Tuesday, August 13, 2019

My Anniversary

Today marks 36 years of marriage to my best friend.  
It has NOT always been easy but it has ALWAYS been worth it!

Didn't we look like babies??

Our rehersal dinner
Walking down the aisle

The new Mr and Mrs.

That was then and this is now.

So many adventures with him and hopefully many more to come.  

So Happy Anniversary to the best partner in crime I could ask for!  

I love you so much and could NOT imagine my life without you.


Monday, August 12, 2019

Double Slice Quilt

Hi friends!  Sorry this has been a long time coming.  
I have been busy working on the wedding quilt and other wedding related things that I can't show.  

I made a quilt back in July at our retreat using the double slice quilt pattern. 
 I got some photos of it today as I am sending it to the quilter.  
I needed a quick gift for a friend undergoing chemo.  
I think this will be pretty and cheery.  
I used a pink floral minky for the back (it's what I had on hand).  
My amazing friend, Liz, will quilt it up for me tonight so I can bind tomorrow 
and gift it on Wednesday.  
I made the binding using vintage sheet too.  
I had a multi colored stripe on white that I cut on the bias to use for the binding.  

Here are some photos of the quilt.  
This pattern is GREAT for a quick quilt and will now be my go to pattern for something quick.  
It only requires a layer cake to make it!

I plan on putting together some more layer cakes so I can make another one. 
 I have an Opal Owl quilt all cut out to make one of these too.  

I hope to be able to get back to more consistent writing in the near future.


Thursday, August 01, 2019

Thrift Shop Scores

I have not been doing much sewing of late (Insert sad face emoji here). 
I am furiously working on the wedding quilt but can't share that.  
Last night I was wanting to go visit the Sally Ann and see what they had that I might need.  
Of course, IRL, I don't *need* anything but you know what I mean right?

First I always check the appliances. 
I did see a little travel iron but I put it down.  
If I go back I may pick it up and see if it works.  
If it does it may need to come home with me.  
Then I go to the linens. 
 It is so hit or miss there. 
 Sometimes I can score GREAT dishtowels and sometimes not.  
Same with sheets.  
Well yesterday I scored BIG with the sheets!  
I found FIVE and they were amazing!! 
 Just look at those beauties!  
I can't wait to get back to making my charm packs of these.

Next is the "sheleves" area.  Dishes, baskets, knick knacks etc.  
I found this gorgeous Napcoware boy.  He is is perfect condition and just so adorable!

I usually go and look at the clothes last.  
It is always so overwhelming and I could spend HOURS looking at stuff.  
I try to focus on a few areas.  I really want to do shirts and tops but it is a HUGE undertaking. 
 I did find a cute shirt though ($3).  
On my way to the skirts the sleeves caught my attention. 
It was from the Loft and as it turns out, actually did fit me (it was a small so...).

I headed to the skirts next.  
I adore finding LuLaRoe skirts. 
 I seem to find the Azure and the Maxi most often.  
I can wear from a S to a L, so a pretty nice range. 
 I like the medium the best but some of them really vary in fit.  
I found the cutest black and white stripe skirt (no tags) that came home with me and also this maxi.

Aren't those colors so pretty?? 
 I'm not sure if I will keep this one or sell it but it is gorgeous!  
Size L if any of you are interested.  
Slinky fabric, so nice!

Last but not least, I have just started looking at PJs.  
This is where I scored big too.  
I got a beautiful pair of flannel Munki Munki PJs for a song!  
The pair I have at home is XL which is now much too big for me.  
These were M and are they ever nice.  
So soft and comfy and only $3!

I had seen the oddest piece of pottery, that my bestie collects.  
It was part of a larger set and I didn't really want to spend the money so I left it. 
 I told her and we are going to go there today. 
 I hope it is still there!

I am off tomorrow after working four 10+ hour days.  
Looking forward to that.
Hubby leaves for Canada again on Sunday so I have a week alone.
THIS time I will make better use of my time.
(no more binge watching Veronica Mars!!)
Which BTW if you have not done you should

So have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back next week.


