Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thanksgiving In North Carolina

 We got to spend Thanksgiving with the Roberts family.
We ordered our food from Cracker Barrel.
We did this same thing when Avery was born.
It was a fun filled day with good food and great company.

Here are a few pics from today

Three generations

She is always smiling.
I love this girl so much! 

Our little sweet pea turned 3 months today

Someone may have gotten this in with his Christmas PJs

There was some reading with Papa in the morning too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family that celebrate!


Monday, November 20, 2023

Goldilocks is Finished and For Sale

 Oh my goodness!
I have had a lot of tops finished lately.
That means I needed to send them to my quilter(s).
When I was home I got a couple of them bound so thought I would share.

First up is a pattern test I did for Meags and Me called Goldilocks.

This quilt is so sweet  
I used the Three Bears fabric by Stacy Hsu for the pattern,
The bears and goldilocks are all machine embroidered/appliqued.
This quilt is for sale for $250 shipped in the US.

I pieced the back and it turned out so cute!

If you are interested in purchasing this quilt please send me an email.


Saturday, November 18, 2023

The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt

I came across this book a few years ago.
I bought it for Avery.
This year I decided to make a little quilt to go with the book

I even quilted it myslef.

I used this adorable ghost flannel on the back.

I made two of these ghost pillows!
I have not stuffed them yet since they won't be gifted until next year.

I used some scrap minky I put on the back of both of the pillows.

 I found the cutest pattern for ghost hand puppets too.
I wanted to be able to give one to each of my grandkids next year as well as to my daughter's bestie's four kids too.
The pieces are itty bitty but they are SO cute!

How am I planning for NEXT Halloween already!?!


Friday, November 17, 2023

Someone Turned Three

 Avery turned three and had a garbage truck themed birthday!
I even found some garbage truck balloons.
He had a party at a local park.

The night before we all met up at a local brewery.
We brought our gift, a garbage truck, and he LOVED it!
Papa was helping him figure it all out

I found garbage truck treat bags.
He wanted hats so hats we had!

Gigi and Avery had a lot of fun and so did everyone at the party.

I can't believe our little guy is three years old already!
Happy Birthday to my favorite boy.

Love you, Gigi


Thursday, November 16, 2023

Visiting Home

 We had to go home for a family wedding at the end of Octobedr.
It was such a beautiful ceremony and fun reception.
The reception was at the Detroit Yacht Club.
I had never been there before and it was a fabulous venue.

I got about 4" cut off my hair and had it highlighted.
I was very happy with how it turned out.
I had to go see the doctor later in the week (Halloween)
I had a weird rash all across my tummy that was SO itchy.
Turns out it was a fungal rash.
Used the atheltes foot cream and now it is gone!!
I was pretty congested so the doc did a Covid test.
Sure enough I was Covid + AGAIN!
This is the third time in as many years that I have had it.
Always presents like a cold for me.
She put me on Paxlovid to shorten the duration.
That was great but the entire time it made everything taste like chemicals.

I did manage to get Theo's Christmas stocking finished.

I have used C & S fabrics for the linings for each stocking.
I love the mice!

The fawn was taken from a Tasha Noel fabric line.
I got her permission to enlarge it and use it for Theo's stocking.
I am so pleased with how it turned out!

There is a woods behind our house.
The path takes you to the elementary school and branches off to the next door neighborhood.
My friend, Cori, lives in that neighborhood so I walk this path often.
She owns an online fabric shop, Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop.
Check her out!

Michigan fall colors were in full display while we were home.
My photo does not even do it justice!

I hope you are all enjoying the fall and my million updates.
Hop on and say hello!
I've missed y'all!


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Hand Work on my Field Mice quilt

I did all of the applique using fusible.
I straight stitched around them.
Then I added all the hand work. 

Satin stitch is not my favorite but I did all these flowers so got MUCH better as I went along.

I'm pretty sure this mouse is my favorite!
Look at him carrying the cheese!!!

I LOVED making this pattern.
It is called Field Mice and is by Meags and Me.
You may need to make one too!!!


Monday, November 13, 2023

A Day Out With Thomas

We took Avery for a Day Out With Thomas at the NC Transportation Museum.
I put on his Thomas jacket but it got too hot during the day to keep it on.

We saw large blow up Thomas.

Avery and Papa on the Thomas train ride

Photo shoot with Gigi and Avery.
This was on the Percy ride.

He was fascinated watching the "other" train pass us.

 We got to meet Sir Topham Hat too.

It was such a fun day!


Sunday, November 12, 2023

WIP Tops Finished While We Were In NC

I had time to work on some of my WIPs while we were waiting for Theo to arrive.
I had cut this out when I was in in Kansas at retreat in August.
It was quite complex but I LOVE it!!
I am Swedish so the Dala horse is a favorite of mine.

Just in case you were curious about my sewing space in the camper, this is it.
The cats take turns "helping"  me.
Some are more "helpful" than others, LOL

I bought this kit last August while at the MI retreat.
Fabric is Guess How Much I Love You.
I had no reason to make it but once again, the voice inside my head told me I needed to get it done.
Turns out, a friend of my daughter's is expecting.
That little voice is never wrong!!

I cut this out out before we left home as well.
I have a Disney OBSESSED friend that this will be going to.

I finished this top while we were in NC too.
It will be going to a relative once it is quilted and I get it back.

I'm not so big on making clothing but saw this pattern and could not resist.

I made this for my Thomas obsessed grandson.
We were taking him on a Thomas and Percy train excursion.
I thought this would be great for that.

It even has a hood!!!

I had done these bears as a pattern test for Meags and Me awhile ago.
I finally made them into a quilt top.

This was also a pattern called Field Mice by Meags and Me that I pattern tested.
The hand work is not completed in this photo.
I have since  finished the hand work and sent it off for quilting.

I have had this cut out for some time.
I finally finished the top
It is the pattern called Camommile
I used all low volume Halloween fabrics.
This one is for meeeeeeeee.
I put the AGF ghosts on hot pink for the back.

 These are the tops I finished from the end of August until October.
Hope you enjoyed the show.