Monday, November 14, 2022

Cats and Things

 Finny was posing so nicely that I just had to get his pic today.

Last night before bed these 2 were co-opting my sewing space.

We were at Avery's the other day and he was taking the scooper off his lego truck.
He would say "help me".
Then Papa asked him if he was going to take it off again and this series of photos says it all.

Clearly the answer was YES
Silly papa!

I got a good photo of Cole showing how BIG he is now.
Amazing to think how far he has come from when he was ill.

For some reason this is Finny's favorite place to be, UGH.

We finally got Avery to actually enjoy jumping into the leaves.
It took some work but eventually he seemed to enjoy it.

He does love to snuggle with his papa.

I thought this photo of Finn turned out really well.
He is a gorgeous cat isn't he?

Kind of a mash up of pics but hope you enjoy these.


Sunday, November 13, 2022

Quilt Top Finishes in October

 I brought along a variety of cut quilt tops to work on while we are in NC
I managed to finish 3 during the month of October.
My November is not looking as promising, LOL.
First up was a navy and white buffalo plaid quilt top.
I have a very special couple in mind for this one.
Some gorgeous navy minky is planned for the back.
I will have to seam it though.

Chris strung up a line between 2 trees so I could get a pic as this one is BIG!
It is so much prettier in person.

I have no idea where this one was even from.
It is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern called Chuckles.
I had a kit, but have no memory of purchasing it, LOL.

It went together so fast and turned out terribly cute!
I have plans to make another one in shimmery colors in the future.

I knew when I first saw this Art East Quilting pattern I needed to make one.
I looked for a long time to find the perfect background.
I found the cutest flower print!
Since the skunk in Bambi was called flower, I thought PERFECT!

I also found the most adorable lavender Minky for the back.
I ordered it to home and will get this one to the quilter ASAP once we are back home.
I have a very special little person for this one.

This pattern was a dream to make!
I just love Art East patterns.
There is a lot to cut but they go together so quickly.
Even the "stink" is adorable!

Which one is your favorite?


Saturday, November 12, 2022

Firefly Farm

 Next up was our trip to Firefly Farm.  
We got to see a "real" unicorn!  

Heading to the haunted barn.

Watching the animals with papa.

Looking at the creepy things with Papa.

Checking out the dragon with mom.

Even the Haunted Barn had a quilt block on the outside!

Watching the unicorn with mom.

Fun day at Firefly Farm!


Friday, November 11, 2022

Pumpkins, and Corn Mazes and Hay Rides, Oh My!

 We went to a farm here with Avery and his folks. 
 There were pumpkins, a hay ride and a corn maze. 
The next weekend we went to a haunted barn, but more on that later.

On the hayride with Gigi and Papa

They had ice cream so of course we needed to get some!
Avery coopted the pumpkin wagon to eat in.

He LOVED the corn maze!

 Avery would run between rows and "scare" us, LOL.

Going to Firefly Farm next so stay tuned.


Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Walking in NC

 We like to find places to walk when we are in NC, not just around the campground.
We walked at a park and near the Haw river (on different days.

Thought I would share the beauty here.

Native Americans used this V to help make catching fish easier.