Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Shop Hop Loot

 I told you I would take photos of the fabrics I bought on my shopping trips with my SIL. 
 I finally got around to taking photos.  
Most of these are already heading for specific projects too. 
 That makes me very happy!
The fabrics in this first picture are not heading to any specific project. 
 I found the "Marie" cat fabric on sale and got another discount for finishing the bolt. 
 I had not bought any of the new Tula True Colors and they had a charm pack. 
 Same for Line Work, and thought the peacock fabric was pretty cool. 
 I am DYING over the new Mod Meow and have shown incredible restraint in not buying up vast quantities of this line...yet.  

This is a panel with my state on it. 
 I think I will make a pillow cover or 2 out of this using the fireflies for a border. 
 I 'm pretty sure the camper needs a few Michigan pillows.

I have been working on a block of the week but got a bit behind when we were away.  
My colors are pink and gold and I needed backgound to finish the top.  
The gold stars on the cream will be the background.  
The shiny pink is going to be background for another pattern testing quilt.

This fabric is the prettiest! 
 My picture does NOT do this line justice.  
The fabrics are all shimmery.
I am not sure how these will be used but I will figure it out.  
They are so pretty! 
 Maybe in the sparrows quilt?

I am collecting some fabrics to use in a Moda Bakeshop project.
I have not found them all but I will get there.
Such pretty colors!
Might look great with the ones above.

So there you have it. 
 I guess I don't have immediate plans for all of the fabrics. 
 Just some of them. 
 I need to sew faster! 

 Still working on destashing so I can change out my fabrics.
  I will stop the destash posts while we are in NC as I won't have fabric with me there.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Quilts For Sale

I have decided that I need to sell some of my finished quilts.
I am accumulating too many and need to downsize.
They will all be listed in my ETSY shop.
Link is on my side bar to my ETSY shop.

This quilt is from a line called Opal Owl.
It is so cute! 
Here is the listing for this quilt

Opal Owl is such a cutie!  I think the little green version is my favorite.

I used the most gorgeous turquoise Minky for the back. 
 It is extremely soft. 
 You can see the adorable owl  (that looks like Opal herself) quilted into the quilt.

Next up is my Chubby Chicks quilt. 
 The chicks are raw edge appliqued.
The quilt has been custom quilted.
Here is the listing for the Chubby Chicks quilt.

You can see the custom quilting in the next few photos.

I used the prettiest vintage sheet for the back.  
It is very soft.

I made a pillow cover to go with the Chubby Chicks quilt.  
The chicks are framed in with rick rack.
The pillow cover is quilted too.
It will fit an 18" pillow form
Here is the listing for the pillow cover

I used the same vintage sheet for the back of the pillow cover.

 I would really love to see these go to new homes.  Feel free to share with your friends.


Monday, March 29, 2021

Weekend Happenings

 I got to spend Friday and Saturday with my sweet sister-in-law.  
We went to a couple of quilt shops on Friday and Saturday. 
 I was able to pick up a few things I need for the patterns I will be pattern testing. 
 I was very happy about that!  
I will get pictures later of what I bought.  
I brought her an early birthday gift. 
 She had told me how much she loved a sampler I had made so 
I made the quilt again using different fabrics.  
I completely forgot to get a picture of her with her quilt though, d'oh!  
It will be a BIG birthday for her too (60).  She was so surprised.

I brought my sewing machine and completely forgot to bring the 1/4" foot so no sewing for me! 
 She picked up some fabric for a quilt for a particular person, and since I couldn't sew
 I cut out the quilt for her.
I set up a google spreadsheet for the 2 of us to use 
to put our monthly goals into and a place for yearly goals. 
 I am hoping this helps me stay on track. 
 I did this previously with some other friends and it was a great motivator for me.

On top of all that I also got to meet the newest member of the family, Lincoln Ray Schmidt.  
He made his debut 5 weeks early! 
He seems to be doing well and is home with his parents.
 I had made a quilt for him using some left over blocks from his parent's wedding quilt.  
I had it done right when I had their wedding quilt done. 
 I was just waiting for his birth so I could label it. 
 I was happy to be able to gift it before we leave for NC next week.  