Friday, July 26, 2019

Wedding Shower Makes

I decided that I wanted to make Christmas stockings for the kids as my shower gift to them.  
I had chosen a pattern a few years ago that I thought they would like and I happened to be right.

I had to make a few modifications but I am really pleased with how they turned out.  
The pattern called for quilting the front and back but I just did the front.  
They are quite large and I felt it would make them even heavier.

You can see that I put white behind the nose and eyes on the bear to make them stand out.

Little mice with Christmas trees grace the inside of this one.

Funny story about Nick's. 
I forgot to add the string before I put the whole stocking and lining together.  
I had to add it after and try not to stitch through into the lining while I was doing it!  
I managed to do it but it was tricky.

Little Christmas trees are on the inside of this one.

This is when they opened them.  You can see how big they are!

 I also made a pillow for the ring bearer to carry.  
She was VERY specific about what she wanted and I think this came out just as she wanted.  
She had seen it before the shower as I wanted her opinion 
about the ribbon to put on it to attach the rings with.

This was before I added the white flower dots, the ribbon or had the words stitched.

They will attach the rings by tying them with the ribbon.

Opening the pillow.

Now I need to get my butt in gear and work on the wedding quilt.
At the retreat I made 670 blocks for the quilt, PHEW!
Now I have to get the motivation to sew it all together.

Where has my sewjo gone??
Wish me luck with this one.
It's going to be HUGE!


Thursday, July 25, 2019

More From The Wedding Shower

I got to take a few photos with my daughter before the shower.  
The day was so HOT, I thought we should take a couple of pictures before we melted.

Managed to snap one of these two also.

 One of my very best friends was able to make it to the shower too.  

Another one of my long time friends came from another state to help celebrate!
I feel so blessed that she made the long drive to be here

As you can see by my red face, it was really HOT that day, LOL
This is me with my daughter and our beautiful hostess (my SIL)

Two of the bridesmaids attended the shower.  It was so nice to see them both!

It was such a hot day that after the shower was over some of us went swimming in the pool!
(hope she doesn't kill me for sharing this one!!)

Our great niece was there too as was my hubby (he came after the shower).  
She just loves him so they had a blast in the pool together.  
That's a ring pop in his mouth.  
She found the most "rings" and shared with Uncle Chris!

Tomorrow I will share the things I made as gifts for the shower.  
I couldn't share them before they were gifted and one I finished the morning of the shower!


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wedding Shower

I have been frantically getting things ready for the wedding shower last weekend
at my SIL's beautiful home.  
I made a bunch of different sugar scrubs using lemon, lavender and Geranium.  
So easy!  

Sugar Scrub Recipe
One cup Sugar
1/2 cup Coconut oil
Drops of essential oil to your desired scent level.

I put lavender sprigs on top of the lavender.  
I grated lemon peel into the lemon. 
 The morning of the shower I put a geranium flower on top of the geranium ones. 
 I bought labels on ETSY that were similar to the flowers on the shower invites too.

My SIL, Jackie, hosted the shower and my other SIL's helped her, but it was at her beautiful home.  This is what we saw as we walked up.  

They put the pool in a few years ago.

Mimosa bar and 

gift table

The eating area

This was to the right of the eating area.  Notice the "Lincoln" on the fire place!

Everything was so elegant and beautiful!

She has a friend that painted all the signs she used

Her sister did all of the desserts. I LOVED the "Almost Mrs" on top of the red velvet cake.

 Those cookies had the flowers painted on!

These two were so happy that we had such a beautiful day and so many friend to celebrate with!

This engagement ring pool float was so clever.

Preview of the wedding cake cutting??

 It was an amazing day and I was so thrilled we got to celebrate with all of these incredible women.

Thank you so much Jackie and Mark for opening up your home to us!
You guys are the BEST!