Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WIPs With Friends

I have a very brief minute to make this post.  
I will be out for the rest of the week and part of next week for my daughter's wedding.

I stopped out to her farm to visit her last weekend because her oldest peacock, Blu hurt his leg. 
 He had an ankle issue and had surgery when he was young.  
It never really healed well and he pretty much stands on one foot all the time.  
It was bound to happen that something would happen to his other foot/leg.  
She has to take him to the vet today and hopefully we will know more soon.  
He is the very first peacock that she hatched out from an egg.  I
t was while she was living in our home.  Both he and his sister and the turkey Jocelyn. 
 Osirius has passed away but Blu and Jo are still alive and kicking.  
Hopefully it is just a strain and not a slipped tendon, but we should know later today.  

He is such a pretty boy! 
 I am sure you have seen lots of photos of him thoughout the years, 
but just in case these are his last few days I wanted a few more.

Daughter was happy that he has fathered so many babies and that she still has some.  
She will keep one or two if something is seriously wrong with him. 
 She said one had Osirius's face and took me into the barn to see.  
This is what I saw. 
 It was quite dark and I thought it was three peafowl but no, it was a peafowl sandwich with a peafowl wanna be in the middle!  
As soon as I saw the three of them I knew immediately it was the bird on the far right.  
His face looks just like Osirius's did.

So now on to my WIP.  Still the Hallowedding quilt.  Now it will have a haunted house!
I am loving how this came out!

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ithaca, The Corning Glass Museum and Home

One of the last places we visited while at the Finger Lakes was to travel to Ithaca. 
 There was a quilt shop I really wanted to visit.  
On our way we drove by a covered bridge so we had to get out and 
take some photos for everyone, right?  
This is the Newfield covered bridge and
 is the only covered bridge still being used in Tompkins county.

This quilt shop was my favorite of the entire trip!
It was in Ithaca and called Quilter's Corner.
I probably spent the most here!
If you are ever in the area stop by and check them out.

 Then we stopped at Pucky Huddle.  
This was a bright purple building, very difficult to miss. 
 Their sale section was amazing, an entire room and once again, everyone was very nice!

The Corning Museum of Glass was overwhelming!  
Hubby and I were very excited, hoping to see the history of Pyrex there. 
 We were sorely disappointed.  
They talked about how it came about but I think we both wanted to see examples of all of the Pyrex through the years.
We did purchase a book about collecting Pyrex though.

That being said, there was a lot of cool glass stuff and 
the history of glass throughout the world in general.  
Not really my thing and wayyyyyy too much data for me to process. 
 This glass sculpture was near the line to get in.

This Lynx was made entirely of glass.  Probably my fav of everything we saw.

The glass blowing demo was pretty interesting too. 
 We watched another one where they explained the different types of glass and what that means as to how breakable that glass is.  
Very interesting.

There were loads of these glass pumpkins and these huge ones in the truck were pretty neat.

Our week was up and we headed home on Friday.  
The colors had gotten even better by the end of the week.

We did stop at one last quilt shop in Wellsboro, PA.
Mostly civil war and batiks, but I bought a little something.

We stopped at this shop The Gallery of Fabric Quilt Shop, in Mercer PA.  
What a little gem!
I found a pattern here that I had been looking for (YAY). 
 I also bought my Ghastlies fabric here too.
Hubby wanted a couple of things so we did spend a little money at this shop also.

 We are now home and I have to say it was an incredible trip!  
We found another state park with the second largest waterfall in NY. 
That is now on our list for another time. (Letchworth State Park).

Now we are back to our regularly scheduled programing.  
This includes the Hallowedding and, no just the Hallowedding for now, LOL.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Keuka Lake and Dr Frank's Winery

After our morning at Watkins Glen we decided to visit the town of Hammondsport. 
 It is at the base of Keuka lake.  
It was a cute little town and it even had a quilt shop! 
 Of course you know I bought stuff there.  It also had a neat antique shop where I found this gem.  
I collect these and had never seen this one before.

Here we are at the lake in the park.  It was a really pretty lake too and the park was fabulous.

This is a video from shore to shore of Keuka Lake

Keuka Lake

After shopping and visiting the lake we drove north to visit Dr Konstantin Frank's winery.  
You can see the grape vines and Keuka lake from the hill the winery is on.

Spied this little pond on the way out of the winery.
We did taste some wine and bought a few bottles here as well.
I think our wine rack is now re-stocked!

Next up is our trip to Ithaca and the Corning Glass Museum.

Hope you are enjoying our trip!


Watkins Glen State Park

Now for our hike into and out of Watkins Glen state park.  It is a really pretty place and I am guessing when they have normal rainfall, the waterfalls will be even better.  OK this is going to be photo heavy!  We hiked into the glen and I took photos the whole time.

Sweetheart cove.

Us walking under one of the waterfalls.  It was really dark so sorry for the weird lighting (flash).

We are truly bad at selfies.  Hubby insisted on taking a LOT of them.

This was me walking behind another waterfall.  

This place was so beautiful, but a lot of stairs and wet walking so if you go be prepared!

I will be posting more of the trip tomorrow.  I hope you are enjoying it as much as we did.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Finger Lakes Trip Part 2

Now we are on our way to our final destination of Watkin's Glen.  
Watkin's Glen is located at the south end of Seneca lake. 
 We stayed at the Idlewild Inn.  
This was the view that greeted us when we drove up.

We parked around the back of the inn.

The view to our left was the fountain and garden.

Next we went to our room, we were staying in the nanny's quarters.  Our bed and,

our sitting area.

One view from our room.

The sunrise of the first morning from our window in our room.

This used to be the carriage house but now has 2 rooms available for rent.

I told the innkeeper that we really loved the gazebo and he told me it used to be the owner's daughter's doll house!  

 I could not resist taking a photo of the giant "hexie" that was the wooden floor in the "doll house".

I took this of hubby sitting in the doll house so you could see how BIG it really is.

We drove down to Montour Falls.  
This is a crazy set of waterfalls. 
 It is in the town.  
So you are slowly driving by like

 "house, house, house, --->WATERFALL<---house house.="" house="" nbsp="" p="">

 It's NUTS!

Last time we were here there was so much water I wondered
 how the people could tolerate all the noise it made. 
 This time, with so little rain all summer, it was just like a trickle. 
 I took a photo anyway so you can see it too.

We stopped for ice cream and it was fantastic!  
We watched the people ahead of us and the small was seriously 6" of soft serve ice cream! 
 They had a pumpkin soft serve ice cream that 
they actually made with pumpkin puree and it was really good.  
I got the kiddie size and it was probably also 6" of ice cream.  
I could only finish half and had to discard the rest.  You can see hubby here with his "small".

We did go down to the Seneca pier and walked out to the end.  It was beautiful.  

Seneca Lake, NY.  We ate at the Seneca Harbor Station and the food was excellent!

The second day we went hiking in Watkin's Glen and I will show those photos another day.

We did so much on this trip that I want to share!
I will probably upload all my photos to my Flickr account
 (yes I still use Flickr)
if you want to see more details of our trip via photos.

I am going to stop here for now.