hero's Party

The party for Matt was last night. I even got my DH to go with me and he is NOT a party person, but he does love Matt too so we went together. I have to say I felt a little like Cinderella going off to the ball. Weird, huh? I was so excited to finally be able to give the quilt and the book to Matt. It was so nice that all of you were emailing me and telling me to have fun and that the quilt looked fantastic, thank you for that. So I wanted to show you the label after I put my stamp on it, I almost forgot to do that but here it is.
Quilt label

Now off to the ball party. When we arrived Matt was on the phone but as soon as he saw me he told the person he had to go. He came over and gave me a great big HUG!! Oh yes he did. I told him I had a little something for him and handed him the quilt, in the pillowcase. He asked me if it was a pillow and put his head on it and I told him no and he said, "a quilt?" and I said "of course". He took it out but couldn't unfold it because of his arm so his mom, Terry and I unfolded it and he was stunned! So was everyone else in the room. Matt just came over and thanked me and hugged me again. Then I gave him the book and told him all about how his quilt came to be and of all the help I had and how loved and appreciated he is. He just kept thanking me over and over. Terry wanted me to put it on her DR table, so we cleared off the table and draped the quilt over the table. Matt came into the DR with us and was thumbing through the book and he was just so impressed with all that you guys did for him. At one point he said, "people wrote on the back of the blocks?" I told him they did, because they wanted their gratitude and love quilted right into the quilt!
My DH had some elbow reconstruction a few years ago and used these little hand exercisers to help regain the strength in his hand again so he brought them to Matt and they spent some time talking about rehab type things. Sorry about the blurry photo.
Chris and Matt
Then I asked Terry if I could see the purple heart and she brought it out. So cool! I took a picture cuz I knew you would want to see it too!
Purple Heart
Then I asked him if he would hold it and let me get a picture with him. He really didn't want to hold it, very modest. He felt like he was showing off, but I asked him to please hold it "for me" and he said, "ok, I'll hold it but just for you."
Matt and Me
So now you can see me a little thinner too, LOL. What do you think?
Anyway, it was a wonderful night. Terry was the one who cried over the quilt. Here we are too, thought you might like to meet Matt's mama.
Terry and Me
We have been friends for a long time and through many ups and downs. It was a good night.

I just have to once again say a huge thank you to everyone that made a block and sent a note. You have no idea how much you touched my heart and Matt's family's hearts too. You should all feel so good about yourselves. I know it is not the same as what every military person does for us but we all do what we can and just know that it was sooooo appreciated by Matt and his family! Thank you.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday...So Far So Good

Today was an amazing day. I got up and went to the gym (of course) and weighed in (even though the challenge is finished.) I lost another 2.6 pounds and broke another major milestone for me!! I am close to another girl in the gym so we decided to see which of us will break the next 10 pound marker first, a little contest for us both! Then they did their monthly measurements and guess what?? I have lost 23 inches overall so far!!! I am so excited about that too. I just had to share that with you all.

I almost forgot to tell you, the ABS crunch challenge was today. That is where we had to crunch for a whole hour without stopping to raise money. I had my DD1 come and count all my crunches and guess how many I ended up doing in an hour? 1680!!!!!! Who knew I was capable of that?? Where did that come from?? At one point when I was about half way through and groaning a little DD looked at me and said, "C'mon fatty you can do it!" We both busted up laughing and it is so difficult to keep crunching when you are laughing!! (she was kidding and I knew it, so don't think she was being mean or anything) I raised some money for St. Jude Children's Hospital and now my body is incredibly sore!! The crunches were after my hour of aerobics too. I feel pretty good about all that. Then I came home and had to make the label for Matt's quilt. You want to see it all done? Here ya go:
Matt's Quilt quilted 007
Can you see the quilting that is the star, within the star, within the star? Probably not, but it is too cool. LTW quilted it in red thread.

