Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Finish

I have several quilts that I have not been able to post about and this is one of them.  
My niece and nephew were expecting their rainbow baby. 
 I asked about what they were going to do the nursery in.  then answer was "Totoro".  
Say WHAT?!?  
I had absolutely zero idea what that was. 
So, Google to the rescue.  
I looked and LOOKED for something I thought would make a great quilt.  
I saw loads of cute things but didn't think I could translate them into quilts.  
First order of business though was to make a chenille blanket for them.  
I actually found some cute Totoro fabric to use for the back of the blanket.  
Here it is all finished.

I LOVE to make these for baby showers.  They are so soft, babies just love them!

I was swooning over the blue and green chenille.

This is daddy taking baby Q home from the hospital, wrapped in his chenille blanket.

This is the painting I fell in love with. The big animal in the center is Totoro. 
I thought it was so adorable and I thought I could make a quilt from it.  
FIRST though I had to ask the artist if I had permission to do so.  
Sakura Dragon, gave me permission to do it. 
I bought a print of this for the baby's room and framed it.  
That was also part of the shower present.  
This photo doesn't really do justice to how gorgeous the print really is.  

This is what I came up with!  
I LOVE how it turned out. 
 I used minky for the three little animals 
(which I had never done before). 

The quilting could not be more perfect!  
Done by Threadbear Quilting.  
Well done, Kathy!

The little black balls are called Soot Sprites.  
I had the hardest time trying to decide how to make them. 
In the end I chose a black fabric that had lines of different sized white dots running through it. 
 Some of the dots were close to the others so I cut out fusible circles and 
fused them so there were white "eyes" positioned where I wanted them.  
Then if there were any of the neighboring white dots showing, 
I colored them in with black permanent marker! 
 I was pretty pleased with myself!!  
Finally, I did a french knot in black in each white to form the eyes.  
To make the spikes, I free motion stitched around them and worked my way around each circle making the spikes thus securing the circles at the same time.  
I did the scribble stitching around all of the rest of the applique to outline everything and 
free handed the sprouts near the acorn.  

This shows the quilt (prior to my outlining anything) next to the inspiration painting.

So you see that you can take anything you find and turn it into a quilt 
(well maybe not anything, LOL), 
just be sure to ask permission if it is someone else's artwork! 
 I sent a photo of the quilt to the artist too.  

I will leave you with this adorable newborn photo that shows the hand embroidered label on the Totoro quilt. 

(Photo credit Grace Street Photography)

I am going to link up with Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finish post.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my process.  Have a happy weekend!


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

WIPs With Friends

Believe it or not I actually have something to share today!  YAY!  
I managed to make a couple more Scrappy Triangle blocks.

I have been working on binding this little gem that I can't show until the baby arrives and I can gift.
Can you see Hallie's feet in the background?  
She is never far away.

I can only show you the back since I don't want to give it away. 
 I found the cutest flannel fabric for the back too.  
My quilter did fairy wands in multicolored thread for the quilting.  

I also started on the second book in the Saxon Chronicles last night.  
I love this series!
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Your turn.  
Link up whatever you are working on right now and inspire us all!!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Vacation Loot

I thought I would do a quick post with most of the things I picked up while I was away.
A certain someone was particularly happy that I was home!

First up, I found some Kinder! At the shop in Glendale, Ohio.  
I love the apples and the frogs. 
 I am also collecting dark greens for an MSU quilt. 

 If you happen to have any that read like in this photo and would like to share 
a 5" square with me I would be so grateful!  
I don't seem to have a lot of variety.  
The green can have white in it also, like dots or checks but I am looking for that shade of green in particular, or just a bit darker or lighter.  
Email me and I will send you my address.

I found these at the shop in Plant City. 
 The first one is a great background.  I fell in LOVE with those cats. 
 The next one is a gradation from green to purple and the last one is a great blender.  
I had some but used it all up.

These I found in Lake City Florida.  
Can you see what is in that first print? It is from the book The Mitten, by Jan Brett.  
I used to read that to my kids!  I was super excited to find that.
  I didn't even know I wanted it either, until I saw it.
Then more greens for the MSU quilt.  
Some toys from the TV show Rudolph (one of my hubby's favorites), some red and green for Happy Christmas, some super cool blue and orange blenders and that metalic gold stripe?  
That one is a fabulous binding when done on the diagonal!

These were bought at the Cotton Patch in University Park Florida.  
Another binding stripe, those adorable mermaids (for a chenille blanket), more greens and look at that super cool +/x background fabric!!  
All the heart eyes for that one!

I found these at the Fabric Shack in Waynsville, Ohio. 
 More Kinder.  
The first white said it was from the American Made line, and it is muslin.  
It felt so silky I wonder if that was right? 
 It felt like an Art Gallery fabric.  
Also, it was pretty inexpensive, so I bought some for backgrounds. 
 I seem to go through white like water, HA! 

