Monday, September 19, 2022

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

 Everyone knows this saying.  
Meags and Me are at it again and have the most adorable patterns to go with this line of fabric!
  I had the pleasure of testing the machine embroidery for one of their patterns.
  Patterns for this line will be available in November.  
I only had time to make one of each, but look forward to making more once we get back home. 
 I don't want to lug my BIG machine and embroidery unit around in the camper 
so it will wait until I get home. 
 I have permission to share the work I have done so far.
I opted for teals, navies and golds for the color palette.

Which animal is your favorite?
I am having trouble deciding!
They are all pretty cute!
I am anxious for this pattern so I can make a quilt with these cuties!


Sunday, September 18, 2022

Quite Contrary

 I finished all the hand work on this quilt last year.  
There is an EXTENSIVE amount of hand embroidery on this quilt. 
 I sent it to my LAQ and she put flowers and ladybugs on it. 
I finally managed to get it bound. 
 I just love it! 
 It was a pattern test for Meags and Me.  
The pattern is now available for purchase.

She is my favorite part of the entire quilt.  

I can see using this color combo more.
Teal and yellow are so great together! 
This is such a sweet quilt.
You may need to make one too!!


Friday, September 16, 2022

Sparrows Quilt Complete

 I finished this quilt a little while ago but did not take photos.  
It will be gifted for Christmas this year but I'm not telling who will get this beauty.  
A very special person to me though.
Pattern is by Pen and Paper Patterns.
It was an absolute JOY to make this pattern.

My LAQ did branches and I LOVE the look of the quilting on this quilt!

I used a light weight lawn for the back and it is so incredibly soft!

Hope you enjoyed this quilt!
I need to make at least one more of these.
It's a great pattern!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Current Projects

 I have been busy pattern testing again for Meags and Me.  
I have a finished top from a panel a friend sent me too.  

I have made the three bears and Goldilocks several times now.
Working on getting the embroidery pattern perfect for them to sell.
Here is papa bear.

Mama bear

Baby Bear

These are so cute and this is going to make a great baby quilt, eventually.

A friend is having a baby and is doing Winnie the Pooh for the nursery.
I made sheets and self binding blankets and burp cloths so now it was time for a quilt.
I really wanted to use this panel but could not find it anywhere.
A kind person on Facebook took pity on me and sent it to me.
I sent her 2 sets of pre-cut flannel squares for I-Spy type of quilts.
I just did a simple framing around the panel and will send it to my quilter to quilt bees into it.
I have a Winnie the Pooh minky for the backing.

I also picked up a new coffee cup for the fall season.
Mine is of course the infamous Bat Cat.
(Like Cole)

I would totally adopt a group of these Bat Cats!

I actually picked up 2 cups.
Aren't they so cute?

There is even cuteness on the bottom of the cups!

We are getting ready to travel soon.
So I will post as I can.
I have a few finishes that I still need to share.


Saturday, September 10, 2022

Last weekend we spent the day at Gull Lake.
My SIL and BIL and their kids bought a home on the lake.
I managed to snap this pic of the three brothers.
My hubby is in the center and is the eldest of 7.
The one on the left is the youngest.
The new home is gorgeous and we had a lot of fun seeing family.

My Reject Retreaters and I have a "thing" about pineapples.
So one of them found Crocs with pineapples on them.
They had a sale over Labor Day so I bought a pair.
These are my very first pair of Crocs EVER.
I always made fun of them but man are they comfortable!

Another inside joke.  My friend Kailie, bought me these PJs.
They say  "Perk Me Up", which is hilarious since the breast surgery she thought this was funny too.

I wanted to make a few gifts so I brought out my embroidery machine and 
embroidered a few dish towels with a Spartan helmet.

I wanted to practice on some for myself first.

I think they came out GREAT!

I made a few things that I can't show since they are for Christmas gifts.

I'm so excited to be able to show you the other things I'm working on.
There are so many and they are all gifts!

Getting ready to head to NC in the near future.
I have been busily gathering projects to have ready to work on.
I've been cutting like crazy.

What are you working on?



Friday, September 09, 2022

Camping Adventures

 We went camping last week and had a great time.
I visited one of my favorite quilt shops while I was there.
It is called Bittersweet Quilt shop in Pinconing, MI
I saw this sign and thought it was SO appropriate.
Something we quilters should remember
"Beautiful things are never perfect".

Some of our friends were in Oscota which is pretty close to where we were.
We met them for lunch in Tawas and fond a new friend, LOL.

I could have stayed at his exact spot for a LOT longer.

On the way home our truck was shaking a bit so we stopped at a rest area to check the tires.
There was a bulge in the rear tire.
The lock to get the spare out was corroded and it probably took Chris about 45 minutes to get it open.

I got the boys out and put them in their pet tent.
It was SO hot in the truck,but very noisy at the rest area.
The boys were not happy.

They would have been more unhappy in the truck though.
Never a dull moment around here!