Now for some close ups of the quilting.
Matt's Quiltup close  008Matt's Quilt  up close009

PTM did the binding for me and it is beautiful as usual. She also made a pillowcase to put the quilt in. You can see it here along with the book I put together with photos of all your blocks, notes and some of the finished quilt top.
Matt's Quilt w book inside the pillowcase 012
I thought and thought about how to do the label. I finally decided to make the label like I usually do but before I sewed it together I embroidered a purple heart around the label. Then I put all the words on it. If you notice I wrote the names of everyone that sent me a block all around the inside of the heart. I just remembered I need to put my stamp on the label so will take the quilt out and put that on the label, sorry no pic of that! What do you think of this idea? He received the purple heart so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.
Matt's Quilt Label 011

Oh and here were my helpers. They stayed there the whole time keeping me company while I worked. Big help huh?
Cat ball

There is a BIG party at Matt's house tonight so I will be able to give the quilt to him tonight. I am so excited!! (and a little nervous) I will try to remember to take some pictures tonight to share with you all tomorrow too. Now I am off to relax for a little while and then get ready.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jaybird Quilts Blog

I found a really cool place where they post many of the giveaways going on in Blogland. It's over at Jaybird Quilts. I am going to put their button in my sidebar but you should go and check them out!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Checkin In

Hey there, how was your day? I had a very relaxing day, actually evening. I came home and met PTM at the gym, came home and made some dinner and then sewed some more string blocks for PTM's soldier quilt. We are making the same one for a friend of hers that we made for Matt. Matt's is now at the quilters, YEAH!!
Gratuitous cat photo...
I just thought I would throw that in there. Posts are more fun with photos. Mosen thinks it is very comfortable to sleep on my books!

I did forget to let you know that I had a weigh in at WW yesterday and officially lost another 0.8pounds. That makes 24 total so far!! Now I have to keep it going since the challenge at the gym is over. There is a AB crunch for St. Jude's Children's home on Sat and if I do it we have to crunch non stop for an hour. I decided I would do it so now I am collecting pledges. What the heck, I did 50 minutes of non-stop crunching last Sat, what's 10 more minutes, right? Anyone want to pledge?? DH is going to be my counter, he's thrilled no doubt, but he will do it. We were supposed to go out to dinner with my friend Shelby and her new BF but just found out that there will be a party for Matt on Sat night and I really want to go to that, and so does DH and DS, so will try to make the Sat thing a lunch after the AB challenge. Wow, busy Sat planned already. I am also meeting my friend Yuki for a late afternoon tea on Friday after work. We have some serious catching up to do (and I want to see how big her baby belly is = )

I guess the house cleaning will have to wait until Sunday. I gotta get some done since Easter is coming up quickly and my dad and sister should be coming here for dinner. Easter plans for you?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

On to the Next Quilt...An old UFO

After I finished the sail boat quilt I decided I needed to work on another project. I have many UFO's just waiting for my attention and decided I needed to work on my One Block Wonder quilt. I had pinned it to the flannel of my design wall one night at PTM's house. I took the design wall down and brought the flannel part home with me. I spread it out over my couch and this is what it looked like.

One Block Wonder 001
And guess who was hiding under the design wall?? Jack. He stayed there quite awhile too.
One Block Wonder 002
I was happily sewing away and Mosen thought he would "help" me with it. There were obviously not enough cat hairs on it for his liking so now there are! I kicked him off 4 times and he kept jumping up on it. I finally swatted him and he stayed down. It made a great photo though, don't you think??
One Block Wonder 004
I ended up sewing about a third of it together. Then DH wanted me to watch 28 weeks later with him so I am doing that and blogging. It's a zombie movie. Scary! I don't think I want to keep sewing the OBW at night anyway as it is kind of tricky to put together and I don't want to screw any of it up. I hope you all had a productive weekend too!!

Sail boat quilt off to the quilter

Yep, that's right, I finished the sail boat quilt, pieced the back, cut the batting, made the binding and the label. Now it is ready to bring to LTW in the morning. Here is a not great photo of the finished top.

Sail boat quilt

I am happy with how it came out too. I made it for a coworker who's wife is expecting a baby in the near future. They are doing a nautical theme in the baby's room. I liked making this quilt although because my fish in the background are directional I did a lot of un-sewing! Probably more than I have done in years, actually. Also, I got the pattern from McCall's Quick Quilts and the border measurements were not correct. I need to email them with that information. Luckily they were too big not too small. Good Grief!

