Wednesday, February 27, 2019

First Block On The Next Traveling Quilt

I have Jenny's sea themed quilt to work on for our traveling quilts.  
It is the one I am the most intimidated to work on so have been putting off doing anything.  
I wanted to make something to get myself started but I wanted to be able to finish it too. 
 I found a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman called "Nessie" 
(the Loch Ness Monster) that fit the bill perfectly!  
You can find the free pattern here.
I am still pondering how I want to do the water under her but for now the top part is finished. 
I LOVE her!

Close up .  You can see the bird fabric I used for the sky.  

Cool side angle.

I will be adding this to the top of the quilt but can put something in the water under her or just do some improv water like I did with the fish quilt I did last year.  

I have a few more ideas for this quilt, but we are going to go visit our daughter in NC and then on to Florida soon, so no sewing for me until we get back.

I will leave you with a couple of Finn and Cole photos to tide you over.  

Just look at that LONG arm!

Such a good boy!

If you want to follow our trip progress, find me over on Instagram.  I am @mamaspark59 over there.


Monday, February 25, 2019

February CTC Sew-A-Long Link-up

Are you working on your Countdown to Christmas blocks?  Did you manage to sew any this month?  I have managed to finish blocks 1-6.  Blocks 4-6 this month.

This is block number 4

Block number 5

Block number 6

I have created a link up below.
If you have finished any blocks this month please link up!

I will leave the link open through Thursday (the last day of the month).
Please share and if you do link up be sure to use a link to this post.
I would love to spread the idea and get more folks to join us.


Inlinkz Link Party

Monday, February 18, 2019

Baby Shower Weekend

**Note this post is super photo heavy**

This past weekend was full of baby showers!  My niece had hers on Saturday.  
They are expecting a baby boy the end of March.

I made some crib sheets, a self binding blanket, some burp cloths,
 a chenille blanket and some bunny ear teethers for her shower.

I have some of these and some other burp cloths available in my ETSY shop.

 Self binding blanket.

 Crib sheets

I can make these to order if anyone is interested.

My nephew showed up at the end of the shower.

The shower on Sunday was for my daughter's best friend that is expecting twin girls in May.

I made her 6 sheets, 2 chenille blankets, 4 teethers and 6 burp cloths

Two really full gift bags!

I totally forgot to get an "after" pic of both of the chenille blankets but used this for both.

Amy opening the aqua one.

 These are the crib sheets I made for the girls.

Burp cloths

Teethers, 2 for each girl.

 Mom and dad to be.

So, as you can see, it was a pretty busy weekend.
I did manage to stop at 2 quilt shops on my way home from the Saturday shower.
More on that later.


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Winter Quilt Retreat

I was gone on a spur of the moment winter quilt retreat last weekend.  
I went with my friend, Cori and my SIL, Mary.  
It was such a fun time!  
We committed a little bit late but ALL three of us were so excited to be going. 
 I had 4 baby quilts prepped and ready to work on, with those Neverland quilts up first.  
The last 2 summer retreats we went on, Cori only brought work, nothing to sew.  
This time she brought a project and no work!  

This is what it looked like in MI over the weekend.  Lots of blowing snow and frigid temps, brr.

 We were nice and cozy in our retreat space though. This was our eating area and kitchen. 
 You can seethe bathroom in the background and we all shared a bedroom.

This was our work space for sewing.  It is set up for 4 people.  Mary was working away!

Cori and I thought the CP stood for Cori and Pam, LOL.

I did etch some wine glasses for each of us using glass etching cream.
I did one for Traci too but she will not have hers until July.

Jack came along but was pretty tame this trip.

I managed to get BOTH of the Neverland tops completed!!!  I am so excited about that!

First one I finished was the Meadowland one.  I really enjoyed making this pattern!

Next up was the Starbreak pattern.

The photos were a little bit darker in the pictures then they are in real life.

I LOVE both of these so much!

I am making another of the strip quilts.
I made one in different fabrics and with a different dragon.
I took this "kit" out and one of the strips was not cut straight.
That set me on my heels and has delayed my finishing that top.
I contacted the ETSY shop and they are sending me another one, cut correctly, I hope!

I did get the dragon paper pieced and set into the top.  
I also got the pennants made and basted into the top also.

There are three strips about 3-4" wide that go above and below what I have pieced so far.
Isn't that dragon adorable??

Last little baby quilt is a combination of Minky squares. 
 I used 9" and 5" squares to make this.
My friend and I traded some scraps so I could make this.  
I really love how all the textures go together. 
 I love the "roses" but they were a major pain to sew together. 
 I used my walking foot and it was still tough.  Glad it is ready to be quilted!

Cori finished her quilt top.  
She was making a quilt to donate to the local VA hospital where she volunteers.
It is so cheerful!
Now she is anxious for our July trip to make more!

On the first night and second night my SIL made the most adorable "Elsa" dresses for her grandgirls.
We had glitter in literally EVERYTHING and I mean everything!

Look at this cape!

We didn't know how she was going to make these but she did and I am in awe of her talent!

Here is a photo of the girls in their dresses, so precious! 
 I am hoping they will save them so that if I have a grandgirlie I can use them!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend and lots and LOTS of things got finished.  
We watched Bad Moms and Bad Moms Christmas. 
 If you have not seen them you need to 
(although to warn you the language is bad and there is sexual content).  
They will be a staple from now on at our retreats!  

Are there any movies you love that you would have at a retreat?  
We are considering buying some DVD's and leaving them there 
like a "lending library", for future stays.  
I think BM and BMC will just come every time though.  
Love to hear your suggestions.

When I got home I realized that I need a break from sewing now and that's good since the next 4 weekends are booked with other things!  

Funny how things work out like that isn't it?