Monday, September 06, 2021


My father-in-law turns 87 this month.  
Much of the family met up at my brother and sister in law's lake house to celebrate.
  It was so much fun. 
I thought I would share a few photos of our group.

This is Chris's dad with all of his children.
Chris is the third on the left.

My FIL and MIL and the kids

I managed to get a couple of photos with 2 of my great nieces (they are sisters).

Thadd brought Pepper and she rides in the car like a trooper!

That was the best part of this weekend.  
Today we got news that a very dear friend lost his fight with brain cancer today.  
We have been friends with them for almost 40 years now.  
We have seen the birth of 5 kids between us and
 they were able to be at both of my daughter's weddings.  
We went to see him a few months ago, right before he lost his speech.
  He got to see photos and videos of Avery and 
we were so fortunate that we made the long drive to visit with them!  
I brought him a brown scapular that had been touched to a relic. 
 I told him to wear it and Mary would watch over and protect  him.  
I sure hope she helps him into heaven today. 
 RIP, my friend, know you will be missed!

Hug your loved ones a little bit tighter tonight my friends.


Friday, September 03, 2021

More of the Reject's Retreat

 So...where did we leave off?  
Oh yes, the rest of the retreat! 
 First up was our trip to Sarah's in Lawrence.  
This is Traci modeling in front of the shop. 

This is inside the shop.
It was a great shop and one everyone should visit!

Paula found the cutest pineapple pin cushion!

After some shopping we went back to sew. 
 I managed to snap a quick selfie with Mel. 
 I may not have said it, but I missed these ladies so much!

Traci made the cutest pink elephant bag!

Just look at that flap! 
 I think it was my favorite part of the bag, but the peanut lining was pretty sweet.

We headed to Liberty and Angela Walter's shop, Quilting is my Therapy.

It was cool to say I have gone there but it really was not anything special. 
I enjoyed the other shops more, actually.

I did get this terrible photo of me and better one of my friends though, LOL.

The coolest thing, to me, were these angel wings!  
I have seen other people use them but never saw any myself.

There was the big pair you see me in above, and there was a little pair for kids next to it.
  OF COURSE, I had to sit down and take a selfie with the children's wings!  LOL.

Now on to talking about the things I was working on.  
My daughter, Shelby, drew a dragon in 2006. 
 This is the modified version of the dragon. 
 I wanted to make him into a quilt, BUT, did not have what I needed with me to actually do anything other than make the binding, SMH.

I made binding for another top that I finished while at retreat. 
 It is a Christmas gift, so I can't show the actual quilt top though.

This is a pic of the quilt top AND back and binding!!  
I sent this one to Liz to quilt for me as soon as I got back.

I bought these Kitty Corn fabrics to make a buffalo plaid quilt top at the KC Maker shop.  
This one is the Buffalo Plaid free pattern by the Empty Bobbin. 
 I can NOT believe how quickly it went together. 
 This will be for me.  
I am thinking that I will be adding the cat in the jack-o-lantern from the panel to the front of this one.
  I just ordered a back today, the same green kitties that are on the front.
The Knotted Thread has a bunch of this line packaged for backs (5 yard cuts).
If you are looking go check her out!

I finished a little bag also, but again, it's a gift so I can't share it right now.

No trip to KC is complete without having some BBQ.
We went to Jack Stack on the first night.
I had the brisket and turkey.  
Honestly, the beans were the best part of that meal!
I know, I know, turkey?
 But when it is done right it is the BEST!
This was more like lunchmeat.
I was pretty disappointed

Not everyone in our group loves BBQ 
(Who are you people?)
We went to another place called Q39.
It's a newer place but I have to say the brisket was the best I have ever had!
It melted in my mouth!

So for now, this concludes my trip with my buddies.
Never fear though, we are getting together again in November!
Traci owns a quilt shop in WI called Something Quilty.
She is having a retreat from the 3-7 of November.
Want to join us?
Give her a call!
I would love to meet you!


Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Rejects Retreat

 Oh My GOSH!!!!! 
 I used to go to a quilt retreat in California.
  I had awesome roommates.  
Things changed and we are no longer going to that retreat.  
So, we decided that we all still needed to get together and do a retreat, just the 5 of us. 
 We had it all planned for last year and then...COVID.  
So this year we tried again. 
 This was me getting ready to leave Detroit.

One of the women who lives in Kansas City, MO set it up for us at the KC Maker Studio retreat space.  It was the BOMB!  
I flew out to KC and our friend picked us up at the airport. 
 First place she took us was to the Fabric Chicks quilt shop.
  What a great shop!

We went to her home and met her dogs and her hubby and saw her amazing garden, 
then headed out to the retreat house. 
 Isn't it gorgeous? 
There were 3 floors and the sewing space. 
 Bedrooms were on floor 2 and 3. 
 My roommate and I stayed on the third floor and 
the other 3 stayed in 2 of the bedrooms on the second floor.

This was our sewing space.  The tables were fantastic and very sturdy. 
 We each had 2 tables and lots of lights! 
 I used the little machine you see in the bottom right. 
 Paula lent it to me.  
A little Tula Pink machine!!

Isn't it the cutest?

Directly behind me was the hallway leading to the restroom. 
 There was a fridge there and a coffee maker, microwave and snacks. 
 Also a big counter and another ironing station (there were 3 total for the  sewing space).

On the other side of the room was another little room just for cutting.  
There were 2 cutting tables with large mats and lots of lights in this room 
as well as another counter to set things on.