I had someone ask me about how I do my labels and realized I do them several ways. What about you guys? If the fabric on the back lends itself to being written on, I will write directly on the quilt. This is my favorite because I feel like it draws less attention to itself and blends in with the quilt better. If that is not possible, I will either use a leftover block (if I have one) or make one. I usually use a 6" square and sew it rst to another 6" square, leaving an opening for turning. Then I clip the corners and turn and press. I don't sew the opening shut b/c I do that when I sew it to the quilt! I did a little of both of the last 2 for this label for the sail boat quilt. I had some left over pinwheels (directional issues) so I made hourglass blocks from them and I used one of those to make a label. I sewed it to a 6" white square, clipped corners, turned and pressed and ta da, my label. I will write on the white part. Sometimes I applique something to the label too if I want to tie in some part of the front of the quilt.
sail boat label

Then I decided to work on the second block for the Jelly Roll Quilt-A-Long. I really like how it came out too. Can't wait to see how this quilt turns out!
Verna Block 2

Now just in case any of you were wondering, I lost 1.6 pounds for the weigh in at the gym on Saturday. This allowed me to stay in second place, so I won $100!! Of course we get our money over 5 months contingent on being no higher than 2 pounds from that weight. Since I am planning on continuing to lose that should not be a problem! The official weigh in is tomorrow at WW (that's the one I am posting on the side bar anyway)

Friday, March 19, 2010

The "S" Quilt is all finished but the label

I have the "S"quilt back from LTW and PTM, now I just need to label it. I started this quilt 4 years ago when my DD2 graduated from HS. Her high school was "S"alem and her university is Michigan "S"tate, hence the giant block "S". Both schools used this for a symbol. I had people at her graduation party sign the 6" squares. It took me awhile to decide what to do with them, then I came up with this. The school colors for her high school were blue and white and for the university green and white. As it turns out her party invites were a block "S" divided diagonally and colored green and blue. The party info was in the top of the S and one of her grad photos was in the bottom of the S.

Kelsey's "S" Quilt 02
LTW quilted a block S into each block. I love how this came out!
Salem "S"Spartan "S"
People wrote on the squares, which were white on white dragonflies, her favorite. Here is what I wrote:
What I wrote to Kelsey
She loves flannel on the back so I put some MSU flannel on the back. PTM bound it for me, thank you very much, Pauline. I had her use black and I really like how that looks too.
"S" quilt back
She doesn't know it yet, but this is going to be her graduation gift this year when she graduates in May from MSU.

I forgot to tell you all that she had interviewed for a job here in Ann Arbor (I work in Ann Arbor too) at the USGS (United States Geological Survey). She interviewed for a position studying Sturgeons (a kind of fish) in lake St. Clair and the Detroit river (her major is Fisheries and Wildlife). After the interview was complete they told her it would be 2 weeks and they would let her know about the position, but they cam chasing after her while she was touring the facility. They offered her the job on the spot because they didn't want to let her get away!! She is thrilled and we are thrilled for her!! Now we have to find the BF a job close by, LOL.

I worked on the sail boat quilt last night too and managed to finish the top. I need to piece the back and will take some photos today (it was almost 11:30pm when I finished!). So you have that to look forward to tomorrow. Also the final weigh in for the gym challenge is tomorrow morning. I don't seem to have lost much (as of this am, maybe another pound) I hope it is enough to keep second place in the challenge! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Info you need to know

Kate Spain is having a give away on her blog of a layer cake of her line, Verna. Pop over to her blog and check it out.

On top of that I found out some interesting info from C&T Publishing. They have something they call the "Creative Troup". You need to go and check it out on their blog. You join up, once you are approved you can go to their website and find a book you want to review. Then you send the title to the email contact and they send it to you as an e book. You read it and have to write and post some reviews. The cool part is you get to read it and it is yours electronically and you don't have to pay anything! They also have another program where you can get paid if you get something published using their materials. You will have to read about it on their blog, there is too much to explain here.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get going and check it out!!

Matt's Quilt Top is DONE!!!

I finally received the blocks from Carolyn two days ago. They came all the way from Saskatchewan , Canada!! They had to come a LONG way all the way to Michigan. She is the second Canadian to make blocks for this quilt. PTM is Canadian too even though she lives in MI. Your blocks are awesome, Carolyn, thank you very much!!