The last white, which is super difficult to see, has random sized circle outlines on it. 
 It was oddly soft, so I may need to starch it, but I have been searching and searching for a background for a particular project (that must remain secret) for actual YEARS. 
That gradient fabric up above was one I thought would work, until I found this white one.
 Each time I thought I had it I would decide the fabric was not right.  
I *finally* believe this may be the one.  
If that's the case I can finally move forward with that one. 
 Fingers crossed.

One last parting shot of my baby cuddling up with me last night.  
She is getting so old now (14) and is beginning to get the old lady fur 
as well as appears to be losing weight.  
She is a sweetie.  

I bought a few patterns that I did not photograph and a new 6.5 x 12.5" Creative Grid ruler 
(I have worn the numbers off my current one, LOL)

If you have any questions on need to know what a particular fabric is please message me.  Additionally, if you have any green 5" squares you would like to share you can email me for my mailing address at


Monday, March 12, 2018


I am back from our Florida vacation! 
 It was a great break from my work.  
I brought a quilt to bind and only got half of it done, YIKES!  
We sure did have some fun though.  
We drove from MI to FL.  
We stopped in Georgia for the night on the way down and KY on the way home.  
There were several quilt shop stops both ways.  I am going to concentrate on the quilt shops here.

This shop was in glendale, OH It is called Stitches and Stuff.  
A very cute little shop.
I would go back here.

They had a pretty extensive collection of fabrics. 
 I found some of the new Kinder line by Heather Ross. 

They also had these giant fiberglass squirrels all over the town.

 This one is in front of the bakery

This shop was in Berea, KY  The shop was quite small but the lady working there was so nice.

This town had these odd fiberglass hands all around it.  
Now you will see I found LOADS of these gigantic fiberglass oddities on this trip!

We also stopped at Stitches N' Stuff in Powell, TN.  
This shop was so cute and she had a very nice selection of modern fabrics.
I really loved this shop!!

She also had a blind rescue dog in the shop that greeted us.  
The owner does a lot of work with this particular rescue.  
It was nice to hear that.

Isn't this peacock great?  I think I know someone that would like this on a quilt!

 Now I have the usual Florida photos and many look like previous years, 
so I am not going to bore you with those.  
Well, maybe just a few highlights.

We went to the strawberry festival in  Plant City.
 It was just a glorified carnival, but we had fun.  
Look at the strawberry hot seat amidst all those fresh berries.

I asked hubby if this was the strawberry festival or the whipped cream festival?!

I do have to say this guy is pretty special.
He plans all of the shop stops for me.
Then he walks around the town while I shop.
He always encourages me to buy at least one thing at each shop too.
This guy is a keeper!!!

This quilt shop, in Plant City, was probably one of my favorites in our line of stops.  
There was a HUGE selection and many of my favorite designers!  
I would love to go back here.

There were lots of little antique/junk shops in this town and at one of them I found this. 
 A Featherweight (in really rough shape, but they still wanted $250) 
and the FW folding table ($350).  
That table is on my wish list but that is a bit over my price limit!

For me, one of my favorite parts was going to visit my husband's sister and brother-in-law.  
They bought a place on Bird Key and it is so amazing! 
 In this photo hubby was trying to fish 
(he had on his "lucky" hat and everything) 
and everyone was crowded around watching 
(and offering helpful advice).

This is their pool.  Our niece got them the Flammingo.

Their house is so beautiful!  

We walked around St Armand's Circle and went to the Wyland Gallery
 where I saw these amazing peacock sculptures.  
They were made out of crystals and real peacock tail feathers!  
The crystals alone cost over 24K!!

We did eat at the Salty Dog, one of my favorites.  
One of their daily specials were Grouper egg rolls.
Let me just say, these were amazing!  
We got them as an appetizer and I could have eaten them all myself!!!

We stopped at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati on our way home. 
 It is a gigantic store with all kinds of amazing foods and stuff in it including this fiberglass Rino!!

The last stop before home was the Fabric Shack. 
 I forgot to take photos of the shop, but this shop is well worth the stop.  

Tomorrow I will share my purchases!

Hope you enjoyed the virtual shop hop.


Sunday, March 04, 2018


Our cat, Finny, is totally my husband's cat.  
He follows my hubby around the house all day long. 
 Poor Chris can't do anything (and I mean anything) without his cat shadow. 
This is his favorite position.
He hops un on the chair and walks into this position and plops down.
He usually throws his head back and kisses Chris.
Then he settles down and sleeps.

 So earlier in the week I came home and found a back pack on the floor.  
He said, "Watch this".  
He called Finny and put him in the back pack!  It is a pack made for cats! 
 Finny loved it.  
They had already been on one walk before I got home.

If you click on the photo, you will be able to see Finn in the pack.

Good grief, what's next?  
Poor Cole will feel left out.  
I think I need to get a really long lead for Cole to use and try to teach him how to walk on a lead.