Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Finishes

I hope that everyone that celebrates Christmas had a wonderful one! 
 I made a few gifts for Christmas gifts but was not able to share until they had been gifted.  
Then there was the whole I don't have time to post deal, but hey, I have some time right now
 before I begin my running around for the day.

First up, I made a little quilt that I still can't show yet, but I will tell you it has that soft, fuzzy fabric in it. 
 I showed it to my DD2 and she fell in love with it. 
 I was happy to hear that because I used some fuzzy fabric to make her a throw for her couch!  

She is finishing up her Master's at NC State. 
 I found some NC State fabric and put this little quilt together.
The fun part is that they are the Wolf Pack and I found wolf paw prints to use for the quilting! 
 The red fuzzy did show through on the white in the quilting a little bit
 but since this will just be used for a couch quilt I think it will be just fine, she loved it! 
 This fabric is the soft and comfy from JAF. 
 The other fuzzy fabric I used was Snuggles from Moda and
 I LOVED working with the Snuggles so much more!

The other finish I had were these Christmas stockings I was consigned to make
 for my nephew and his new wife. 
 I used the same fabric to make their stockings that I used to make their wedding quilt.  
Both stockings came from free patterns found at Maywood Studios.  
There are 2 other different ones, which I printed out so I can make two different ones later.

Matt's mom (my SIL) asked me while I was making their quilt. 
 So a few weeks before Christmas I made these. 
 I did put aside the fabric I used to make the cuffs and the letters to make future stockings,
 for when they have kids. 
 I put it with the patterns so everything is put together and ready when the time comes! 

This is Christmas morning when they received them.

I am happy that I can finally share these with you. 


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Is Anyone Else Having Panic Attacks??

I can NOT believe it is almost Christmas.

 I still have so much more to do before the BIG day. 
 I am making lists and trying to plan the best way to get the most done
 in the most efficient way possible. 

 I had to go to the financial advisor for my dad after work yesterday and
 there were 2 stores very close to that appointment so I got 2 gifts there.  
On the way home I realized I was going to be late to the AAMQG party if I stopped to make something so I called the local Mediterranean place and stopped and picked up humus and bread. 
 First I had to stop home and get some things to bring with me and let the dog out then I was off.  

I had such a fun time at the AAMQG meeting!  
Such great women. 
 I gave my friend Vicky an ornament that I found while I was in Shipshewana.  
She gave me these.

They are super amazing gift tags made from all the cut out greeting cards that I had given her. 
 Well not all the cut outs, there were literally hundreds!  
My grandma cut them all out and my mom had saved them. 
 I don't do paper crafting so Vicky returned some to me in this way.  
Thanks sweetie!

On the way home I stopped by my friend Pauline's house.  
She had knitted me some scarves as gifts and was finished with 3 of the 4. 
 How amazing is that???  
She is so kind to me! 
 On top of that she gave me the most wonderful Christmas gifts.

Homemade hot dog relish, an amazing butterfly night light (made from recycled pop bottles), a kitchen towel and two pot holders with owls on them and that adorable bag that she made!!!  
Can you see who is peeking out of the stripe? 

Well Hello Kitty!! 

 Owl and the Pussycat theme? 

The inside of the bag is full of kitties too.
 Some day I am going to learn how to make bags. 
 I better get at it before she moves back to Canada eh?

It is so nice to have such wonderful friends.
Thank you so much Pauline for your generosity.  
I treasure our friendship!

Almost time to leave work and go to that LONG overdue haircut appointment.
I hope Melissa can work her magic.

Baby girl flies in tonight and I can't wait!!  
Lots of plans for that girlie.

Have a good one!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Weekend Getaway

We have had very few get aways this year so hubby and 
I thought we would sneak off to Shipshewana to a B & B for the night on Friday. 

Morton Street B & B

We left early Friday morning and it turned out to be a surprisingly beautiful, and kinda warm day.  
We hit the usual haunts, Jo-Jo-s Pretzels, one of our favorites!

Amish Buggies

 Yoders, one of my favorites. 
 Some of these 4 came home with me!

I even got this teal pair of shoes, although technically they are for Christmas. 
 No I have not worn them yet.