Matt's Blocks from Carolyn 01
In addition the lovely Carolyn sent me a beautiful needle case. Thank you again, for your thoughtfulness!!
Needle case from Carolyn
I got the Veteran's quilt back from LTW yesterday and thought you might like to see the quilting on it. Stars and loops, very simple but very appropriate! Thanks, LTW!! Your work is great as usual.
Veteran's quilt up close
So last night I had quilting (no not at the church) with the Canton Area Quilt Guild (our new name). I brought the veteran's quilt to trim (it is ready for the binding now) and then I worked on Matt's quilt. I managed to finish the top!! I am so excited. I will be handing it off to LTW today. I am so pleased at how it came out!! I did put all your names and where you are from on each block that you sent to me because I wanted anyone that saw it to know it was a group effort. I can't thank all of you enough for helping with this quilt. I think it will mean even more to Matt that people he has never met took the time and effort to do this for him! Bless each and every one of you!!
Matt's quilt 01Matt's Quilt 02
I guess I need to get busy making some binding for this now (PTM do you have any 2.5" strips I can use for the binding??) Next up is finishing the sail boat quilt.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and all is right in Mama Spark's World today = )

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Blocks for Matt

I am i the home stretch now with blocks. I received these beauties (in the adorable Mickey and Pluto *red* envelope) yesterday from Sharon. Aren't they cute?

Matt's Blcoks from Sharon

Now I just need Carolyn's, and I can finish the last row!!! Keep your fingers crossed that they come in the mail today so I can finish it tonight. I am also waiting for the journal to come that I ordered too. Did I tell you about that? Ok, I didn't think so. Here's the story about that.

I went to several places looking for a journal/scrapbook/notebook type thing to put all your wonderful notes in to Matt, along with some writing on my part. No one had anything. Surely the ginormous Borders by my house will have one right? NOPE! Nada, Zip, bubkis. So I walk up to one of the managers and ask,"Excuse me but do you have any patriotic/RWB/flag/military type journals?" Manager, "Did you try over at the journals?" (Me in my head, "Why no, I'm that much of an idiot I would never have thought to check the journal isle for a journal") What I said was, "Of course I checked there. Is there another place where patriotic things might be?" Manager,"We only have those things around near the fourth of July". Me "Well, I guess it is pretty inconvenient that in this time of war our brave men and women are injured year round and not only near the fourth of July!" And I walked out. We are in an active state of war to begin with and why would they not carry something journal wise that at least had a flag on it all the time? I have no idea. So I went online and ordered something from Cafe Press. Sheesh. And real life stores wonder why the internet shops are putting them out of business, really? Now I have to hope that it arrives soon.

So on that note, it is sunny and warm and I need to go for a walk. Have a good afternoon!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weight Loss Monday

Why yes, it is time for the official weigh in at the WW meeting tonight. Guess what?? I really was down by 6.4 pounds!!! So I managed to keep it off this week so far. I went to the gym today and worked out for ah hour then went to Pilates for an hour and then I came home to eat. I was starved!! When I got home from work and before I left I let the dog out into the front yard and then I happened to look out the window and this is what I saw.
Sidney and Laxy
The little girl next door was sitting next to Laxy petting her. It was too cute!

I told you I was working on a baby quilt and I thought I would share the blocks with you so here ya go:
Sail Away 001
and these
Sail Away 002
and then the tall ships
Sail Away 003
They surround a BIG ship and I decided that I want to use U of M fabric for the base of that one but I don't have it finished yet. I did realize that the background fabric I was using had directional fish on it. So that meant re-cutting some of the pieces and I suspect I will need to do some more before it is done too. Oh well. I got all this flue fish fabric on clearance so it's OK. I even found some cute sail boat fabric that I can use with the fish for the back too. Good day shopping in the stash!!

Let me know what you think of the boats! I hope you all have a good day too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Should Be in Bed But...

I can't sleep! So I thought I would blog. I don't like this spring ahead deal. I'm ok in the fall but now it is difficult. I want to let you all know that I appreciate your input into my quilt for a Veteran. I decided to go with no additional border and I really like how it came out. It is a small quilt and can be used for someone in a wheel chair or a lap or something. I used the other fabric for the back.

