Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Canada Quilt Top Progress

 I finally got the top all put together but was not happy with how wide vs long it was.
  I was not sure I had enough background fabric to make it the way I wanted it to finish so I took a photo of it as is, so to speak. 
 It was ok, the way it was but I was still not happy with it.

I thought I would add some maple leaves to the top and bottom.
  I had to piece the background but I was thinking I would have enough.  So I added them.

I was still not happy.  
I didn't like the leaves going all the way to the edge.
So I added one more border of the background.

There we go!  NOW I am happy with how it is finished!
I am thinking about how I want to have it quilted and here is what I am thinking.

Woodgrain in the mail part, like the animals are looking through the trees.
I had the baby bear quilt done with that pattern and I loved it.
Then a line of loons on the top and bottom first border, the plain one.
I think I would love the Word Canada in the top and bottom Maple leaf borders, possibly surrounded by maple leaves to make the block letters of Canada stand out.
I might need s micro stipple though or something small to make the word stand out.

I may have her quilt maple leaves into the small plain side borders too.
I am hoping my friend can execute what I see as a plan for this quilt.

I will have to talk to her once we get home.  I am hoping that she can have it done for Christmas.
I would really love to be able to gift it to my husband for Christmas.

I have 3 projects left but realized that I have no background fabric for one of them.
That is the halloween one I really wanted to start next.  
May have to see if I can find an open quilt shop near by.
Or maybe just order it online and have it delivered.
What would you do?

The other one is a Christmas quilt and I could work on that.
The last one is a case for my Oliso mini iron.
I'm always nervous about making 3D things but maybe that will be the next one.

If it were you which one would you start on next?
2-Iron case


Sunday, October 18, 2020


 Now that I have finished all my animals (oh wait, I haven't shared the procupines have I?) 
 OK, so here are the porcupines.  
The spikes are not how they are supposed to be and where they join up to the head unit isn't perfect
 but DONE is better than perfect, right?

So my porcupines have rogue spikes.  
Real life porcupines aren't perfectly symmetrical are they?

I'm just happy that I can move on getting this put together.
  I did NOT like the directions on cutting the spikes for this little guy. 
 It wasted a LOT of fabric and was not the easiest to follow. 
 I get why they did it the way they did but
 if I were ever to make these again I would do them differently.

Moving on...

I bought a kit from Jedi Craft Girl for Halloween called Spooky. 
 I fell in love with the pattern, probably because of the black cat, LOL.  
The mini top is all finished. 
 I stitched around the cat and the letters using the blanket stitch.

I took a photo of the back so you could see the blanket stitch from behind.

Of COURSE I had my "Spooky" helper.  
Isn't he looking so great?  
He has gained a full kilogram from when we started his treatments!  
That's 2.2 pounds!!! 
 Of course this means his medical costs have also increased, sigh.  
It's always a double edged sword isn't it?  
It's ok though, as long as he is improving I will find a way to continue his treatment!

I am moving through the quilts I brought with me which makes me happy. 
 I finished the Christmas Bear top, this Spooky mini and just need to assemble the Canada quilt.  
I have 2 more with me to work on plus a case for my Oliso mini iron.  
After I assemble the Canada quilt, I will work on the jelly roll Halloween quilt I brought. 
 I have to do some design work for the Canada quilt as
 I want to assemble it a little differently than the original pattern so stay tuned!  
We are home today and will get to see baby Avery again tomorrow so time to work on some quilts!

What are you up to today?


Friday, October 16, 2020

Introducing Our Grandson

Last week our daughter and SIL made us grandparents.
 I am so proud to introduce you all to 

Avery Lincoln Roberts 

 He was born on 10/09/2020 weighing in at 8 pounds and 4 ounces.  

We got to meet him today.  
He was fussy when we got to their house and as soon as I took him he quieted down and fell asleep. 
 I think it is the grandma's touch!

Papa was pretty smitten too.

He is still a little jaundiced but that is getting better too.

Kelsey and Nick are doing a great job at parenting and we could not be prouder of the two of them.  They are making amazing parents and we are enjoying watching them with Avery.  
It is such a joy to watch your child with their child.

I don't know how much I will be sharing as I will need to respect Avery's parent's wishes regarding photos of him on social media, but I will post when I can.  