I used a dark gray Minky for the back.  It was really soft.

This is my beautiful niece with Lincoln. 
 I felt very blessed to be able to visit and hold him. 
 Our family had 5 babies born from October to March.  
4 boys and 1 girl. 
 Avery was the first and Lincoln was the last.  
We are so lucky to have so many new additions to the family.  

I can't wait to see all these cousins together this year for Christmas.  


Thursday, March 25, 2021


 Chris and I spent the day in Shipshewana yesterday. 
 I just love going there. 
 It's only a 3 hour drive to get there so we can go and spend the day and drive home all in the same day.  It was good just to get out of the house and go somewhere.  

First stop, of course, was Jojo's pretzels.  I
 LOVE their pretzels. 
 I debated whether I should eat one being on keto, but decides WTH and just ate one.
  I did NOT regret it at all!

These  Are  Amazing!

We waited until no one was in the hallway and Chris snapped my pic quickly.  Cool wings, huh?

This giant  horse was new.  Had to take it's picture.

This donkey was new too.

Look at this little Chameleon.  SO cute!
My hair was so crazy yesterday too.  
It was a very windy day.

We went to the Yoder's Department store and then ate our packed lunch outside (in the wind).

I didn't buy a lot yesterday.  
This was my haul from Lolly's. 
The 2 more solid blues are going to become binding.  
The circle one I used in a quilt and fell in love with. 
 It was on clearance!! 
 So I bought it up. 
 Oh this will make it's way into a quilt soon!

My son roped me into making 2 more Spartan pillow covers.
I needed some more green for the Helmets.
I've used this one previously. 

I bought some Steam a Seam 2 lite at Yoders, but that isn't very exciting to get a picture of.
I did buy a Life is Good shirt with a fox on it. 
 It is so cute! 

 I think, for the first time ever, we spent more at the meat market than I did at the quilt shops 
(BOTH of them!!!)

It was a good time away with my husband.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021


My life has been pretty uneventful lately but I have been sewing and doing lots of other fun life stuff.
I was sewing the other day and Cole was "helping" me.
  It was so cute, he had his paw on the bed of my machine like "hey, pay attention to me!"

We spent some time at the farm this past weekend.  
Visiting with the pea fowl.
  I love how beautiful Orion is. 
 He is a purple peacock.

Then there is the ever handsome Stan Lee.

I have been doing some pattern testing for Meags and Me. 
 I made the tree skirt. 
I think I can share it here as I am gifting it and I don't think the person reads my blog.

I machine embroidered the outer edge.  
It took me awhile since I am really new to using my machine to do this.  

I chose to use a stripe and cut it on the bias for the binding and the ties. 
 I LOVE how this came out!

Can't wait to gift this one!


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Some Keto Cooking and Baking

 I have been on a tare cooking and baking some new things. 
 I like to try new recipes, do you?  First up a "McGriddles" chaffle.  
SO good!!  
Recipe at Low Carb Asian here

This is the inside of this yumminess.

Then some keto granola. 
 Grain free, and great with yogurt!  

Chris made breakfast for me one morning using left over salmon, on zero NC bread and a poached egg.

A friend sent me this recipe for French Dip.
  I used dry wine and some erythritol instead of sweet wine.  
Then I chose to use a Sola bun which is 6 NC for the whole bun. 
 This was delicious.

Coconut chicken tenders, with orange ginger dipping sauce with a side of cheesy spaghetti squash.
Chicken recipe at Wholesome Yum

This was a HUGE hit for me. 
 Only 3NC!! 
 It tastes just like an Enteman's chocolate donut! 
Recipe from Low Carb Yum

Southwest chicken salad, with cucumber dipped in Toum (garlic sauce). 
 (I bought the Toum at Meijer and the SW chicken at Aldi)

Left over French Dip and home made coleslaw with Sugar Free Hughes Mustard dipping sauce.

I hope you guys enjoyed the food porn!