Veterans Qult 001
Here you can see what I did for the back. I needed just a little more width so I pieced a RWB strip in the center. I like how this came out too.
Veterans Qult 003
I also wanted to take just a minute more before I head off to bed to tell you guys that you are the BEST!! I struggled with my decision all weekend, knowing it was the right one but not wanting to leave on such a bad note. All your kind words helped me to ease into a new comfort zone and begin to heal and move forward. I took your advice about new things too and began another quilt. As I said someone I work with is expecting their first baby. They are doing a nautical theme in the baby's room. I had just seen the cutest sail boat pattern recently and thought to myself, "Self, I wish I had someone to make that for". So I cut it out, I have all the smaller boats sewn. There is one larger boat in the center and I think I will use U of M fabric for the boat so need to get that from my friend Robin tomorrow at work. So all in all I sewed 18 boats today! One of the best parts is that I used fabric totally from my stash to make this quilt!

My DH and I are working on a new budget in preparation for retirement (YIPEE). This means some serious belt tightening to eliminate all debt except for the mortgage. We hope to be debt free in another 4 years if we can stick to the plan. I think I will be shopping the stash more frequently now! Anyone else out there working on something like this too? Any pointers (besides the obvious, don't spend money and pay off your credit cards). Any books or resources you might recommend? Well off to bed with me, have a pleasant evening!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a Day!

It has been an interesting day here at my house. I went to bed mulling over some "stuff" that I had happen to me that led me to quit running the church quilt group. Some emails were sent to me that helped me with this decision. I have been the leader of the POKE-N-STAB quilters for the last 5 years and until recently have enjoyed it tremendously. I had been thinking of stepping dwon, felt God leading me in a different direction. I was not sure. (Or maybe I was but I wasn't listening like I should have) As often happens when He wants you to go another direction "things" will keep happening that eventually leave you no other choice (unless you are a complete dunderhead, which I am NOT). Mind you the *suggestions* were offered in the "spirit of cooperation" all the while saying things that hurt my feelings. Apparently "feelings are facts" according to my email. I was surprised to learn this. I thought facts were facts? Maybe science should be based on feelings, eh? Anyway, why is it when someone says hurtful things they try to make it like that's not what they are doing? I really hate that. Just have the courage to be honest. The last thing, kind of the icing really, was that one of the women sent her chastisement of me to the entire group! Gosh, that was special. If you are going to take me to task, please do it privately, have that much consideration for my feelings, at the very least.

I was told that I had treated the adult women like children when in actual fact they sometimes acted like that. I feel like I have been a good leader and for the most part I will miss many of the women in the group. I will not miss the stress of always having to have something ready for everyone to do, and never having time to work on anything I wanted to do, for 5 years. I really debated about writing about this but I will say this to anyone that is reading from the group, IT'S MY BLOG AND I CAN WRITE WHATEVER I WANT TO. If you don't like what I write don't read it. Please, don't email me about it either because I will not send you a nice email back. My feelings are deeply hurt and you would be smart to just leave it alone.

There now, I feel better and can go on and tell you how wonderful the day was today (if you are still with me! You are still with me right?) I went to the gym this morning for my weigh in and I lost 6.6 pounds!!!!! This moved me up to 2nd place in the weight loss challenge!! Now there is something to feel good about. See I will now have one more night a week for the gym too!

I came home and did some housecleaning and laundry (YUCK), then I decided to work on the quilt I had cut out for the Veterans Home. It was supposed to go through the church, but I didn't want some poor veteran to lose out so I worked on it. I am at the stage of trying to decide...Border or no border. What do you think? I think I know what I will do but would like your opinions and no I don't have other border fabric so it is this:
or this
No Border 02
So please let me know what you think about the border.

I appreciate having all my blogging friends out there for support. I would never write mean things to you all. I am going to go and finish up the laundry and get some dinner going. May have to pull some fabrics for another quilt tonight too. Someone I know is having a baby and I found a pattern that would be perfect. The shower was today (I was supposed to be at the church) but I think it will go quickly so maybe I can have it done before the baby arrives.
Thanks for listening!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Matt's Homecoming!!

Just wanted to give you all an update on Matt. He came home today. I was not able to be there but DH and DS were both there as were a LOT of people with flags and well wishes. They all gathered and lined the street where he lives (and the streets leading up to that street also). I spoke with his mom today and she said as they approached the sub there were police cars on the corners of the entrance and when the police saw them they turned on their lights and Matt asked what was going on and she turned to him and told him it was all for him!! He was completely surprised and overwhelmed!! My DH told me that Matt was crying. This kind of thing seems like the least we can do, right?

