Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I work at the University of Michigan in the Pathology department of the Medical school. Each year our department does things to raise money for patient charity here at the U. Last year we were able to give 27 families $1000 each at the holiday time. These are people that are in the hospital (or a family member is) and they are determined to be "in need" by the department of social work here at the University. One of the things we do is a quilt raffle. We made $7800 last year and are hoping to make even more this year. Many people donated quilts. Last year we had 13 quilts. I think we will have more this year. I am going to post photos of the quilt I made for the raffle this year. Let me know what you think of it! I am hoping it will raise a lot of money. Here is the link to view previous years quilts and to look for to view this years quilts (after Nov 20th).


Here are some pics of the quilt I made 2 years ago called "Oh Holy Night". It was a pattern published in the Jan/Feb 04 edition of Quiltmaker magazine.

I saw this quilt in an issue of Fons and Porter magazine and fell in love with it. My friend Liz longarm quilted it. If any of you need a good longarm quilter email me and I will give you her email address. I call the quilt "Star of Wonder". Enjoy!!

Here are a few close ups too:

I heard recently about a book called One Thousand Gifts. It talks about the things you are thankful for in your life, things provided by God. I think I am going to start a list too as I have soooo many things to thank God for. I am going to try to reach 1000 tings too. Feel free to let me know what you are thankful for and link here with your list! Happy Thanksgiving!!

1-A loving God

2-A loving Family

3-wonderful children

4-amazing cats

5-My mom and dad

6-My sisters, even though I didn't always appreciate them : )

7-Reliable transportation

8-A house to live in

9-My bernina

10-doctors, especially this last year!

11-Sunshine on a cloudy day

12-My wonderful friends

13-My international friends

14-the smell of clean hair

15-The smell of chlorine on a wet swimmer

16-The ability to watch my wet swimmer swim

17-Eye glasses

18-the smell of fresh cut grass

19-The smell of banana bread baking in the oven


21-My washer and dryer

22-My dishwasher

23-kittens and puppies

24-email and the internet


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I have been thinking about entering a quilt in a contest on the internet and I finally did it last night! It is called pretty, pretty princess. I made 2 of them. One for someone I work with whose wife was expecting and one for a daughter of a friend expecting her first baby. I designed it all and then put my paper design into cloth. It was very exciting. This is the 3rd quilt I have designed myself. The website it is on is www.americanquilter.com If anyone wants to go and vote for it I would appreciate it! It is number 1067. I will try to figure out how to post a photo of it on this blog, but we'll see! Whoever gets the most votes wins a prize and that would be fun!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Seasons of Change

It has been an eventful fall at our house this year. My oldest daughter has left for college and so has my youngest daughter. It was very difficult to have both of my girls leave the nest. I miss them every day. Every day of their young lives you know what they are doing and what's going on with them. Each year as they get older you share a little bit less...unless you are blessed with girls like mine. We have had a great relationship through out their growing into beautiful young women. Communication is important. I lost this with my own mother but was determined to keep those lines of communication open with my own daughters.

Too many people go through life these days without discovering the joys in the everyday things that make up life. I have heard many parents complain that they have to drive their kids this place or that. Look at it as an opportunity to learn more about your children. You can learn so much about them when they are in the car, away from the every day distractions elsewhere. i was always the first to drive, have the get together, take the pictures, just be involved in the everyday that is their life. My kids always wanted me there, they felt like I belonged there and so did I. One of my daughters has a lot of friends where the families have a lot of money and big houses etc, but the kids always wanted to come to our home as it was a real "home", not just a house. Make your house a home and work on making yourself available. Learn to take pleasure in the everyday. God puts joy right in front of us in the everyday things we have to do. Find the joyful and rejoice in that which God provides for us!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Tribute to Fred

I first met Fred when he was wondering around in the street by my house. His tag said Greens and that they lived in Texas. I had noticed that our new neighbors had a license plate from Texas so I figured this was their dog. They weren't home and my husband was so I left Fred with him all day. Well, that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with not only Fred but his people, Gretchen, Chuck and their son Scott. To this day Gretchen thinks that Fred was on his way back to Texas and that we saved him. Many happy years have gone by. The Greens had another son, Tommy. Fred loved those boys! We would watch Fred whenever the Greens went out of town. Fred loved frisbees so whenever we went anywhere where there was a free frisbee we would pick one up and give it to Fred. He would destroy it in no time flat! He loved to go on walks. When he stayed with us, Chris would take him for a walk in the evenings. He would take his cigar and a plastic bag and they would bond. Fred always did his business in the park which was nice as there was a trash can there and you didn't have to carry the poo in the bag then. About a month before Fred died, Chris bought him a great toy that he loved to carry around the house with him. Anytime I would see him outside he would race over to me and be so happy to see me. I will miss him like crazy!! Shelby came home from college the weekend before Fred died to stay with him while the Greens went out of town. They didn't want to ask us as he was not always able to get outside to go to the bathroom. All of my kids spent time with him that weekend. Last night when Gretchen came over to tell me that Fred had died on Friday, I was working on a quilt. After she left I spoke aloud to Fred and asked him to wait for me on the Rainbow Bridge. Even if his people get there first I asked him to at least visit me. I told Rimshot to keep him company while he was waiting. We are all sad over Fred's passing but I know I am a better person for having known him. I will miss his sweet personality but I know we will see each other again on the Rainbow Bridge. Good bye dear friend may God's peace be with you!

Monday, April 03, 2006

It is another beautiful day in Michigan and I am ready for another week. My DH has gone off to flight safety for school and it is just me and the kids for most of the week. It makes it an easier week as I don't have to plan a lot of formal meals.

I almost have the second baby quilt done. I called and ordered the fabric for the borders. I wasn't going to but I think it will make the quilts. The theme is Noah's Ark (for twins). I am hoping it comes soon as I have 4 other quilts to take to the quilter. I also took out a quilt someone asked me to repair. It doesn't look like too much work, shouldn't be that difficult to fix.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Well, how about this? I have finally entered the world of blogging!! I have been *lurking* on the blogging scene for awhile but finally figured out (read got up the nerve to) join in on the fun! I am waiting for a gel to run here in the lab so thought I would post for the first time while I wait.

I am currently trying to get my kitchen painted and a floor put in before my middle daughter has her graduation party in June. This has been a 2 year ordeal and I hope (hope, hope, hope) that it will be done on time. I also have some quilts to finish for graduation presents (along with 2 baby quilts) before June. Hopefully I can get them done before that as I need to pick up the sewing room (aka the LR) so I can help with all the yard work and finishing the kitchen.

I will try to upload pictures of the graduation quilts once I get them done. I need to take them to the quilter and then bind them. I really hate the binding part!

If any of you reading this are quilters, please leave a comment or email me. I am always looking for more quilters to make friends with! Also, if you are a King Arthur enthuisiast, or like anything celtic email or leave a comment. I am always looking for more books to read or places to visit or music to listen to.

Off to check on the gel and get pictures!