Thursday, May 26, 2022

Summer Haze Quilt

 So Suzy's quilts never got back to me about showing the labeled diagram. 
 If you are interested, please email me and I will send it to you in an email.  
The Indian Summer quilt is now called Summer Haze. 
 I finished the top and I am so in love! 
 These colors are the bomb!
  I actually cut out a second one. 
 I will show you the top and the backing I found in my stash to use.
It's been raining here so tough to get a good photo.

I found this airplane backing that is the exact perfect colors to go with this top!
I also have another one of these backs for the second top.

On another note, do you have a favorite small ruler?
I have this little yellow ruler that I use all the time!
It looks like the add a quarter but it is not.
It was from Brandys but I can't seem to find them anymore.
If anyone happens to have a favorite small ruler I would love to hear about it.

I have been working on pattern testing again for Meags and Me.
I will show what I have done so far soon.

I also saw a pattern by Cake Stand Quilts on IG that I loved.
I offered to pattern test and she took me up on it.
I will share that one shortly too.

Radiation is going well.
I am just a little bit tired but so far that's it.
I have 4 more treatments and can put radiation behind me.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Indian Summer Quilt

 I found a free baby quilt pattern on the Suzy Quilts website.  
It's called Indian Summer. The pattern can be found here.   
You all know how much I LOVE HST!  
It was a pretty quick quilt to make even with trimming all the HST. 
 I sized up the original squares from 7-3/4 to 8" so I would have trimming room once the HST were sewn.
I also numbered my fabrics and numbered the colors on the diagram on the pattern
I laid out my fabrics in number order too.
As I made the HST I put them in piles with numbers 1-8 on them.
This made the assembly MUCH faster, especially since my colors were so close to each other.

Here are my fabrics laid out in the order I used them.
(the second purple got pushed behind the darker one in the pic)
I used all solids I had in my stash.

Here are all my HST sewn. 
 I still had not pressed and trimmed here.  
I used my Bloc-Loc ruler to trim.
On the other side of the pattern is the diagram that matches this picture of the quilt.
I was able to label each of those colored triangles with a number that corresponded to the number I assigned to the fabric color I was using.
This made assembly much easier.
Oh, I still did some ripping, LOL.

You can see all my HST here all trimmed and labeled.

All my pretty trimmings.

Cole is always right where I am when I am sewing.

I will talk more about some assembly tips on this quilt in my next post.
I will show you the finished top too.
It is raining here today so no photos for me!

Going to radiation treatment 6 today (out of 15).
Things are going well so far!
Someone posted this on FB today and I feel it was speaking directly to me!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Using My Stash The Flannel Charm Edition

 What do you do with left over fabrics?  
You know, the ones you cut off from other projects?  
I cut mine into usable pieces, usually. 
 I have made SO many flannel things and have tons of left over bits. 
 I have been cutting them into 5" squares.  
Well, my bag of flannel charms is now 2 bags and both are FULL.
I decided that I needed to see if I could use some up.
I laid out a boy and a girl version but don't like to repeat fabrics.
This means I was a little short.
If anyone is interested in swapping or sending flannel, 5" squares please message me!
This is what I have for the "boy" version.

These are the "girl" flannels I have.  
I repeated some of these in both quilt batches.
Lets swap!

I got some fabulous pull on jeans but noticed a snag. 
 I decided to cut the pull off and made a hole.
I got out my embroidery floss and put a flower over the hole!
When jeans give you holes, put a flower on it!!

I also wanted to share my new water bottle with you all.
It is now the boss of me!
It tells me how much and when to drink!
I need to stay hydrated for my radiation therapy so this keeps me on track.
Find it here on Amazon. (not affiliated, just a fan)

Going to leave you here.
If you want to swap please send me an email at


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Painting with Artemis P Fowl

 Two weekends ago I went over to my daughters farm.
She needed help painging some commission works with her pea hen, Artemis.
It is quite an extensive process.
She bathes the bird first and puts her diaper on her (that I made).
This keeps the canvas clean when she is painting.
I got to the farm after that was finished.
She had a plastic tarp spread out and the canvas was ready to go.
My daughter opens commissions up for purchase once a year.
They are limited, and you got to choose a white or black canvas and paint colors.
She only paints 2 canvasses each time.
So let's get started.