We ate dinner at the Blue Gate and they had this fabulous tree outside, all lit up!
Sorry the photo does NOT do it justice, and the colors rotated.

It was a wonderful day and we had the B & B all to ourselves! 
 The owner made us an amazing breakfast too.  
They own the bakery next door!!  
The down side?  
When we woke up it was to a blizzard.  
We had to drive to see my dad that day too.  
This is what our drive looked like most of the way there.

We checked out my dad's house.  It was after the estate sale and all the "stuff" was cleared out!  
Here are some after pics. 

 In the basement.

In the basement looking the other way

On the other side of the basement.

Almost everything is cleared out, YEAH!!!  
The estate sale is over and now we just need to clean up and list the house.
  I just heard from the social worker today that they 
want to move my dad back to his apt on Christmas eve. 
Because that is so easy for me to be there, right?

Sorry I am feeling majorly stressed right now over all of this.  
I just got my tree up on Monday and it is not decorated yet and the house is a mess and DD2 is flying in on Thursday night and, and, and.  

OK deep breath. 
 I will just keep plugging away. 
 Still have one Christmas present to bind!!

I have to run, so more later!!


Monday, December 09, 2013

Catvent QAL

Is anyone else out there participating in Elizabeth Hartman's Catvent QAL
 It's 25 different cat faces in 25 days. 
 Like Advent but with cats!  
It's just purrrrrrfecct.  

I had some "have to" sewing that I needed to finish this past weekend.  
I got that almost finished.  
Just need to stitch around some letters and it will be done. 
 I can't post about it as they are gifts, 
which stinks as you will LOVE these projects once I can blog about them!

I really wanted to join in the Catvent QAL.  
My friend, Stephanie, convinced me to at least get started.  
Without further ado meet the first two cats in my Catvent QAL litter.

First up is Ferdinand. 

All handsome decked out in Tula Pink fabrics he is my first born.

The second born is Bearnadette.  
Isn't she adorable?
Almost looks like she is winking!

Look for some new fur fabric babies to join the litter soon!

If you are interested in playing along, just stop over here and look for all the cats so far!

There is always room for one more cat in the litter!!

I hope you are all getting to do something you love to do before the holiday rush is upon you!


Sunday, December 08, 2013

Destashing Time

I posted these things on Instagram but will repost here.  If you are interested please send me an email with your pay pal, your address (so I can calculate postage) and which things you want.  Here we go!

Cat panel $5(SOLD)

The three pieces on the left are half yard cuts, $3 each.  The cat squares are 27" x WOF $3

 The four prints on the left are all Moda, not sure of the line.  They are 1 yard cuts at $6 each
The little flowered one is Anticipation by Sandy Gervais and is 1 yard $6

Green and pink plaid 51" x WOF $8
The flowered one is High Tea by Sandy Gervais 1 yard for $6

Assorted Moda FQ's $2 each

Christmas Moda FQ only the one on the right is still available $2

Posh by Chez Moi 3 yards $18 
Blue stripe 51" x WOF $8

Only the blue vines on the right still available 1 yard $3

All are Fall back in time by Sandy Gervais for Moda
the stripes are 1 yard each $6 each
the other three are half yard cuts at $3 each

Moda Blue roses half yard $3
Roman Holiday Moda half yard $3
Orange dot April Cornell for Moda 1 yard $6

Tan leaves half yard  $3
Acorns 33" x WOF $5
Brown with dots Debbie Mumm 1 yard $4
Orange leaves  Moda FQ $2

The blue in this one is taken
Green with gold swirls 1 yard $6
Gold scroll 1 yard $6

Red leaf 2 yards $10
Purple leopard just under 2 yards$8
Blue check Moda Sweet Dreams just under 1 yard $5.50
Pink flowers half yard $3
Batik and heart fabric FQ's $2 each

Believe in Santa panel by Nancy Halvorsen $7

Pumpkins Gone Wild Jelly Roll $30

Cats on black background 2 yards $10

I hope you have enjoyed my little destash and found something you would like!
I have more to list but it will probably be after the new year.

I have to go back to work tomorrow.
I really wish I could just stay at home.
Hope you are getting to sew this weekend.


