Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kitty Swap

I participated in a swap of kitty things.
I was in the pillow cover group.
I made a pillow cover and a table runner and sent them to a person.
A different person sent to me
My package arrived yesterday.
As you can see Cole was super excited about all the kitty stuffs in the box!

You know him and his love of balls.  This was the first thing he grabbed out of the package.

Finn patiently waited and found this toy to his liking.

A video of Finn playing with his new toy

A video of Cole playing with his new toy!

I can't even begin to express how thrilled I am with all the things my partner sent to me!
Instead of a pillow cover she made a mini quilt and it could not be more spot on.

It has Finn, Hallie, Cole and Jack (on the Rainbow Bridge).  
This is such a great representation of my cats!  I was so touched she included Jack too.

Just look at all this cool stuff!  
The mini, sox, 2 different cat fabric bowls, a stuffed cat some candy, a sticker, three cat toys
 (not pictured, obviously), some thread, a coffee cup band to keep the cup warm, and kitty treats!  How lucky am I???

 I caught Finny shoving his face in the coffee holder!  HA!  
As soon as I put this down to take a picture, BAM, they were all over it!

Slightly better behaved.

Anyway, partner, I could not be more thrilled with my package.  
So far I am 100% happy with all of the swaps I have been involved with!  

Do you remember the two things I made and sent (along with some other goodies, of course)?
This was the pillow cover I sent.

Then I made a table runner for the extra we were supposed to include.  
I think she actually liked this better than the cover!
It is pretty darned cute.
I may just need to make one for myself!

Do you do swaps?
Have you been happy with what you received?

Have a great week while I'm away!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

See Ya Later Alligator

I finished the top for my alligator quilt!  
I really wanted to get this done before we leave for NC tomorrow.  
I am going to drop it off with the quilter today!!!  

There's one in every crowd right?
This is how I had to work to finish this baby quilt!

Someone wanted to be in on every part of the construction!

Then he fell asleep on the job!

Ahhhh, complete.  Now for the money shot.

Here it is in all it's finished glory.  
What's that you say?  
One of the gators is not like the others?  
I just love a good rebel!  Maybe an omen on the coming baby?  
Watch out if that's the case!!

I probably wont' be posting for the next week or so as we will be visiting our daughter in NC.

What are you going to be working on?


Monday, October 15, 2018

Bee Blocks for October

I worked on my October Bee blocks this weekend and got them done.  
We were doing a granny square block using 3" squares in pink and aqua.  
For a little girl in need.

They were quick and fun to make.

I am almost done with the alligator quilt top too!  More on that later.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Later Gator

I did it!  I managed to finish all three alligators!  
I would love to say that I will be putting the quilt together tonight, but that may not be happening.  
I am going to try to get some of it put together. 
 I need to sew around the eyes and sew the gators together.  We will see if I can progress from that.

I laid them down to take a photo and had my "helper" show up!

I put the color around the eyes, the pattern did not call for that.  
I used the same fabric that I used for the legs. 
 I feel like I may be able to finish this over the weekend.  
If I can then next up is working on the next center of the Traveling Quilt I have so I can hand that off and making my Bee blocks.

If I get all THAT done, then it will be on to chenille blankets.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What I'm Working On Right Now

I have a couple of baby quilts I need to make.  
I have been thinking that they may both be having boys.  
No one has said that and I have nothing to back that up with, just a hunch. 
I am going to have to make a quilt that would work for either.  
I found the cutest pattern by Made By Marney called Later Gator.  
I thought that would be a cute one to make for the first quilt I need to do.

I have 2 of the gators made (but so far they are blind, LOL).  
The first one went together without a hitch. 
(Isn't that always the way, lull you into a false sense of security).

The rick rack joined up seamlessly (pun intended).  

The second one?  Not nearly as easy!  
I ripped out the large join at LEAST 4 times.  
I am not overly thrilled but I feel this is as good as it is going to get for this one.

I have the head finished for the third one but I didn't take a photo of it yet.  
I am hoping to make the rest of the body tonight. 
Then I am hoping to assemble the top on Thursday or Friday.  
If I am lucky I will be able to take it to the quilter next week.

I just found out that my niece is engaged so
 there will be 2 wedding quilts for next year already on the to do list!

Busy, busy, busy!!!


Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was the wedding of my son's best friend.  
My son was in the wedding.  
The ceremony and reception was at a Thoroughbred stable.  
Red Riding Hood Stables.  
Isn't that a cute name?  
They breed horses there too. 
I thought I would share some photos of the day with you all.  
It was so nice to see the bride and groom so happy.  
We have known him and his family since he was 9.  
His mom is one of my good friends too.

I'll start with that.  This is Terry(the mother of the groom) and me. 

I made them take a few photos of my with my hubby too.  We never seem to have dressed up pics!

This would have been a great pic but my hubby closed his eyes!  That is our son between us.

This group of young men are some of my favorites.  
My son is on the far right and the 2 to the left of him are kids he played football and lacrosse with. 
 It was so great to see all these guys again since those 2 live outside of Michigan now.

He looked so handsome walking his bridesmaid up the aisle.

What a great looking crew of groomsmen!

It was a dreary overcast day. 
 Here the bride and groom are digging up a bottle of bourbon they buried a month ago.  
Irish tradition says if you bury a bottle of bourbon a month before the wedding and dig it up on your wedding day you will not have rain for your wedding.  
It was pretty sweet that as they pulled the bottle out of the ground the sun broke through the clouds and gave us all a very sunny view of what was happening!  

They each took a swig and then were pronounced husband and wife.

And well you know, "you may kiss the bride".  

Congratulations Chris and Monica.  May you live happily ever after!