Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Some More Nature

 Chris was taking out the garbage and happened to look up and guess who was in the tree? 
 Our owl!!
  I followed her as she flew down the way, hoping to get some good shots. 

Then, I was taking Cole for a walk on his harness and leash 
when I happened to look down and see this Luna Moth. 
 I think he was in the process of dying as the bottom was shriveling up.  
My daughter told me they are born without a mouth so they are born, procreate and then die.  
They are so beautiful with such a short lifespan.  
I found him in the road the next day.  
Something had eaten his body, but I saved his wings.

These sweet little pink/white flowers are all over the woods.  

One morning, Chris went for a walk and came home with these pretty yellow flowers.

Since we only get to see Avery on the weekends we are finding other things to keep us busy.
I got 5 blocks sewn for my Nightingale quilt.
I hope to take photos of them tomorrow.

My shadow is never far away either.

While we are being entertained the cat's "squirrelfriend" is keeping them entertained. 
 We are under some Hickory trees and the squirrels LOVE the nuts!

Hoping for some sunshine to take photos of my blocks for tomorrow.

We get to babysit Avery on Thursday.
Meeting up with Mr and Mrs Goodneedle on Friday.
She and I will be shopping at Pineapple Fabrics while our hubbies hang out.
Then lunching together afterward.
I have all those nap blankets to give to her along with some additional flannel for her to make more.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Fish Research In NC

 Chris was lucky enough to be able to join our daughter and her assistant
 on a research trip to a local lake.
They were checking on the health and population of the fish in this lake. 
 They do electro-fishing (shock the water ), then 
take the fish from that to check their health, size, weight, what they are eating and numbers, etc.
This helps the biologists like our daughter, determine and help set the fishing limits in their regions.
It also allows them to learn how the fish and lake are doing.
He had a glorious day helping them with their research. 
 I think he is anxious to be able to go again while we are here.  
Here are a few photos to remember the day by.

This man was in his element!  
Thanks to our daughter for taking him out on a trip he will always remember, (Seth too)!


Friday, April 16, 2021

Nature in NC

Yesterday we were sitting in the camper when Chris shouted "Look in that tree!  There is an owl!!" 
 He ran to get my "good" camera.  
I then went outside armed with my camera. 
 As I got closer to him the owl flew across the road.  
He was pretty far up in the tree but I zoomed in as far as my camera would let me and 
managed to snap a few pretty good shots!  

I looked it up and there are 4 species of owl here in NC.
We have now seen 2 of the 4.  
First the two Great Horned Owls and now a Barred Owl.
I think it is called Barred because of the barring on the feathers.
You can see the barring if you click on this photo and make it larger.

I hope you are enjoying these photos.
I am so thrilled to be able to see owls in real life!


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

NC Fun Times

 We got to hang out with Avery and his folks.
  We had such a great time! 
 We are only able to see him on the weekends since his folks want to keep to his regular schedule during the week. 
 So we have been trying to find some things to keep us occupied.  
I have read 2 books already! 
 The other night we were out walking and saw 2 Great Horned Owls.  
I was not able to ID them until I looked up the call.  

We have been trying to relax. 
 If you know me this is not one of my strong areas, LOL.

I cut out the Nightingale quilt before I left home. 
 There is a quilt along and I am finally getting to participate in that. 
 I paired all my blocks. 
 I am going for a "at the lake" vibe for this quilt. 
 It is going to be a gift. 
 I started sewing the first block but got a little distracted.

The cats are enjoying their camper time. 
 Cole SCREAMS every morning demanding to go into his tent.

Then we laugh, because Finn wants outside but he doesn't like the tent.
 He wants to be in Chris's lap!

I promise to post some Avery photos but I am limited in what and how often I am allowed to post.
I have to respect his parent's wishes.  
I will post some, eventually.


Monday, April 12, 2021

Baby Makes and Travel

Before we left for NC I made some sheets for Avery out of knitted fabric.
My daughter requested some sheets out of knitted fabric.
I found a bunch of super cute prints.

Making crib sheets out of knit fabric is a little more difficult than using quilting cotton.
The width of quilting cotton is 42-44" when you leave the selveges on.  
Knit fabric is much wider 54-56", so you have to cut the width down.
I found a way to do this using my large cutting table, 
a ruler and a herra marker to mark the width to cut off.
I then used my scissors to cut the width off. 
 It was different for each fabric, so you have to decide how wide you want and measure each fabric. 
 I used 44" as my width. 
 I kept the fabric folded as it came off the bolt, used my long ruler to measure 22" from the fold. 
 I butted up another ruler to the end of the long ruler and used my herra marker to make a cutting line. 
 I also squared up one side then measured 68 inches down the length and cut the other side. 
 Once I got a system down for this the sheets were not much more difficult than using quilting cotton. 
 I have a tutorial on making sheets under my tutorial section.  
Hopefully this makes sense. 
 If you are interested in me making a tutorial, 
let me know and when I get home I can try to get one made.

I used the cut out corners to make some re-usable cloth wipes. 
 I also made smaller ones from the left over length strips I had. 
 I did not have enough time to get all the fabric made into cloths, but goals now.

We packed up our truck and headed down to NC to visit the kids and Avery. 
 The cats love to hang out with us in the truck. 
 Finn curls up on Chris and Cole likes to be on the console or on the floor at my feet.

Cole, at my feet.

More on our travels and visit to come.



Friday, April 02, 2021

Sewing Room Destash Continues

 I have a few more things to sell.  
My home is smoke free, cat friendly.  
Shipping is cheapest and paid by buyer. 
 Message me your paypal  and zipcode if interested.

Timeless Treasures Pirate fabric $12/yard  2 yards available

Timeless Treasures Pirate fabric $12/yard  2 yards available

Would make a great football field.  1 FQ $1.00

Halloween applique pattern.  $10  Front

Back of pattern

That's all for today.  Keep checking my ETSY for more too.  Sometimes I just list there.