Welcome to our family little Avery.  
We are over the moon excited to be grandparents.  
Thank you Kelsey and Nick for making us Gigi and Papa!


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Some More Sewing

I have been doing some more sewing and am so anxious to finish up these blocks.  
I now have just one last block to make and I will have all the blocks for the Canada quilt finished.  
Then I will need to assemble the quilt. 
 I need to see if I can use the 2 rulers I have to make the porcupine's back so we shall see.  
Here is what I have done now.

For some reason these raccoons reminded me of the two Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp.

 I thought you might like to see a few more pics of the cats in our camper.  My block helper.

They love looking out this back window!

He found a stink bug on the faucet, LOL.

I have begun working on another little Halloween quilt
 while I mull over how to go about making the porcupine block.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

NC Mushroom Finds

 We were going out in the truck yesterday and I saw these great red mushrooms on my side of the truck.
I have never seen so many colorful mushrooms before.  It was really cool.

I thought this little red mushroom was so cute too. 
 A mama and a baby!

Then Chris asked me if I had seen the blue mushrooms.  I had no idea what he was talking about.
So I went over to his side of the truck and saw these beauties.

Aren't these beautiful??

From what I understand, these particular blue mushrooms are edible.  
They "bleed" blue when cut also.

We may try to go hiking in the woods today to see if we can find more species too.


Monday, October 12, 2020

A Few More Blocks Finished

 I finished a few more blocks for the Canadian quilt.  
These blocks have been so challenging to make.

This one is my favorite!

It has been POURING rain for the last 2 days so I have spent my time sewing!
I need a few things to finish the last three blocks but I am hoping to figure out a way to use what I have to get them made.  
What are you all working on?

Friday, October 09, 2020

Canada Quilt Block 2, The Bear

I had time to work on the second block in the Canada Quilt today. 
 It is a black bear and he is SO adorable.

I only had to re-cut a few pieces (was I on drugs when I cut these out?? LOL) 
 I do love the blue heathered background I chose too but it is directional so 
if you make this you need to think about that. 
 It made cutting a little tougher, but worth it.
 I introduce you to my bear!

That face!  I wish the background showed up better.

You can see the color a little bit better in this photo with my handsome model!  
He is doing better every day. 
 It is not fun to give him a shot that hurts every day but his improvement is worth it.  

I am hoping to start on the third block tonight.  



Thursday, October 08, 2020

Wonderful Woodland Quilt (aka the Canada Quilt) Progress

A year ago or so I bought the Wonderful Woodland BOM but had not had time to work on it.

I cut it out and have been taking it to me every time I travel.  
I thought that it would be a good one to work on while we wait for baby. 
 The first block is the moose with the Canadian leaves on it.  

Back story, my hubby goes FAR into northern Canada ( about 150 miles N of Soo Sault Marie, MI) to a cabin owned by his uncle. 
 It is very remote.  No electricity, running water or indoor plumbing.  
They have to take everything in and out when they go.
  They load everything into a boat, go across a lake, portage into the next lake and then motor across the lake to the cabin!!  I've gone there one time and that was plenty. 
 It is beautiful but I would rather stay home and sew!

He LOVES it up there so much.  He can fish and fish and fish! 
 So I decided that he needs a quilt for Canada.  
When I saw the Wonderful Woodland BOM I knew this would be the right quilt for him!  
I bought all the fabric and as I said, recently cut it all out.  
Yesterday and today I sewed on the Moose block. 
 I think I un-sewed almost as much as I sewed!  
Of COURSE I chose a directional background, 
so that made things even more challenging when I cut it out.

I got this far yesterday:

Of course I had loads of help <insert eye roll here>

Today I had a lot of sewing time!  I managed to get the whole block finished!!

Of course as soon as I put it on the table for a picture, my helper appeared!
At least you can see how BIG the block is with Finn in the photo.

Cole is doing better, thank you to all who have donated to his go fund me page
 I have his blood work scheduled on the 22 here in Chapel Hill.  
Thankfully I was able to find a vet that would work with us!  
I will likely have to order another  $1000 of medicine before we leave too.  GULP! 
 He takes the shots so well. 
 I am really proud of him (and his human, needle phobic helper).  
Please share the link for his page if you can or donate if you are able and want to.

No baby yet, but we are hopeful he will be here soon!  Stay tuned!