My DH got a chance to talk to him. Both my DH and Matt had their smashed elbows in common so they were comparing their arms. DH has this weird device he used to regain strength in his hand and we will be giving it to Matt to use. It helped so much. Here is a photo of the xray of Matt's arm.

Lots of metal in that arm!! I asked his mom about the eye. She said he can see light and shapes. The doctors told him he has a "white" cataract on his eye. Not the grandma kind (his doctors words). In 6-8 weeks he will go in for surgery and they will see what they can do to improve his eye. I hope it goes as well for him as it did for me. Remember my whole new bifocal lens deal? Maybe they will be able to do something like that for Matt too.

I know they have lots of food and lots of people and it is very busy so I will stop over when it is a little quieter. She told me to stop by soon! I want to bring the quilt with me but will probably stop over before that too. She sounded so relieved to be home with her son and have him healing where she can watch over him. He is home for about a month.

I had a very strange day. I finally got to exercise for a little over an hour tonight. I am a little nervous about the weigh in at the gym tomorrow as I am down a little over 4 pounds and I want to see that on their scale in the am (I guess flu is good for something, huh?) Work has been crazy busy and there is no rest for the wicked. I got my car back and it is all fixed. The interior has been detailed and it smells like new car! They even shined up my tires!! DD1 is dog sitting for LTW while she is visiting her aunt this weekend so the house is quiet.

I have some interesting stuff to blog about but I am too tired to do any more tonight. I hope you have a good evening and wish me luck at the scale tomorrow!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blocks for Layla Grace

I just read the most heartbreaking story about this little girl and her fight against Neuroblastoma. She recently lost her struggle and passed away. Candace, of Cotton Candie Fabric is coordinating a quilt or quilts for the family and is looking for blocks. You were all so generous with helping me by sending me blocks for Matt won't you take a minute and go over to Candace's blog and see if you can make a block or 2 for this cause too?

You can find Layla's story here. I warn you read it with tissues in hand! There is a fairly short turn around time though so if you can help just know Candace needs the blocks soon. God bless each and every one of you for your consideration.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More blocks in the Mail today!!

I received 2 more blocks in the mail today for Matt's quilt from the Hunter family. I am not sure who they are but God bless you for your generosity! There was no note for Matt in the package though. If you would like to include one you can email it to me and I will print it off for you. Also, I have been writing on the front of the block the name of the person who made it. Since I do not have your first name I will just put the Hunter family. If you want something else please email me at:

Here are the beautiful blocks I received today:
Matt's Blocks  from the  Hunter family023

I have posted all the blocks that I have received on my flickr account if you are interested and want to see. Please, please, please let me know if I should expect any additional blocks as I am hoping to finish this top tonight. I would hate to have someone send something and me not know and finish the top. On the upside, PTM and I will be making another one for another serviceman so if that does happen we will put it into the next quilt.

Thanks to all that have made a block or two and I will bring my camera tonight to get some pics.

Stomach Flu

Yep, that's right. I got the stomach flu on Monday night. I was in a bad way on Monday night. Vomiting and well...you know. Muscle aches and every joint hurt. So I spent the day yesterday off and on in and out of bed. It really sucks to have an entire day at home and feel so lousy I couldn't do anything. I was too weak to do anything other than roll over and pet a cat and fall back to sleep! I went to Pilates on Monday night and right after my stomach hurt. Well now I know why!! So, just in case you were wondering, I lost another 0.6 pounds last week. Small loss but I bet this week will be better, LOL.

I also received some more blocks in the mail. These 4 came from my friend Pat in WI. Thanks, Pat!
From Pat
And these 6 came from my firend Dianne in CO. I love Uncle Sam riding the eagle. Thank you so much.
From Dianne
It has been so wonderful to be receiving blocks from all over the country from everyone. I believe Matt is coming home either tomorrow or Friday so I will keep you posted. Please keep him, his family and all our service people in your prayers. They have a tough job to do keeping us safe and free.

Monday, March 08, 2010

V and Co Giveaway

Hey out there to you all. I found a super giveaway at V and Company's blog. You should go and check her blog out. She has some neat stuff. Please take a minute and stop in. Believe me it is worth your while!!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday is Here!

