Saturday, April 09, 2022

Another One Bites The Dust

 I paper pieced this saying quite awhile ago.
I pattern tested for Pitcher's Boutique.
She has a whole series of designs for this theme.
Then I bought some backing fabric and promptly put it all away and forgot about it.
Until recently.
I was cleaning in my room and found it.
I am slowly unearthing old projects and putting them on my "to do" list.

I finished this today!

This is the front of the pillow cover.

This is the back.
I made it envelope style.
I looked for a form that would help me work out the dimensions I needed.
I ordered it from Amazon.

Overall I think it came out pretty well.  
I am beyond happy to have one more project complete and ready to gift.
This one will be going to a new home in the near future.

Happy Sewing!


Friday, April 08, 2022

Felix (the cat) Quilt

 One final quilt before we leave for NC next week.  
Another pattern test for Meags and Me called Felix.

It used an interfacing grid by TenSisters.
I've used a Quilt Smart grid like this to make the Mondo Bag.
It certainly made the assembly quick and easy.

I cut 2.5" squares and fused them to the grid. 
I sewed horizontal rows on the pre-printed line, then of the vertical line.
I sewed the panels together per the pattern and added the applique.
Voila, finished!
Well almost, HAHA.
I did have to do some stitching around the fusible applique and 
then hand embroider the faces on the cat and spider.
This would make a super easy gift for someone.
You might need to pick this pattern up.

You can see the grid here.
Cole was "helping" me sew.

This is the cat and spider before I did their faces.

You can see the embroidered faces in this photo.

I used the line Kitty Corn for the quilt.
I think it would be cute in Spooky and Sweeter too.
Or in any colors, LOL, it's just so cute!
The black on the spider is sparkly and the cat is linen look.
The pattern calls for wool, but I just went with cotton.
They use Soft and Fuse for the fusible so I bought some to try.
With all of those layers,
I think regular fusible would have been almost impossible to hand stitch through.

That's all I have for today. 
 Things will probably be a bit quiet until we get home.
Can't wait to get my hands on that adorable grandson!


Thursday, April 07, 2022

Itsy Bitsy Spider Quilt

 I have accepted some pattern testing from Meags and Me. 
 I love working with those ladies! 
 I have 2 of the 4 I committed to finished,
  I will show you the Itsy Bitsy Spider one in this post. 
 I traced the words and still need to do the hand embroidery on this quilt.  
My plan it to take it with me to NC and work on my hand projects while I am there.  
YES we are going for a week
 (maybe 2 depending on what I find out next Thursday so fingers crossed for good news).
  I used fabrics from my stash to make the quilt top.
  I will bind it with a navy and white stripe I think.  

This is the finished top.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Climbed up the water spout.

Down came the rain

And washed the spider out

Up came the sun.

And dried up all the rain and the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Climbed up the spout again.

The pattern will be out in June if you need to make one too.

Isn't it darling?


Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Bjorn Bear Quilt

 I've been sewing again (or still). 
 I bought a FQB of a group of crossweave fabrics a few months ago.  
My intent was to make the Elizabeth Hartman pattern Bjorn Bear. 
 I decided to cut it out to take to NC but as you all know, that didn't go according to plan. 
 Also, the pattern was for 12 or 20 bear faces, and of course the bundle was 16 and 
I bought the background for the 12 bears. 
 I cut originally cut out the bear faces but left the borders and sashing. 
  I cut the strips they called for as they were length of fabric but I had not subcut them into their respective lengths since I was not sure of the length and width of the quilt since I was changing things.  As it turns out I ended up piecing one 12" sashing piece
 but otherwise I got everything out of what I had bought.  

These are some of the cute faces.

This one got cute glasses!

Here it is the top all assembled.
  I used a light blue Grunge for the background.

I had some left over bear Minky from the first bear quilt I made but unfortunately not enough.
Then I remembered that I made a duplicate quilt for my SIL and maybe she had some left over fabric.
Well, luckily she did!
I was able to use a piece to add to my 2 yard piece that made it wide enough!!
YAY for using fabric from my stash too!!

Just in case you are interested, I am healing well.  
There is a video visit with my oncologist (who I have not met yet) on April 14.
Still waiting for my oncotype score.
No treatment plan until I meet with the oncologist.

Thanks for stopping in.
I would love to hear from you if you are enjoying my blog.
Pop over to the comments and say HI and introduce yourself if I don't know you already.


Friday, April 01, 2022


 I had some time to sew and do you think I could work on the 2 quilts I already have cut out?  
NO, of course not! 
I have been working on getting some odds and ends sewn up. 
 Today I came across 2 pot holders that just needed binding. 
 So I stopped what I was doing and made some bias and sewed it on to the pot holders.  
They are not perfect, but they are finished and usable!

Next up I had some cute ribbon I bought in Berlin, OH last fall.
They made the cutest little lovies with them.
I bought some but it has been sitting in a bag until last week.
I made one!
I used flannel on one side and minky on the other.
Both were scraps from my stash!

I had the cutest alphabet panel and came across it while cleaning recently.
I decided that needed to be made up so I put a border on it and sent it to the quilter.
It is now all bound and ready to gift.  
I made the cutest knit, bear sheet too.

I used a lion minky on the back.
  You can see it here with the sheet!
Anyone interested in a tutorial on how I make the knit crib sheets?
Let me know in the comments if you are interested.

I finished another pet pillow. 
 I had to wash the quilt I usually have behind my sewing machine.
That's where Cole usually sleeps.
  I put the pillow there and he was happy to sleep on that too.
Until his quilt came out of the wash, LOL

I did bring it downstairs and then Finny claimed it.  
At least until my son stopped by to pick it up for his dog to use.

I have more to share but this is where I am going to stop for tonight.
No further health updates until after I meet with the oncologist mid month.