These 2 paintings had common colors.
That meant we could start with them side by side.

First part of painting is to put Artemis's feet in the paint.
Don't worry it is non-toxic paint and gets washed off later.

She uses treats to get Artemis to walk across the canvas.

Bath inbetween colors for different canvasses.

This was the first painting all finished.

Second canvas, different colors.

This is the second finished piece.

Another bath after this and she turns up the heat so the bird can preen and be warm.

A video showing how she walks across the painting.

All in all a successful painting session!
If you are interested in a painting you can find the order info here.

She has a few spots still available.

Each print has one of Artemis's feathers on the print.
Pretty unique gift for someone that has everything!


Monday, May 16, 2022

Pattern Testing

 I have been working on another pattern test for Meags and Me. 
 It is called Trick-Or-Treat and it is adorable!
It is a group of Trick or treaters.
I decided to "build" the appliques using an applique sheet.
I couldn't find my Godess sheet so I used some small sheets I have to do it.
When the applique was too large I used some of the fusible paper.
You can see in the photo that I taped the original to my light box.
I put the applique sheets over the drawing.
I then placed the fusible pieces where they went.
It was SO nice using this system to get the placement just right.
Several times I had to lift the applique sheet to my ironing board to fuse them put back on the light box.

Here you can see the "built" applique.

These are the other children.
You can see that I have them placed over the original drawings.
They fit exactly.

In the next 2 pics you can see the "built" applique on my ironing board.

The nice thing about building the applique is that I can pick them up and they are intact.
I was able to lay them out on their background and fuse them.
So rather than try to guess about placement,
 I could place the while child and move as necessary.

I have placed them on their background but not stitched them down yet.
I also have not taken any additional pictures, LOL.
I am using this fabric to complete the quilt.

Unfortunately I did not realize my fabric choice means I will need to pattern match.
The width of the design is ~50" so since my fabric runs horizontal I will need to piece it.
I am not a huge fan of pattern matching, so this has been pushed to the back burner for now.
I would change fabrics, except I based all the colors on the vignette fabric.
Oh well, live and learn!

Going in for my third radiation treatment today.
Only 10 more after that!

Peacock painting up next so please stop back!


Sunday, May 08, 2022

Happy Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, adoptive mothers, dads that are mothers,
 heck any and all that identify as a mother. 
 I was sitting out on my porch yesterday and a van drove up and a man walked up my driveway with a huge bouquet of flowers!  
They were from my three children and my grandson.

I hope you all have a relaxing, blessed day.


Saturday, May 07, 2022

Current Projects

 I have been working on some older projects and some newer projects. 
 I was able to give my oldest daughter a quilt this week that I finished awhile ago. 
She will be sending it off to a friend that recently lost her dad. 
 Feels good to help others. 

 I had the meeting with the genetics counselor today. 
 I will be moving forward with some genetic screening.  
Will keep you all posted but that info won't be out for a few weeks after I get my blood drawn, 

 The pattern is called Heart Mania by Meags and Me.
 I hand stitched some of the hearts, 
 Colors are Pinks and golds.

I used a really pretty rose Minky on the back.

I showed you the cover finished, but this is with the pillow form inside it. 
Really happy how this turned out!

I bought this cute remnent from JAF.
It was a patchwork.
I put this navy flannel on the back

I then had to make a matching crib sheet.

And this cute little lovey with satin edging.
I like making these with Minky on the other side.
I can use up my Minky scraps like this.  
I do a 16" square and just round the corners.

That's all for today.  
I am working on another pattern test and will show you that soon.

Happy Caturday from me and the boys!