Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sea Life

I have done some work on the Traveling Quilt, but not much this week. 
 Holy week is a super busy week normally but this week we had a mission at our church so it has been church every night this week!

I did finish a few pieces for the side of the quilt though and 
have 2 more creatures and some stars to make.

I made this invisible jelly fish.  It is kind of small and needs a bigger one to go with it.

I started on the bigger one and since taking these pics have finished it.

 My favorite part is the little starfish peeking out.  TOTALLY intentional.  I love paper piecing!

Lastly is this sea dragon I made.  I LOVE him so much!  
I made him as suggested by the pattern then added some improv water, 
turned it and cut a 12.5" square.  
I could not love him any more!

These are all from the book Paper Piecing and Design by Sarah Elizabeth Sharp.  
This book is amazing! 
I can't wait until I have time to read it cover to cover.  Currently I am just making patterns from it!

I also finished 2 backings ( and hand embroidered labels for them) 
for the twin girls that were born April 7th.  
Those quilts are now at the quilter's. 
 I cut the backing and batting for my Minky patchwork quilt but saw a bit that needs to be sewn better so I will fix it and wait for my quilter to return from vacation.  

I know I have to do the March and April blocks for my CDTC sew along too. 
 I have 1 of the 4 completed. 
I don't anticipate having any time to sew this weekend so, um yeah.  
Not sure when that is going to happen.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, April 19, 2019

Stash Additions

I am so sorry but I have been super busy and neglectful of this blog.  
I promised that I would show the things I purchased recently and have not done so.

I have been quickly using up a LOT of my low volume fabrics on this traveling quilt 
so I picked up a few more.

That gold "love" I bought for a friend to use in a quilt she is making for her son.  

I found some of the new Pinkerville line.  
I have an idea for a quilt and needed some of the fabrics to 
see how I think they would work in said quilt.  

 I thought that second one from the left would work in my LV spots but it is too "creamy".  
Oh well I will use it in something else. 
 That woodgrain?  
I have used just about all of it that I have so replenished it.

More fabrics (potentially) for that quilt I was thinking about making.

Have you guys seen the pattern called Showering Stars?

I am thinking that I will use the purple Tula fabric 
with the multi colored birds and dots for the background.

I am still thinking about the other fabrics to use. 
 I was going to use prints but think maybe solids would be even more amazing 
with that print as the background.
I may have to play around with this using a combo of prints and solids.
I am excited to work on it but this one is not moved on the list just yet.

Traveling quilt needs to be finished first, then the things I just decided need to be made for my daughter's bridal shower in June.
Next up after that is her wedding quilt.

Then, *maybe* this one.
I have someone in mind, but won't share who just yet.
She will be TOTALLY shocked, LOL.
Just the way I like it!

How about you?  Do you like to surprise people when you make them a quilt?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Artemis P Fowl

My daughter raises peafowl.  
She currently has one of the pea hens in the house.  
Artemis P Fowl.  
She is a purple pea hen and she is very sweet.  
One of my favorite things is when she gets excited she hops with both feet around the house, 
like a bunny.  
It is adorable!

Well, my daughter decided that she wanted Artemis to become an artist.  
So using a non-toxic tempera paint, she set to work.  
She had a friend helping just in case the bird got out of hand and 
to take some photos of the work being done.

I thought I would share the first painting made by Artemis with you all.

You can even see her signature feather in the lower left corner.

She is considering selling paintings made by Artemis.  
Would you buy one?  


Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Fun

I have not had any time to sew as now hubby has the same virus I had!  

A few days before he started to show symptoms though, Finny thought he needed to be groomed.  

Here is a cute video of Finny "grooming" my hubby.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the video!


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Newest Baby Addition To Our Family

My nephew and his wife had their first baby on March 19.  
His name is John James and we got to visit him on Friday.  
He is perfect and he and his parents are learning how to be a family.  
It was such a nice visit with them and a joy to get to spend time snuggling that precious little one!

I made this little guy a dragon quilt.  
I found a sweet kit with the fabric called "Winter is Here" by Dear Stella.
It was just lines so I thought I needed to add to it a bit.

I added some bunting to the rows.
The black prairie points fabric reminded me of dragon scales!

I also put in a paper pieced dragon.
This is the pattern Baby Norbert and can be found free at Fandom In Stitches.
I enlarged the pattern to make it fit the way I wanted it to.

I am especially happy with the placement of the astericks in his eyes!
I used a bit of the Palm Canyon fabric by Violet Craft for that.

This is what the entire quilt looked like

I used the same flannel on the back that I used for the crib sheets I made.

I hand embroidered a label and my friend Liz did an amazing job on the quilting.
Dragons and dragon riders were the choice for this quilt.

I hope we get to spend some more time with this little one in the near future.
It has been so wonderful watching all our nieces and nephews become parents!

God Bless you JJ and your parents as well.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Last weekend I think I had the Norovirus.  
We went to meet our new great nephew on Friday night, 
he is SO adorable and I will post more on that tomorrow.  
Saturday I spent the day with my SIL.  
I picked her up and we went to several quilt shops and out for lunch to celebrate her birthday.

We had such a great time!  I hope our journey made her day a little more special.  
Love ya, Mary!

I was not feeling very well on Saturday night, thinking I was coming down with a cold.
I only WISH it has been a cold!  
It was some form of nasty stomach bug.
I could not keep anything down for 3 days.
I did get a cold on top of it.
My hubby took this photo of me under that lump of covers with my boys keeping me company.

Cole was my constant companion during this whole thing.  
He even sat by my feet when I was in the bathroom.  
I haven't felt this bad in a very LONG time!

I am back to work today and had some real food.  
On the up side I lost 6 pounds!  
HAHA unfortunately I am sure it won't stay like that.  

I will have some quilty content to share tomorrow.
I just thought you all might wonder where I was.
I need to take some photos of what I bought and then I will share that too.