Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Life is Good!

 I had my very first mammogram since my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment last year.
To say I was nervous is an understatement!

Here I was before the mamogram

I remember taking a similar picture a year ago as I was heading into my mammogram.
I was full of confidence.
It was just a routine mammogram.
Then they found my tumor, and my life was turned upside down for a year.

As we all know, life seems to go on and so it did.
We got through it, and are living our life.

I am forever grateful that I kept that appointment and that God had me back!

This year, all was well.
No tumors detected!

I met a woman in the waiting room just beginning her journey.
I gave her my contact info and told her to message me or call me if I could help.
She told me she had no one to talk to about the whole process.
We had a long talk inbetween both of us getting called out and then back into the waiting room.

I finished up and got dressed.
As I walked past her she rose from her seat and gave me a BIG hug.
She told me I was an inspiration.
I think god put me in her path to help her as many others helped me along the way.

I will keep in touch with her and make sure she knows someone cares about her.

I'm considered No Evidence of Disease.
Life is good!


Monday, February 27, 2023

Baby Layette

 I have been working on getting a layette finished for a baby shower I am invited to go to in March.
  I used some of the Minky I had in my stash for a couple of self binding blankets. 
 I did buy some flannel for the second one but the first one and the minky all came from my stash.

Next, I bought some knit fabrics so I could make a few crib sheets.
My daughter ended up liking these the best of all the sheets I made for her.

I cut up some of the left overs and made burp cloths.
The back is all flannel from my stash.

I made re-usable rags out of the corners cut off from making the sheets.
Then I made a few teethers with what was left.

I finally settled on a quilt for this little one but it will not be finished by the shower.
I guess it just means they will get it when the baby is born!

Tomorrow I am dropping of the mother load of quilts with my LAQ.
Only one is mine!
The birds and the pinwheels I showed recently.


Friday, February 24, 2023

Tweet Tweet Pattern Test Quilt

 I do a lot of pattern testing for Meags and Me.  
They sent the pattern called Tweet Tweet recently.  
It is such an adorable quilt. 
 I loved making the split pin wheels!  
I hope you enjoy my version of their pattern.

I'm working my way through all of this fabric.  
I have made 2 quilts so far, from it.
I have another one cut out and am considering using it for a fourth.
All from one FQB!


Thursday, February 23, 2023

Lyric The Quilt

 My friend, Mel and I decided to make some quilts together.
  One of them is the Lyric quilt, pattern by A Crafty Fox. 
 We brought all our fabrics to a retreat we both attended and traded some. 
 We cut and cut and CUT, then began piecing.  
I finished my top later at home and she (having cut hers ahead of time) finished hers at the retreat.
  I got mine quilted and trimmed and that was as far as I got.  
When I found out recently that my neighbor and friend was going to need chemo for breast cancer,
 I decided I needed to get it bound and ready to gift to her when her chemo begins. 
 I had fun fussy cutting for this one and used many of my favorite fabrics.
I present to you my version of Lyric!

Sebastian is in the center of this one

Mama cat from the Heather Ross Tiger Lily line

Kei Kerchief girl

Tiger Lily ballerina

Sherbet Pips scooter girl

Black cat from Spooky and Sweeter

All bound and labeled.

I used the softest cotton lawn for the backing.

This fish is from the Ghastlies, but I don't know his name.

Sebastian is one of my FAVORITES!!

Of course "Cole" had to make an appearance on the quilt

I am waiting to hear when her chemo begins and will bring it over to her the day before.
I understand you are cold while doing the chemo so I  hope this helps.
Plus it will remind her that we love her and are praying for a good outcome.


Sunday, February 19, 2023

Unearthed While Cleaning

 I found a few old things while I was cleaning. 
 I found some flannel that I bought to make receiving blankets. 
 So I cut those up and made 2! 

I came across these 4 stars.
I made a UT quilt for my son YEARS ago and these were leftover.
I messaged my son, 
"Do you want me to make these into a pillow or donate?"
OF COURSE he opted for a pillow.
It couldn't be easy right?
I just wanted to move on, but NOOOOOOO. 

I was super productive today.
I put the sheets in the wash, made some candied pecans, made some keto tagalongs and put dinner in the crockpot, Crack Chicken.
I will go put the sheets in the dryer, thaw the bacon for the chicken, and get some lunch.
Then I'm off to work on the pillow.

What are you doing this fine day!


Saturday, February 18, 2023

Fabric For Sale

 I decided to put my fabric here as well as on Instagram. 
 Sizes and prices are on each photo. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the fabric, please send me an email.
my email is mamaspark@gmail.com
I will need your paypal email and your sip code.

