Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Winter Quilt Retreat

I was gone on a spur of the moment winter quilt retreat last weekend.  
I went with my friend, Cori and my SIL, Mary.  
It was such a fun time!  
We committed a little bit late but ALL three of us were so excited to be going. 
 I had 4 baby quilts prepped and ready to work on, with those Neverland quilts up first.  
The last 2 summer retreats we went on, Cori only brought work, nothing to sew.  
This time she brought a project and no work!  

This is what it looked like in MI over the weekend.  Lots of blowing snow and frigid temps, brr.

 We were nice and cozy in our retreat space though. This was our eating area and kitchen. 
 You can seethe bathroom in the background and we all shared a bedroom.

This was our work space for sewing.  It is set up for 4 people.  Mary was working away!

Cori and I thought the CP stood for Cori and Pam, LOL.

I did etch some wine glasses for each of us using glass etching cream.
I did one for Traci too but she will not have hers until July.

Jack came along but was pretty tame this trip.

I managed to get BOTH of the Neverland tops completed!!!  I am so excited about that!

First one I finished was the Meadowland one.  I really enjoyed making this pattern!

Next up was the Starbreak pattern.

The photos were a little bit darker in the pictures then they are in real life.

I LOVE both of these so much!

I am making another of the strip quilts.
I made one in different fabrics and with a different dragon.
I took this "kit" out and one of the strips was not cut straight.
That set me on my heels and has delayed my finishing that top.
I contacted the ETSY shop and they are sending me another one, cut correctly, I hope!

I did get the dragon paper pieced and set into the top.  
I also got the pennants made and basted into the top also.

There are three strips about 3-4" wide that go above and below what I have pieced so far.
Isn't that dragon adorable??

Last little baby quilt is a combination of Minky squares. 
 I used 9" and 5" squares to make this.
My friend and I traded some scraps so I could make this.  
I really love how all the textures go together. 
 I love the "roses" but they were a major pain to sew together. 
 I used my walking foot and it was still tough.  Glad it is ready to be quilted!

Cori finished her quilt top.  
She was making a quilt to donate to the local VA hospital where she volunteers.
It is so cheerful!
Now she is anxious for our July trip to make more!

On the first night and second night my SIL made the most adorable "Elsa" dresses for her grandgirls.
We had glitter in literally EVERYTHING and I mean everything!

Look at this cape!

We didn't know how she was going to make these but she did and I am in awe of her talent!

Here is a photo of the girls in their dresses, so precious! 
 I am hoping they will save them so that if I have a grandgirlie I can use them!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend and lots and LOTS of things got finished.  
We watched Bad Moms and Bad Moms Christmas. 
 If you have not seen them you need to 
(although to warn you the language is bad and there is sexual content).  
They will be a staple from now on at our retreats!  

Are there any movies you love that you would have at a retreat?  
We are considering buying some DVD's and leaving them there 
like a "lending library", for future stays.  
I think BM and BMC will just come every time though.  
Love to hear your suggestions.

When I got home I realized that I need a break from sewing now and that's good since the next 4 weekends are booked with other things!  

Funny how things work out like that isn't it?


Thursday, February 07, 2019

Neverland Quilts

I have been wanting to make this quilt for some time now.  
I finally have a reason to make it, YAY!  
My daughter's best friend is expecting twin girls and I need to make 2 quilts.  
I decided I would make them different but use the same fabrics.  
I am using the Neverland line from Riley Blake.  
The colors are very soft and beautiful.  
I matched a few other plainer fabrics to this and got what I needed to make 2 baby quilts.

The very first pattern I thought of is the Meadowland pattern by Then Came June.  
As it turns out it was a really easy pattern to follow and 
comes together pretty quickly once you figure it out.  
I have directional fabrics in this line so the flying geese were a bit of a challenge but I got there. 
 If you want to make a Meadowland quilt too you can find the pattern right here.

I will show you my blocks so far.  
I have all 12 finished for the quilt but have not had time to assemble it yet.

I didn't have a mosaic maker that would do 12 but here are the first 9 all together.
There is no sashing in this quilt.

I love how this looks.
I bought a Tinkerbell fabric in gray for the backing.
I don't have it yet but will show you once I do.

I will show you the other one once I make some more progress on it.

I am using the Starbreak pattern from the Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

If you want to make one you can find the free pattern here.

I began with a FQB and a few "companion" fabrics and 
had more than enough to make BOTH baby quilts!  

I do have the stars from the Starbreak pattern done.

I found the CUTEST coloring book page to use for the labels!
I am working on the embroidery for them so will show you when they are both finished.

I am off to a local quilt retreat today and will be back home on Sunday.
I am hoping to have 4 count them 4 baby quilt tops finished by the time I get home!!

I like to sew the label into the back rathe than sew it on after I get the quilt back from the quilter.
That means I have to wait for the baby to be born to add the name and DOB.

I try to embroider as much as I can on the labels.
If it is just words that is a bit more difficult.
I can usually get a all word one done in a couple of nights though.  
It just means the baby won't get the quilt right away, but I am so much happier with the look.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned.

I will be posting on Instagram as I work this weekend.
If you want to watch my progress please find me at 


Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Traveling Quilts

I am a part of a group of women that are working on a set of traveling quilts.  
There are 5 of us in the group.  
I have 2 more of the quilts to work on. 
I received Mel's quilt in December and am finally getting it out today!  PHEW!  
Sorry for that delay, Mel.  
Her theme is rainbow.  
She made the center and then sent it off for us to add to it.  
I had some ideas so finally had time to play with it.

I selected these fabrics to use in a Migrating Geese formation for the side of the quilt. 
I used the technique sheet from Deb Tucker.  
If you need to make some MG too you can find the sheet available for purchase here.

It was not a difficult technique but you did need to pay attention and mark where she tells you.

This is what the quilt looked like when I received it.

I realized that I didn't take any photos of the triangles I put at the top. 
I did 2" strips into sets then cut out the triangle. 
I cut a matching triangle out of the white and sewed them together. 
 I was just going to do triangles but decided it didn't add enough height
so turned them into diamonds. 
 I reversed the colors to form half of the diamond then
 put them together with their counter part color.  
I am pretty happy with my additions.

You can also see the migrating geese on the right.  Great technique and I will use this one again.

I did my bee blocks for January and came to the conclusion that I needed to leave the bee. 
 I loved this month's blocks though and can't wait to see what the quilt looks like.

I have more to share but am out of time.  Stop back for more tomorrow!