Friday, September 22, 2017

Folksy Fish Finish

I've been sitting on this finish until the quilt had been received and then life intervened.  
My daughter has a good friend that had a baby.  
I have adored the pattern Folksy Fish ever since I saw it.  
If you *need* the pattern you can find it here.
They decided to decorate in a fish theme.  
Now I could make this pattern. 
 I collected up the stuff and began working on it. It was a really hard pattern for me!!  
All of the fish were paper pieced but I was not understanding how to assemble them.  
 I also decided to improv some "water" and that took me much longer than I anticipated too.  
Good think I started early!

On to the quilt
  I call it Too Cool For The School.
Good thing I love this girl!

This fish represents baby Jack.

Kathy at Thread Bear quilting did the quilting

 I asked for wavy lines, seaweed and bubbles.  I love how it turned out!

This fish was the most labor intensive.  Those white lines were all paper pieced.

Once I finished the fish paper piecing they had to be sewn into the background in a curve.

Wooo, lots of new stuff to learn!

I could not resist making one "cat fish".

You can really see the seaweed and bubbles in this section.

When we were in Florida in the spring I found the perfect backing fabric too.

I snuck in some little animals too.  

Also the word "fly" (dad is a fisherman) and "love".

Here is baby Jack on his new fish quilt.

I did hand embroider the label.

The new little family.

Even the doggie got in on the action.

It makes my heart so happy when I gift something that was so much work and is so appreciated!
The mama, messaged me right away to let me know how thrilled they were with it!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it Up Friday.

Speaking of Friday, have a good weekend everyone!

It's good to be back!


OBX Continued

The next trip was to Jockey's Ridge.  
It is a state park and there are multiple sand dunes there.  

 This was the lead up to the ridge.

These were the dunes.  
Thank goodness the day was overcast or the sand would have burnt our feet!

Such a great view once we were up on top of the ridges


The people walking on top of one of the ridges reminded me of what 
I think it would look like in Egypt.  

You can see father and daughter sitting on the ridge, in the distance.

We took a photo of the three of us on ridge too.

I thought this pinecone was amazing with all of the colors.

Next up was Kitty Hawk and the Wright Borther's Memorial. 
 This rock was the starting point for their flights and many famous aviators 
have touched this exact rock 
(Including my husband). 
 Both of the Wright brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and Chuck Yeager to name a few.

These stones represent the first 4 flights of the Wright brothers.  
The first of which lasted only 12 seconds!

This is looking the other direction to Kill Devil Hill. 
This is the hill the Wright brothers took their glider up to work on it's flight.  
That hill is NO JOKE, I thought I would die before I got to the top!
I can NOT imagine walking up that hill carrying a gigantic glider like the brothers had to. 
 Makes me sweat just thinking about it, LOL.  
This is the road leading up to the hill and the monument.

This was the back side of the monument.  It was super impressive!

You can see this is the path we walked to get up to the monument.

While standing taking the photo of the path, 
I turned around toward the monument and this is what it looks like on this side.

We headed back to the camper after that and let the boys outside to play in their tent.

I thought you might like seeing them play in the tent too.


 Then when we came inside they were lounging about on the table and the bench.  

It was difficult to see Cole in the photo above as he is so dark and blends into the shadows.

Lazy boy Finn.  He thinks he owns the camper!

This is our daughter and her boyfriend and their dog, Max on the beach.

She took this of me when I was not paying attention.  

Beach finds.  Hubby found the one on the right and I found the one on the left.  
My daughter and I found the Mermaid Purses.

Hubby and I walked over to the other side of the road to watch the sunset one night.

The next day we got up to watch the sunrise together.

Last day on the beach before heading home.  It was a wonderful time!

So now you will have to endure some more traveling kitten photos.

Funny story.  We stopped for gas and I got out to use the bathroom while hubby pumped the gas.  
A few minutes later he was in the store at the gas station and was asking me if I had the keys.  
Well, no, why would I have the keys?  
We walked back to the truck only to find a 
certain 2 somebodies standing on the arm of the door, and we were locked out!!! 
 Luckily, the gas station let us use their phone and we have On-Star so they were able to unlock the truck and we were on our way in a matter of minutes.  
Thanks On-Star!

Finn thought his shoulder would be a good vantage point

I hope you have enjoyed our trip to the OBX.  You may consider going there sometime.  
Off season was great, just listen for hurricanes prior to traveling in the fall!


Thursday, September 21, 2017


We just returned from a trip to the Outer Banks of NC (or OBX as the natives say). 
 We drove for 15 hours to get there with our camper. 
 The kittens did great in the truck and even used the litter box I set up for them.  
This is our first BIG trip in our new camper.  
Feel like coming along?  Here we go!!

The kittens took up some of their favorite positions, laying on one or the other of our laps.

We went up and then down Sandstone mountain and that was a BIG elevation!

Once we crossed over from Manteo we were on the endless bridge connecting all of the OBX.

In one spot they are building another (or a replacement) bridge.  Notice the crane in the water???

On the way to where we were going we passed through Pea Island wildlife sanctuary.  

This is our camper and truck all set up in our campground.  It was only about a block from the ocean!

It's difficult to see it but the ocean was pretty rough for the first 2 days due to hurricane Irma.


We walked down the beach and there were several places that had sea turtle areas marked off.

This sea gull looked like a weathered old man.  
We thought he should have a cap on and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth saying, 
"Yeah, I've seen some stuff".  

When I turned around from the ocean this was the view.  
Mostly rental places I think but they were all so colorful.  
The aqua one was my favorite!

The boys adjusted to life in the camper like champs.

They especially loved napping with our daughter.

One of the side trips was to Cape Hatteras and the lighthouse. 
 I did not know that all the paint jobs on all the light houses 
(day colors)
 are different as are the light signals.  

We stayed for the presentation by the ranger.  
She chose our daughter (on the left) to be part of the program.  
She said she usually uses a child and since she was the  youngest in the audience 
(excluding the baby) 
they used her.  
It was a wonderful and informative presentation.

Due to beach erosion they had to move the lighthouse and that was quite a feat!  

We went to climb up the stairs (257) to the top but due to the wind we couldn't go outside.

This was the view as I panned from the open doorway at the top of the lighthouse.


We stopped for ice cream at a place called Fatty's Ice Cream.  
They had really good ice cream!  We made hubby pose in the fat sea gull cut out, LOL.

That night we ate a wonderful dinner at The Captain's Table.  The scallops were amazing!!!

More tomorrow.  
This post is already getting photo heavy!

Up next is our trip to Jockey's Ridge and the Kitty Hawk.