Saturday, March 21, 2020

Everyday is Caturday

Cole wants you all to know that at our house every day is Caturday!


Friday, March 20, 2020

Sheltering In Place

I know I have been quiet but we are all ok over here.  
I am not at work (we have to work from home) so my computer there is not the best for posting stuff.  I am doing a quick check in while I am at work for a little bit today 
(somethings just can't be done at home). 
 We are off possibly until the beginning of May.  
How crazy is this!!??  
Please, my friends, self isolate as much as possible.  We need this to pass quickly.

That being said, I have been working on my Mad Science quilt.  Thought I would show the progress.

These are the side blocks.  DNA and a Microscope.

 An atom and a mouse looking into a flask

Here you can see the glassware and the bunny block I am working on.

This is the bunny after I hand stitched around her to make her stand out from the background a little.
The background is all different immune cells.  I found it at Spoonflower.  

This is what the bunny looked like before I outlined her.

This is what the real orange balls look like that we give our bunnies to play with.  I think mine is pretty good.

I am making this to go in the center of the quilt.  Still working on that bit.
(My boss's last name is Kunkel)

 Progress is being made.

Mad Science quilt patterns by Quilt Genius
Bunny pattern by Violet Craft 
Letters by From Blank Pages

Just in case you need a little more entertainment to hold you over here are a couple videos of the cats.

Cole is playing "fetch" with a pipe cleaner.  
He kept bringing it to me in my sewing room and I would throw it.  
He would meow very loudly if I tried to ignore him, LOL.

Finny goes for a "walk" every night with my husband.  Then they sit together on the porch.  
He cries incessently and scratches at the window if he doesn't get to go outside with Chris.

OK Friends, everyone stay safe and I hope to be able to post more later.  
It all depends on my silly home computer.  


Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Some Keto Cooking/Baking

Hey hey, two days in a row!  
I made a few new recipes this past weekend and thought I would share.  
It was SO good.  
Hubby thought it was too spicy, so I would likely use less buffalo sauce next time but I loved it!

Recipe is by Wholesome Yum.  
I love her recipes!  
If you are interested I put the link above and the actual recipe is here.

I have been wanting to make some muffins too.  
There are SO many keto muffin recipes out there.  
I settled on these cinnamon sugar doughnut like muffins.  I
 forgot to add the Psyllium husk but they still tasted GREAT!  
I used silicone baking cups but paper should work too.  

I used only 1T of melted butter to brush the muffin tops though.
Recipe is by How To This and That.  Pardon my butter stained copy!  
These are amazing too.  
I will have to try adding the Psyllium husk next time and see how that changes the texture.

One more thing.
I found that if you cook radishes they lose their "bite"
I made some radishes in the air fryer to go with my steak last night
They tasted EXACTLY like potatoes!!!

 I hope you enjoy my keto recipe findings.  
I am having so much fun finding new things to cook.  
I have started making my own Ranch dressing too and it is really good.  
Just like the real thing but no preservatives!

Let me know if you are interested in the recipe!


Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Science Quilt Progress

Just a quick note, many of you know my family history but if not, briefly, my older sister was born developmentally delayed with cataracts on both eyes.  
They removed the cataracts but did not implant a lens (it was before they did that, I guess).  
She developed Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar at age 13.  
She currently lives in an AFC home with really good people.  
That being said, she fell (again) this weekend and broke her collar bone.  
She also has a pretty bad concussion.  
I was so anxious (I am her guardian, and live ~3 hours away) about her 
that I just cleaned most of the weekend.  
There was nothing I could really do for her and she doesn't even know who I am. 
So I prayed and cleaned and sewed.  
If you can, maybe say a little prayer for a speedy recovery for her.

OK, on to sewing.  
I am working on the glassware portion of the Mad Science Quilt.  
I already did one side and am working on the second side.  
These will join together to make the top of the quilt.  
This is what it will look like when finished 
(this is the paper pattern)

This is the mess I make when I paper piece!  LOL, my sewing room is a disaster right now too.

I managed to get the curly-Q part done on Saturday.  It actually took me a long time to do this part.

Cole hung out with me most of the time while I was sewing too.

This is what I got finished on Sunday.  
I love paper piecing but it takes me a LONG time to make progress!

I hope to be able to work on this a little bit more this week at night.
Often I am so tired after making dinner and cleaning up I just veg for a bit, 
maybe read some and go to bed!

Do you guys sew after dinner?
I also feel like I should spend some time with hubby since I have been at work all day.

I just got a quilt back from my quilter that needs binding put on too.
Sheesh!  That's now 2 needing binding!