Thursday, December 05, 2013

Stop Over To Pink Castle Fabric's Blog

I went to the Meet and Greet at Pink Castle Fabrics last night. 
 The teachers for Camp Stitchalot were there and I had an opportunity to interview them. 
 The teachers included Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts
Jeni Baker of In Color Order and Anna Graham of Noodlehead.

I posted about Debbie tonight and the other post will be up tomorrow with the interviews of Jeni and Anna.

Take a minute and stop in at  the Pink Castle Fabric blog and read about these three amazing women.  Leave them a comment and say HI! 
 It was an amazing night and I hope to get to spend more time with
 more amazing Camp Stitchalot counselors in the future.

Just some quick gratuitous pics of my daughter and Gizmo

I hate posting without pictures!

Have a great night!


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Quilty Pleasures Giveaway

I received an email from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine and they are having a BIG give away
 of all 8 volumes of their magazine!!

Who wouldn't love to have all eight volumes of this fantastic magazine!!?? 
 All you need to do is to go here and leave them a comment. 
 That's it!  
All you have to do is leave a comment. 
 Now go forth and leave a great comment for a chance to win an entire set of this great magazine!!

I am recovering pretty well and will venture out tonight to a meet and greet at Pink Castle Fabrics. 
 Jeni Baker (In Color Order) , Anna Graham(Noodlehead) and Debbie Grifka (Esch House Quilts)will be there in preparation for their participation at Camp Sitichalot. 
 I am hoping to get some good pictures and maybe even be able to ask them a few questions. 

 I may have forgotten to mention but I am now blogging for Pink Castle Fabrics
so make sure you check out their blog in a few days for some pics of the meet and greet tonight!  

Happy Hump day everyone!!


Sunday, December 01, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Ever heard the phrase best laid plans can go astray?
That is certainly what happened to me this weekend. 
 Thursday, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. 
 Made dinner and all was well.  
Then I went to bed. 
 I woke up around 3am with a stomach ache, you know the one.  
Where you know you ate too much and now you are paying for it right?  
So I ate some Tums, and drank some water and tried to go back to sleep.  
It soon became clear to me that was not going to happen. 
 I just felt worse and worse.
 I took 3 hot showers, got out the heating pad to no avail. 
 I was super nauseated and won't go into more detail about THAT! 
We were supposed to go to Grand Rapids to see my dad and sister 
but it was clear that was not happening either. 
I finally got up and moped around for awhile before deciding to call the doctor. 
 The on call doctor told me I had to go to the ER. 
 told hubby I really felt like I needed to go and we were there by 11am.  

I was whisked off for an ultrasound and then another test that involved radioactive dye and morphine
 and was told that I had gallstones blocking my bile duct that had inflamed my gall bladder
 and that it would have to be removed right now! 
 I went in to surgery at around 7:30pm Friday night and they operated on me and took out my gall bladder!  They did it laproscopically so only 4 holes!!!  
It doesn't sound like much but I am really sore now. 
 When I got to my room my son and hubby were there and they had written on the white board.

JIC you can't read it it says "goals for discharge" 

Learn how to cook Thanksgiving dinner that doesn't kill me

as well as Anticipated date

Sam and Dean (the men from Supernatural)

HAHA gotta love my boys, they knew how to make me laugh!

So I spent the night in the hospital. 
 That was fun! 
I finally got to eat something on Sat morning. 
 Hospital breakfast and boy was I happy to have that, even though I couldn't eat much.

I went home Saturday morning but was out of it most of the day due to the medication they had me on.

I don't like how I feel on that so I only took Motrin for the night and all day today. 
 I'm still pretty sore and my belly is really tender but I feel more like myself. 
Hubby went off to DD1's farm to work on the chicken coop today and
I got to just hang out with the cats all day. 
I paid the bills and got my dad and sister's bills done too. 
 Then look what else I managed to do this afternoon.

I got all my squares cut for the Tula Pink swap.  
Plus Judith's and Cilvee's too!

Most of the day though I hung out with one of these guys.  
Doing just what she is doing, being lazy!


Anyway, that's what happened around my house over the Thanksgiving break.
I hope yours was somewhat less eventful!