Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Bee Blocks and Cleaning

Just a quick minute to share.
I finished my bee blocks for September.

Cole was my helper.

Additionally, my SIL is gearing up for a garage sale this weekend. 
We have been bringing stuff to her, going through stuff from our garage and basement. 
 I decided last weekend to go through the fabric I had in bins, in my basement.  
I managed to clear out EIGHT bins worth of fabric for the sale!!! 
I sure hope someone can use all this fabric.  
Lest you think I have none left, I still have many more bins left.  
I need to do a second purge but I am pretty happy with getting 8 bins out of my house for now, 
along with all the other stuff we sent.  
Two pick up truck loads full of stuff!!!


Friday, September 07, 2018

Use Your Scraps: A Tip

I only have a quick few minutes.  
I want to share with you something I do with the scraps I would otherwise discard.  
I buy half a yard of fleece and fold it in half RST.  
(You could use any size really, or a remnant)
I sew the two sides together to make it like a pillow case. 
 I put this in a plastic bin bottom to keep it stable, with the case opening at the top.  
Then, as I sew, and have trimmings, I drop these into the "pillow case".  
Eventually it fills up.  
I think mine take me about 6 months, with stuff I would otherwise throw away.  
Think, edges you square up, binding trimming, scraps you never want to see again, 
those to small to use and HST trimmings etc.  
Once it gets to the desired level of full, 
I turn the edges in on each other and zig zag the opening shut.  
This generates a great floor (or pet) pillow!

Here is mine.

I LOVE this idea.
This is my second pillow and my son has claimed them BOTH!
It was the perfect way for him to elevate his leg when he had the blood clot.
It did not squish down like a regular pillow would.

You could probably do a larger one if you wanted to also.

Or if you have a smaller pet a smaller one.

OK, so go forth and make all the pillows!


Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Cocoa's Pillow Cover

My friend lost her chocolate lab recently.  
They had her for a long time and she became ill recently.  
They tried everything they could to determine what was wrong but 
none of the vets could diagnose the problem.  
She continued to decline and recently lost her battle.  
My friend was so distraught.  
It is never easy to lose a pet no matter how long they are part of your life.  
So, of course, I decided I needed to make something to commemorate her Cocoa.
I made this pillow cover!

I really liked that I could use the "love" fabric for the background.

I think this is the entire extent of my dark brown fabrics in my stash too!

 Of course Cole was modeling the backing which matches Cocoa's bandana.

Finn was under the table tormenting him.  LOL

I gifted it today and she loved it!


Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Kitty Swap

I am participating in a swap on IG.  It was to swap either a mini quilt or a pillow cover. 
I opted for the pillow cover as I have a LOT of mini quilts.  
That meant I had to make a pillow cover. 
It is a blind swap meaning you get assigned a person to make/send to but have no idea who has you. 
I don't know if my person reads my blog so I won't say more than that right now.  
We had to fill out a form with likes, dislikes, etc.  

I decided I wanted to make a Hipster Cat pillow cover.  
The pattern is by Sewing With Squeak.  She has cute patterns! 
It is FPP and it went together pretty well. 
 I used cat breed words for the background and quilted it with straight lines but also outlined the cat.

These were my fabric choices.

I got the top of the head pieced and knew I had made a good choice!

Such a cute little nose!

Stripes made an awesome bow tie.  You can see the quilting too.

Here he is in all his aqua glory. 
I was trying to decide the border and ended up using the same sparkly fabric 
that I used for his glasses.

I had this really cool almost gray suit material that I put on the back. 
 It reminded me of a man's nice gray suit.  
I used the envelope back tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts to make my back.

Front and back (the top is closer to the actual color.)

I sure hope my partner likes this one.  It is totally one I could keep!!!

 I have more to share soon.
We had to make another handmade item to send and mine is almost finished.


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I Did It!

I totally finished the additional 6 quilts last night. 
 First I went out to dinner with my good friend at a new (to me) place for mediterranean food.  
Let me just say it was AMAZING!  
If you live in the Canton area you need to go and check out the Sheikh.  Here is their website.  
Fresh hot bread, amazing garlic sauce and their hummus...YUM!

OK back to the quilts.  
I just had to put on binding last night (yes, *just that*) . LOL .
 Of course, since I was at work all day, when I got home the boys wanted my attention.  
So as I sat down to do binding, I had BOTH of them "helping" me!

Here are all 6 finished.

Some shots of the quilting.

I used up some of the binding scraps on one of the quilts.

I love my SIL and she is one of the only people I would kill myself like this for.  PHEW!  
I am happy they are all done, now I just need to get them to her!


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Can I Actually Do It?

This is the question I keep asking myself, (along with "ARE YOU CRAZY?") 

My sweet SIL was talking to me about how she was going to be making bags and nap quilts to give away at her granddaughter's 2nd birthday party this Saturday.  
She was just out of the hospital the day before we went to the quilt show in GR.  
The bags are amazing!  
She was appliquing dinosaurs on each bag, along with the child's name.  
She had those all fused but still needed to sew all the pieces down (on 12 bags!!) . 
I thought she needed some help so I offered to do the quilts.  

I have no idea what I was thinking, LOL.  
She gave me only 5 of the quilts.  
So on Saturday I spray basted them, quilted them and sewed on the binding.  

Then the crazy hit.  
My husband was going to be at his uncle's house on Saturday after dinner 
so I sent the quilts with him, to give to her.  
THEN, I decided that I should offer to do the rest.  
He was coming back home on Sunday am before leaving for Canada so perfect right? 
 I would have all Sunday to work on them. 
Except, he left them in his truck, an hour away from home.  
Fortunately, one of his cousin's kids works here and lives there 
so I met up with her after work yesterday to get the additional 6 quilts.  

I spray basted all of them and got them all quilted and trimmed after work and before bed yesterday.  I made all the binding for them too.  
Tonight is dinner with a friend but maybe I can get binding on a couple of them tonight. 
 After I sew them on I will turn and glue then machine stitch the binding in place. 
 I used a cool stitch over the binding that made it go quickly.  
You can see it below.

OK, PHEW, want to see the first five?

Cole was my helper.  He kept the tape in place.

Pretty simple quilting.  Although I did several different patterns.

My handsome boy!

All five FINISHED!

Isn't this a neat way to stitch on the binding?

I LOVE the binding like this!

Some different quilting.

More quilting patterns and check out the binding stitch on that one!

I will take some pictures of the other 6 when they are finished.
The dino fabric is different on those.

Wish me luck!!!