The house was great, the hosts were the best (they live there, Patti and Dana) 
and the sewing space was to die for!  
There was also a tv so we could watch movies while we were sewing. 
This is Mel and me at the studio.  

Patti just opened a quilt shop 5 weeks before we arrived.  
The space was pretty big and she had a lot of great fabrics!  

I have more to share but this is getting long so more soon!


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Sewing Weekend

 Recently, our friend Kailie came up to Michigan from Ohio to visit us. 
 We met her at the campground in NC last year.
  She is a respiratory therapist and travels the country with her dog in her class A motorhome. 
 She is currently in Ohio so not too far of a drive. 
 We went there this summer to visit her and will be going back to see her in a few weeks. 
 She is staying in our favorite campground in Berlin, Ohio. 
 It is a very Amish area with LOTS of quilt shops, LOL. 
 We will get to meet her folks during this trip too.

Anyway, she brought her machine and we set up a sewing area for us to sew all weekend. 
 She brought her dog, Ebby with her and that was fun for the cats! 
 We put a leaf in our table and then she and I set up on opposite ends of the table.  
I had my cutting table set up on my living room and the ironing board was in my family room.  
You can see our set up here.

Finny was fascinated with Kailie's sewing projects.

He would lay on whatever she was working on.  
He was especially in love with her Sew Together bag.

Cole, on the other hand was loving leaving his black fur all over my project. 
 He was sitting on the cutting table.
I pulled out a Christmas table runner kit that I had sitting in my sewing room for forever!  
It felt really good to get that sewn together!

I really wanted to make a Bendy Bag as a compliment for a gift I want to give.
  Kailie was a good sport and made one with me.  
She knows I need some hand holding when it comes to making 3D things.
 My bag components are the ones with the vehicles.

I am happy to say we finished our bags!  
This pattern was actually quite easy too. 
 I could see making another one or two of these in the future!

We had such a great time visiting with Kailie! (and Ebby)
Can't wait to see her again and sew some more soon!


Thursday, August 19, 2021

New Family Member

 Our son lost his dog recently.
  Abbey came to our home when she was about a year old. 
 She was a Golden Retreiver.  
As it turns out she was actually born on the same day as our son!
 For those 2 it was love at first sight.  
That dog thought the sun rose and set with Thadd.  
When Thadd bought his house he took her with him.  
Later he added a cat, Craig.  
Craig and Abbey (now named Sargent Pepper) became best friends too. 
 Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. 
 Thadd came home from work, like he often did to check on the pets at lunchtime
 then went back to work.  
When he came home he found that she had passed away.  
To say he was devistated would be an understatement.  
I received a phone call and all I heard was sobbing.  
That sent this mama into a complete panic.
  *Finally* he managed to choke out "she's gone". 
 I knew immediately that he meant the dog.  

It's funny, I have 2 girls and one boy and my boy has always been the most sensitive one.
  You would NEVER know it to look at him but he was always the one to cry at sad movies with me, that got his feelings hurt but covered it up with male bravado and would corner me at my sewing table and talk my ears OFF! 
 You can't take away the hurt of losing a pet.  
Honestly, it's the worst part. 
 He was especially upset thinking that she died alone. 
 I reminded him that Craig was there and he was likely right by her when she passed.

So within a week he was looking for a new dog. 
 He wanted a rescue.  
He wanted a dog over a year old. 
 He sent me dog after dog.  
I found one but the lady was dragging her feet and he was in a rush.  
There was a HUGE hole to fill you know.  
The last 4 dogs he sent me had one that I thought might be "the one".  
She was a black lab mix, 1 year old female named Pepper. 
 Now if that is not fate talking to you I don't know what is!
  So he went to meet her and she really was the one.  
Pepper joined the family.  
Craig is still trying to get used to her. 
 We forgot what having a "puppy" was like so when we had to watch her 
we had to puppy proof EVERYTHING!  
It was CRAZY.  

So I would like to introduce you to Miss Pepper.

Oh Pepper, you have some mighty big shoes to fill.  
He loved Sargent Pepper fiercely!  
Welcome to the family!


Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Avery Meets His Lincoln Family

 Our daughter, SIL and grandson were here over the weekend!  
They rented an Airbnb for the weekend before they headed to a friend's cabin up north for the week.  We threw a big outdoor bash for Chris's family to come and meet Avery. 
 Since he lives in NC none of our family (except my kids) had been able to meet him. 
 We have a local park within our subdivision so I reserved it for the day. 
 There were things for the kids to play on and a pavilion to set out food.
  We brought tables, chairs and another few tents. 
 I went with just buying most of the food (Lee's Chicken and Pot Belly subs) for most of the food.  
It made things MUCH easier. 
 Two of my friends came and helped set up as did my oldest daughter. 
 We had so much fun introducing the baby to his family!  
So happy this was able to happen and we had a beautiful day.


Avery with his Aunt Shelby

Big boy pulling himself up!

Uncle Eric

Uncle Thadd and my friend Ellen

My best friend, Holly came to meet Avery too!

More cousins

My daughter with her cousin, Ashley and her kids.  
Cousins meeting cousins!  

We got to spend some time with the baby before the party too. 
 I have a few pics of Avery with his papa and Gigi.

They will be back here on Friday and fly home on Saturday.
In the mean time we are dog sitting our new grand dog, Pepper.
She is a year old lab and quite the handful!

So that's what I have been up to lately!
I finished the Prissy Pumpkins top and took a break.
Next up is a pattern test for Meags and Me.
I got it all cut out.
Hope to do some sewing later today.