Thanks for looking!  
Please share with your friends, I would really appreciate that!
I have a mountain of fabric to list still.


Friday, February 17, 2023

New Projects

I made a quilt for my son but didn't get it back until we returned from NC.
  He had a golden retriever that passed away.  
She was our dog first then when he moved out he took her with him.. 
 That dog just adored him! 
 So when she passed away I decided to include a nod to her in his quilt. 
 I used Holiday Homies by Tula Pink. 
 It has a golden with glasses. 
 I used the pattern called Comfort and Joy. 
I finished and bound it and was able to gift it to him recently.

I decided to go through all on my vintage sheets and sell them.
I have SO many fat quarters!
I made FQB and put them in my ETSY shop.
This was the mess when I was sorting them all out.

Of course Cole was helping me!
I did find more sheets and FQ after I had them all bundled up!
I see making more in my future.
I have layer cake sets available, but not listed just yet.

They are so pretty and make such gorgeous quilts!

We had a little electrical issue this past week into this week.
On Sunday our microwave stopped working.
We quickly realized that everything on the same circuit was also out.
Circuit breaker off and outlets were still HOT.
This took out my entire sewing room.
A friend came over to help hubby diagnose the issue.
After some work it was determined that we had a neutral wire loose that might be causing it.
So hubby said he wanted to replace the outlets one by one.
He didn't realize that the outlet by my side of the bed was on the circuit.
My electric blanket wouldn't work so clearly the 2 plugs in the room needed testing.
He kept insisting it had to be an outlet in my sewing room.
I said the one by the bed was loose and SCARY.
He replaced a few but everything magically worked once he replaced the scary one.
Unfortunately, he asked me to clear a path to all the outlets in my sewing room.
Two are behind dressers, good luck moving those, LOL.
One was behind a mountain of fabric.
No joke, a huge pile!!!!
So I worked and worked and WORKED to clear it out.
It made me really want to continue cleaning.
You can see the path.
I will be going through the cubbies next.
I cleared out a LOT of fabric that I need to list for sale.

I have all the bundles of vintage sheets listed in my shop here.
I have some fabric listed on IG but maybe I should put it here too?

Stay tuned.



Thursday, February 16, 2023

February Quilt Retreat

 Every February a few of my friends and I go on a fairly local quilt retreat.
  It's about 2 hours from home for me.  
This year I invited my friend Kailie.  
She is living close enough to drive here.  
So on Thursday she and her dog came to my house. 
 We packed up her car, left her dog with Chris and headed out to meet up with my other 2 friends.  
We always have such a great time!  
WAY too much food, talking, movies and laughter. 
Some shopping at the quilt shops nearby.
 Oh and we sewed...a LOT this time!

First quilt shop was Seven Sisters in Carson City.
Kailie, Mary, Me and Cori

Mary found a few things, LOL

Mary had the first finish of the weekend.

Followed by Cori.

Mine was up next.
I have 3 of these to do!
Pattern is by Apples and Beavers.
It is called Unicorn Garden.
One of 4 is completely finished and you saw it in the last post.

Saturday we went to Creative Passions quilt shop.

Kailie finished this baby quilt while working on her Cranberry and Lace quilt.

Mary finished three more tops for her granddaughters.

Such happy quilts!

Cori finished another top.
Pattern is Double Slice and uses a layer cake and a bit of white

I made the FPP fairy at home.

I managed to finish the 3rd unicorn.
Three down one to go!

I showed Mary how to glue baste and machine bind.
She was able to get binding on TWO pretty sizable quilts.
I only remembered to snap this photo though.

Kailie made significant progress on her Cranberry and Lace top.
She continued to work on it when we got back to my house on Sunday.
It is a beauty!
Pattern is Denim and Lace by A Crafty Fox.

It was tough to leave as we had all been so productive!
I will see them all in July at retreat though.

Kailie and I returned home and Chris prepared a great spread for watching the Super Bowl.

I think Chris tired Ebby out!

Apparently the cats were exhausted as well, LOL.
I was right there with them.
I think I stayed up past 2am every night we were there!!!

A good time was had by all and we are all looking forward to seeing each other in July.

I have my first mamogram since my breast cancer diagnosis on Monday.
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
Last time I was in was for my annual, and we were supposed to leave for NC the next day.
Instead, BAM...breast cancer!
It's ok though, all is well as far as I can tell.
I will feel a lot better after Monday that's for sure!!