Monday, September 30, 2019

The Wedding Quilt

I finally get to share the wedding quilt with all of you!!  
I asked the bride and groom to please give me some ideas for quilts they liked 
and that I told them I would choose from those.  
I chose the pattern Minimal Triangles.  
It was not really difficult but I was making a HUGE quilt so there were a LOT of triangles.  
The size I wanted to make was not a listed size so I was not really sure how many I needed.  
At my retreat in July, everyone kept asking me.  
Finally my sweet SIL figured it out 
(although that number ended up not being right either).  
I ended up using 600 triangle units!  
The chosen colors were gray and white. 
 I put a few pops of aqua in to break it up.  
It was a little boring to make so many of the same thing in the same colors.  
The pattern is a good one but 
she doesn't really tell you how to line up the rows so that the ends work out right.  
You add a white one on each end and then cut them once the entire top is put together.  
I ended up taking 2 rows apart and re-sewing them but that was not too bad.  
So without further ado, here are some photos!

It turned out to be 100" X 112"

My friend, Liz, did the quilting.  I had Celtic knots done and I love how the quilting came out!

I hand embroidered this label on the back.
(I used some sparkly thread too)

I was tickled to find this border fabric.
It is light gray triangles with a few teal ones on the charcoal background.

They opened it after the rehearsal party was done.

BOTH of them wanted it on their bed so the next day I put it on the bed.
It looks great with the pillow covers I made for the shower.

It seems to be Mitch approved too.


Friday, September 27, 2019

The Long Ride Home

Once the wedding was over we had a meet up at a local brewery (Hi-Wire) 
for any friends and family that wanted to meet up 
(and also to watch the MSU game). 
 We brought some snacks with us and the left over sheet cake for everyone to enjoy.

The Massman's and their twins showed up.  
We *finally* got to meet these adorable girls!  
Their mom, was the Matron of Honor in the wedding.

My great niece surprised us by attending the wedding and 
we got to spend some time with her the next day too.  
She is so cute (even wearing those HORRIBLE colors, LOL).

Then it was time to say goodbye to our home for the week and Durham.
Goodbye 710 North street!

On the road we always look for Pilot Mountain.

We needed food and fuel so stopped in Mount Airy.
Maybe you will recognize this city?  
It's the place where Mayberry RFD was filmed!

As we rolled up we saw this vintage police car giving town tours.

There were several shops that were still there from when the show was filmed there too.

After walking around the town we headed out (for real) and got down to driving home.

We passed this water tower that looked like a pumpkin (I have no idea where it was though)

We stopped at a rest stop in Virginia and I picked up a few pieces of Halloween Fiestaware.
I was restrained and only got these 3 although there were several other designs I don't have.
Of COURSE I needed the black cats.  Cole will love it too!!

Next week I will show you the gifting of the wedding quilt.
Also some other things I had been working on.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.
I am starting another BIG quilt project this weekend that I need to hurry up and complete.
It is NOT my usual color palette but I hope the intended recipient will like it.

I am going to use the purple fairy dust print by Tula Pink for the background.
It is VERY bright!


Thursday, September 26, 2019

Even More From the Wedding

At the risk of some of you NEVER coming back I have a few more photos to share.  I promise back to quilty content soon though as all the things I made that I could not share are also waiting to be written about!

Our son walked me down the aisle and Chris walked Kelsey down the aisle.  I think they both had some trouble tearing up on the walk.

 At the start of the ceremony the sun made us all look so golden.

 I was asked to come up and wrap the handfasting cord around their wrists so that when they slid out their hands and pulled the cords it formed an Infinity know.  I had to practice a lot for this!

 They said their vows with their hands tied.

I went back up to say a blessing and made it almost all the way through before I got choked up.

I now pronounce you husband and wife!!!

 Right after the ceremony.

 Signing the license and toasting the bride and groom.

Next up were all the family photos.  I will only bore you with a few of the many I took.

With my sister and her friend, David.  So proud of these 2 flying all the way from GR alone to NC.  First time she has flown without a caregiver!  They did great the whole time they were there too.

With Chris's parents.

Kelsey with mom and dad

 Selfie time!

All three of my kids

My kids with the bride (their sister)and groom

My whole family.

Jack is the little guy that waved the pennant I made.  He is only 2 and did an amazing job!

Kennedy is also 2 and was the little flower girl.

They were so darned cute!

Max was supposed to be the ring bearer but in the end he was a little too shy to do it.
I think this was the best pic I got of the elusive Max!

Jack's mom captured this image of Jack.
It pretty much summed up how excited he was to be there, LOL.

Bride and groom's first dance.

Toasting using the wedding goblets my parents used at their wedding!!

Daddy daughter dance. 
There was a toast and I have it on video but it was too long to upload, same for the matron of honor.

Managed to get my other daughter and her husband toasting too.

Sister and brother.

Their cake was delicious.
Chocolate and red velvet.  Came from Whole Foods!

Getting ready to cut the cake using the knife and server from Nick's mom and dad's wedding.

Sheet cakes were cut for the guests.

Would You believe I did not get any shots of the tables, food or anyone else dancing?
I was having too much fun on the dance floor with my friends and family!

I know these are not professional shots, but I hope you enjoyed sharing our special day!

The whole week was AMAZING, and 
we are so thankful to have Nick and his family as part of our family.

Sorry in advance if I forgot anything, but I was trying to only post the minimum 
(and there are over 1200 shots between my shots and Julies alone!!!)