Thursday, September 12, 2019

A Little Trip to Shipshewana

We go to Shipshewana several times a year.  We have only been there once this year.  
I was getting anxious to go and spend a day there so last week we did.
I'm still excited every time I see the first buggy.  
I love the "buggy parking" lots too.

Their fall decorations are always spectacular.  Just look at those horses!

So many gorgeous flowers on this wagon.  It is truly covered (in flowers, LOL)

Loved this rainbow chair.  It was showing off the colors you can choose to get the chair made in.

I found a gnome friend.

Look at all these gorgeous quilt blocks for your house (or barn)

If we had a finished basement I would love to have something like this for the bar.  

I saw this dining room set and in my next house this is the style I want to have.
Hey a girl can dream right?  It was beautiful!

We went to E & S Sales (bulk food) and I found these

Until I went on Keto, I would not touch pork rinds but now they are a great crunchy snack.  
These were the BEST of all of the pork rinds I have tried.

Of course I went to Lolly's and Yoders but I didn't take any photos of my purchases.

Wedding stuff seems to be occupying all my actual time outside of work with things I can't share until after the wedding.  
So get ready for an absolute GLUT of photos after the 20th!  LOL

One week from tomorrow is the wedding!!!  
I will not be posting again, likely, until we are done with that.


Mother and father of the bride!

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

On Monday hubby and I decided to check out a New to us, wildlife refuge.  
It was fabulous.  Part of the refuge borders on Lake Erie. 
 We went for a 4 mile hike and saw so many cool things. 
 Some I was able to get pictures of and some not so much, LOL.  

We saw a bald eagle but it didn't land where I could get a good picture of it.  
So that was kind of sad.
I did get a photo of one of the eagle's nests though.  
It was HUGE!  
This photo of hubby was at the beginning of the hike.

 Walking along the road we came across a Painter turtle in the road.  
Hubby rescued him and moved him to the grass near the water so he would not become road kill.

There were a lot of wild flowers (some would say weeds) but they sure were beautiful colors!

This sun dappled field of Queen Anne's Lace was so pretty!

We saw this tree with the most beautiful cones on it.  
The mint green color was just striking in contrast to the vibrant green of the tree.  
Come to find out it is a Cypress tree.

As I walked off the trail to investigate the cones I happened to notice this beautiful moth.  
I think it is a White Lined Sphinx Moth.  
Also known as a Hummingbird moth. 
 I had one of these in my garden once but didn't really see the wing pattern. 
 I was excited as I thought it was a  hummingbird, until I got close enough to see that it was a moth!  He let me get pretty close for the photo too.

We saw this blue heron and it had caught a snake and was eating it.  
I didn't dare try to get closer for a better picture as I wanted to watch him.  
Right after I took this he swallowed that snake whole!

There were large areas covered in these water lillies.  
When the flowers are finished there were these weird "pods" left over.  
I know you have seen them as dried flowers.  
They are circular shaped with holes and turn brown.  Now I know where they come from!

You can see them in this picture.  The leaves on these are gigantic too.

Herons were everywhere!

While we were eating our lunch a Great Blue Heron landed on the breaker.

This was our view of Lake Erie from our lunch spot from a beach log.

We walked along the beach and picked up a few cool shells too.

After lunch it was time to head back to our car.  

Hubby spotted this water snake when he looked over a bridge we were walking on.  

There were several places that had swans. 
 They were never close enough to get really good photos though. 
 This is the closest I was able to get and my poor phone camera did the best it could.

There is a great birding area in this refuge, Magee Marsh.  
Next time we will head to the birding area and see what we can see.  
We were pretty happy with all the things we were able to see though.

It was nice to have a day away with hubby to just hang out and relax.
I am so looking forward to being able to do this more in retirement.
Only 9 more months!
(but who's counting?)


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Catching Up

Lest you think I have forgotten about you all, I am going to make a post.
I have been busy with wedding stuff and life in general.
I finally took my dress in for alterations too.

I made some cinnamon roll scones (Keto).
They were just ok.
They didn't rise very much and I really wanted to love them but...meh.
Don't get me wrong though, I froze them and plan on eating them anyway, 
just not as good as the real deal.

 My daughter asked me to make a pennant that one of the little boys in the wedding can wave. 
I finally got around to making that this weekend. 
I just need to find a dowel and then sew a ribbon casing to the short side. 
 I think I will put a few streamers on the top also.  It turned out better than I expected.

I still need to make her veil but what did I do instead?
Made some sloth pillow cases!
Aren't they adorable??

My SIL asked me if I would bind a quilt for her so I worked on that this weekend and
 I finally got it all hand stitched down too.  
I love using Minky for backings! 
 It is SO soft!!

I have a hair cut and highlight appointment tonight and 
hope to get the binding made for the wedding quilt.  
My friend that quilted it has it all finished so I get to pick it up tomorrow. 
 I am so excited to see it!

I think that catches you all up.

Hopefully I will be able to post a bit more soon.  
I just seem to be so anxious about all the wedding stuff and getting all my parts done.  


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

My Anniversary

Today marks 36 years of marriage to my best friend.  
It has NOT always been easy but it has ALWAYS been worth it!

Didn't we look like babies??

Our rehersal dinner
Walking down the aisle

The new Mr and Mrs.

That was then and this is now.

So many adventures with him and hopefully many more to come.  

So Happy Anniversary to the best partner in crime I could ask for!  

I love you so much and could NOT imagine my life without you.


Monday, August 12, 2019

Double Slice Quilt

Hi friends!  Sorry this has been a long time coming.  
I have been busy working on the wedding quilt and other wedding related things that I can't show.  

I made a quilt back in July at our retreat using the double slice quilt pattern. 
 I got some photos of it today as I am sending it to the quilter.  
I needed a quick gift for a friend undergoing chemo.  
I think this will be pretty and cheery.  
I used a pink floral minky for the back (it's what I had on hand).  
My amazing friend, Liz, will quilt it up for me tonight so I can bind tomorrow 
and gift it on Wednesday.  
I made the binding using vintage sheet too.  
I had a multi colored stripe on white that I cut on the bias to use for the binding.  

Here are some photos of the quilt.  
This pattern is GREAT for a quick quilt and will now be my go to pattern for something quick.  
It only requires a layer cake to make it!

I plan on putting together some more layer cakes so I can make another one. 
 I have an Opal Owl quilt all cut out to make one of these too.  

I hope to be able to get back to more consistent writing in the near future.