Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Meadowland Quilt

I determined to make a quilt for our priest for Christmas. 
 I know it is early but with a grand baby on the way I just wanted it done.  
I chose the Meadowland patter.  
It is a fun and easy pattern to make and goes together pretty fast once you have all the cutting done.  
I chose fabrics by Jennifer Sampou from her Shimmer lines.  
I had some in my stash and I had to add some from purchasing.  
I used some of the whisper pallet by Lizzy House too.  
These 2 lines compliment each other very nicely!  
I am totally in love with how this is coming along!!

Here are some of the blocks.  
I did not have them all finished when I was ready to take photos

Here are the first 6 blocks together.
There is no sashing in this quilt.

I have since finished the top and the back but have not taken any new photos. 
 I adore this quilt!  
These fabrics are totally up my alley and may need to be made into a quilt for myself.  
I have enough left over to make another one, just sayin!

I used Kona medium gray and another gray with the one left over block I had for the back.  
I will probably write something for the label on the block. 
Can't wait to give this to my quilter when she is back at work.  
(and me too).  
How would you quilt this if you were me?


Sunday, May 24, 2020

A Riot Of Color

I had this quilt all finished in February.
It just needed the binding.  
Cole decided it was time to put the binding on.

Now this beauty is all finished.
It has a label and everything!

I was gifted this fabric and decided to play around with a new to me technique.
The blog I got it from no longer has it posted.
If you follow this link you can see how to make the blocks.
It is really easy and fun
GREAT scrap, strip buster!

I love the serendipitous heart block!

 I backed it in gray Minky and had my friend Liz quilt flowers that matched the flowers in the fabric.

 This one will be gifted in the near future.  Are you hoping it is yours?


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Framed Folk

 Working on a concept for a quilt for a wedding. 
 The quilt pattern is called Framed Folk
 Instead of making a bunch of blocks I made one row.  
I bordered that row and will set it about 2/3 down the top which will be solid white.  

I had quite a little bit of help.

 He just doesn't understand that his fur leaves a mess on all that white fabric.
I have to go over it with a lint roller before I send it to my friend in California to quilt it.

Usually I make a hand embroidered label for the back. 
 This time I wanted to try something different.
I found a paper pieced alphabet I liked and went from there.  I did the couple's first initials, the wedding date and an acronym their family uses a lot.  
I can't show that as I don't want to give it ALL away, LOL.  
I had fun paper piecing the letters using some text fabrics in specific ways.

Just a couple of examples (b mine).

I ended up with one block left over so I made a pillow cover with that.  
I even did a hidden zipper on the back and quilted the front myself!

All it needs is an insert and viola, a shower gift!

I had cut too many of the blocks trying to decide which ones I wanted to use but not enough to make anything else from so I cut a few more and put them together as a baby quilt. 
 I really love how this pattern came together!

The top is now all put together but I have not taken a photo of it yet.  
I may not until I get it quilted.
Aren't these blocks the bomb?  
I will make this pattern again.  
It is by Modernly Morgan and you can buy a copy here if you want to make one too.
It goes together so quickly!


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Block of the Week

Because I needed another project right?
I endulged in a quarantine quilt.
It is a block of the week from Bits and Pieces.
Free if you sign up for their newsletter.

 I'm behind one week, but since the next block comes out soon I figure it will work out.
I'm liking the pink and gold for this one.  

What are you working on?


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Lab Quilt

 I am going to go in the order of things since we left off in March.  

First up was finishing a few things.  
My daughter asked me to make a peacock diaper for her bird that was going to a new home.
 It was the first time I made one without fitting it to the bird directly.  
I followed the tutorial we had done and it turned out GREAT!  

 Next up was to finish up the blocks for the lab quilt.
I added this little mouse.  Isn't he cute???

I made a bunny facing the other way, using an immune cell fabric for the background.

I really wanted to make an antibody so since I couldn't find a pattern I decided to make my own.
I am really happy with how it came out.  
Note the B cell fabric background.

Next up was to put it all together.  
I am SO thrilled with how it turned out!!!  
I sent it to my friend, Darla in California for the quilting.

Just ending this post with a few pictures of the boys.  

More to come, so stay tuned!


Monday, May 18, 2020

Catching Up During This Crazy Pandemic!

I have SO much to say since my last post way back in March!  
First I hope you are all doing alright and that none of you have become ill with COVID 19. 
 My family and I are good.  
None of us have come down with the virus, YAY!

I have some really amazing news to share and some really sad news to share first.

My daughter and son-in -law that live in NC are going to be parents in October!!!  
They are expecting their first child and we are going to be grandparents!!!  
We have been waiting what seems like forever for this moment.  
Gigi and Papa can hardly wait to meet out new grandchild come October.  
I will be retired by then and we should be able to spend some time with them once the baby arrives.  Gender reveal coming soon. 
 They know, but since they couldn't tell us about the pregnancy in person, they wanted to get us and the other grandparents on a video call and tell us.  
That was the good news.

The sad news is that I had to help Hallie cat cross over to the rainbow bridge last week. 
 She was so very ill. 
 I took her to the vet thinking she had another UTI but it turned out to be so much more.  
Kinder to help her along as clearly she was suffering.  
I was terrified they wouldn't let me be with her when it happened but 
thankfully they said I could hold her. 
 I have VERY strong feelings about this. 
 I know smell is the last thing that goes so it is super important that I am there so the last thing they hear, see, touch and smell is me, not a stranger.  
As hard as this is for me, it's the right thing to do.  
No one wants to die among strangers if they don't have to!

I will miss her but she is joining her friends 
(she was the last of 5) from before we got the boys.

I think most of my time away from work has been spent making masks.  LOTS and LOTS of masks!

 I found a pattern by Tiana's Closet, her simple mask, that I adapted and made masks from.
Here are just a few of the hundreds I have made.

I really don't like making Michigan masks.  
A friend suggested I line them in Appalachian State fabric.
I don't mind making them so much anymore, LOL

Hallie was helping me with all the elastic!

There is so much more but I am at work today trying desperately to catch up so it will have to wait.  
I will write a few more posts if I have time before I go home and then will be back with you all once I am back to work 
(Man I miss my computer, LOL).