I know I told you I still had lots to share so I guess you will have to bear with me. First of all, I received another block for Matt's quilt. This one is from Laurie in ME. This was her first attempt at a string block (there have been several that this was a new technique for). I think she did a wonderful job! Thanks, Laurie!!
Matt's Blcok from Laurie B
I thought you might like to see the things I got in the mail from Fabric.com. Would you like that?? I thought so!! First up is the backing for Matt's quilt
Matt's Back
Followed by a yard of each of these fun fabrics
And I could NOT resist these Nicey Jane fabrics, all of it was on sale too!!!
Nicey Jane FQ pak and JR
I just fell in love with Nicey Jane. My DD2 is in love with Verna by Kate Spain and that is what I chose for my Jelly Roll fabric for the quilt a long. Here is my first block. I really love how it turned out too.
JR Quilt a long Block One Verna
It was tricky to get those little squares to line up right, but after ripping one of them out 4 times, it is as good as it is going to get!!!

Now I am off to work on cutting out a couple of quilts for PTM and me to work on at the next church group meeting. I sent out an email letting them all know that we will be working on quilts for the veterans. The quilts need to be 48 x 48" or larger and have a patriotic theme or used patriotic fabric. I am doing the pattern "Make Life Sweet". I am very excited to try this pattern with these colors.
Sweet Make Life Quilt Pattern Sweetwater
Why? Because I can use some of the red and blue strips I have left over from Matt's quilt and hopefully it will go together quickly. I am making some changes in how we are working at the church. Only works of charity this year. After talking with Debbie Miller and father Pat, they would like to see us concentrate on doing works of charity to support the mission of the church. I think this is an excellent idea! No more idle hands at our meetings. Everyone needs to bring something, related to charity, to work on to every meeting. No one should be showing up empty handed. I hope this will allow the group to refocus and breathe some new life into it. First up are quilts for the veterans!!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Weekend is Improving!

I have so much to tell you all I don't know where to begin! First an update on the van. Apparently the dealership believed they were at fault (hmm let's see, they touched it last, had the wheels off less than 2 weeks ago to replace my transmission). Now they didn't *say* that but they are fixing it for free, so what do you think? I have a loaner car and should have mine back sometime on Wednesday. I guess the repairs are finished but there is some repainting that needs to occur.

I think you should remember that a few weeks ago I was asking for stuff for a friend's friend that had left an abusive relationship with 3 small children. Several of you sent me stuff. LTW quilted 3 quilts and donated them and the CL's had one that they donated also. PTM put the binding on the 3 from LTW. My friend, Anne also went above and beyond the call. She made 4 pillowcases, put them on pillows and added a few extra goodies for the kids. I have not thanked her properly, so sorry Anne! Here are photos of the pillows. One for each child and
Pillow 3 &4Pillow 1
Two for the mama!
Pillow 2
Thank you so much Anne, they are perfect.

Next I thouht you might like to see what I bought at Checker. I *tried* to be a little restrained but...They had fabric sample cards and I love those so I got a few. You can see there is a little Hope Valley in there and I was so excited about that!

Sample cards 01Sample Cards 02
There were several panels, some that will be perfect for the church. I loved the Manly line on the right. Those might make fun little guy quilts. I even found Santa on a motorcycle!! Too much fun. PTM and I always have a blast going through the carts of these and I think we spent at least the first hour or so doing just that.
I also got a little fabric while there. Some Nicey Jane charm packs (splitting with PTM) and she got some Hope Valley charm packs that she is splitting with me. I also got 2 JR of Delft in both the green and the blue. These are right up my alley!
Nicey Jane Charm Paks and delft JR
I bought a few inexpensive books and patterns.
Checker 06Checker 05
I preordered these things so we were able to pick them up when we were there.
Checker 02Checker 01

Checker 03Checker 07
I am particularly excited about the Liberated Quiltmaking II book but have not had time to go through it yet.

The last thing I will talk about on this post is that I received 2 more blocks for Matt's quilt from Barb L. Along with a note for Matt. Thanks Barb!!
Matt's blocks From Barb L019
I still have LOTS more to share but I will stop here, go check the mail and put in some laundry. I did make it to the gym for 2 hours this am. My DD2 is home so loads more laundry will be done tonight too.

I did manage to work on my JR Quilt a long block and get it finished. I guess you will just have to stop back to see that along with the other goodies I got in the mail!!