Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Making A Quilt From Leftovers

 I made a quilt recently that I used some bear Minky for the back.

I had some left over so I looked for a pattern that would showcase the left over Minky.  I think this pattern could also be made with a large block for the center and that would be pretty cute too!  

Or Minky squares.  The possibilities are endless! 

The pattern is by It's Sew Emma and it is called Menagerie.  Here are the 3 quilt tops I made using this pattern.

Isn't this so adorable??

I used my Bloc Loc ruler to make the HST for this perfect.
I love my Bloc Loc rulers!
Here is a quick look at how to use them.
The ruler has a channel diagonally down the back of the ruler that locks into the seam as you can see.
I use my rotating mat.
I lock the ruler into the block and trim the top and the right side.

You can see the trimmings here.

Then I spin the block and slice the ruler to the desired size and trim the tip and right side again.

Again you can see the trimmings.

Now you have a perfectly trimmed block to use in your quilts.  
This will make it much easier to make your points line up when you sew them together!

Just a quick shot to show you what I had left over from all my trimmings of all my blocks.

I used the 9" Bloc Loc ruler for this block.  I am hoping I can get the 12" ruler too.
Their flying geese rulers are on my radar too.
I have not tried them but I bet they are as good at the HST rulers.
I have all the HST sizes except the 12" one.

I hope you have found this useful!

Enjoy your day today!


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Jessie and Josh's Wedding Quilt

 Yesterday was an amazing day for our niece.  It was her wedding day!  After several reschedules and a much smaller reception she is now a married woman!  Congratulations Jessie and Josh!

Of COURSE I made them a wedding quilt.  It has been killing me that I could not share the quilt with you all.  I still don't have a full photo of the front as this beauty was a beast.  It was king size so no place at my home to put it that wouldn't end with it covered in cat hair.  

I can show you a bit of it though.

I used the Framed Folk pattern to make these gray and white blocks for the front.  There is just one row of the blocks with the gray borders on either side.  The entire rest of the quilt is just white.  LOTS of negative space!!

The quilting pattern was one by Anita Shackelford called Modern Mix (I think).  
I wanted a few special elements so my quilter put in 2 Celtic knots.

You can see the binding peeking out.  That took me around 8 hours of hand sewing to sew it down.

On the back, instead of an actual label, I paper pieced the first letter of their first names, their wedding date and the initials of "I Love You More", which is something their entire family says all the time.

This morning her mom sent me a photo of the happy couple with their new quilt.

Congratulations Jessie and Josh.  We wish you a long happy marriage!


Saturday, September 12, 2020

Sewing Time With My Sister

Over Labor Day weekend I traveled to my sister (in laws) house to spend time with her.

She and I have been crafters for many years.  We go to 2 local retreats together every year now.  I love spending time with her!  

On Friday we went on our own private shop hop.  I try to do this with her at least once a year.  We went to my favorite, Keans, and Yards of Fabric then on to  Country Stitches. 

At Country Stitches they had this amazing Minky Peacock panel.  I didn't buy it but it was amazing.  I may need to go back and pick it up.  I need to see if my daughter would even want something made out of it before I spend the money for it.

I loved this beach quilt!  I also refrained from purchasing this pattern but I really loved it.  I think it was a BOM .

If you know me you know how much I love Halloween.  I loved this kit called Flying School.  Now it combined my love of Halloween, quilting and the fact that I married a pilot into one kit.  The roller skates were part of the kit as was the hair, but I just didn't want to spend the money.  It is adorable though and if you need one I am sure you can give them a call.

After we stopped at Cornwall's Turkeyville for a great turkey lunch!  We had hoped to go to Marshall but they closed at 2 as did the next shop.  That was a bummer since their website said they were open until 5!  We found one more shop to visit out in the middle of nowhere though, LOL.  I think it was in Leroy.  It was called Quilt 'N Go.  I was plesantly surprised by this shop!

This barn was in the back of the shop.

The shop didn't look like much from the outside but it was a really nice little shop!  Very bright and cheerful with LOTS of current lines of fabric!  

I think next time we do this we will begin with the shops in the Marshall area and then progress to the Mason/Lansing shops.  

We went back to her house and just hung out and sewed some.  The next day though we got right to sewing.  I brought the baby quilt I needed to bind and got the binding sewn on to it.  I brought my Changing Station pattern and "stuff" to make that but didn't have one of the things I needed.  Then I brought another baby quilt to work on and cut one of the HST wrong.  That's it, I was out of things to make!  I had cut out a bear quilt for her and I at our July retreat so I just sewed that for her!

I managed to get the bear quilt all finished for her.  We picked up some of the bear Minky from JAF that I had previously purchased for mine (if I ever get to that).  The quilt is Big Sky by Annie Brady.  This is the Minky for the back.  So stinkin cute!

I have been doing a lot of Keto cooking lately and will have a post about that soon too.

What are you guys working on right now?


Friday, September 11, 2020

Scrap Snap Quilt Blocks

I have been slowly plugging away on my Scrap Snap quilt.  It is a free pattern by Quilts For the Making.  I needed to sew up some orange, red and LV.  

I did get these blocks finished.

I have so much I want to make and so little time!
HAHA you would think that in retirement that I would have all the time.
Somehow it doesn't seem like I do.

I am going to try to post more frequently too.
Sorry I have been so quiet lately.

More to follow.


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Mad Science Quilt

 I finally have my Mad Science quilt back from my long arm quilter friend in California.  She custom quilted it and did an absolutely fabulous job!  I won't be gifting it for awhile but thought I would share.  My boss does not read this blog or go on Facebook so I am safe as long as no one blabs!

I worked for the Kunkel Lab for 35/36 years while at the University of Michigan.
Mary's pattern had a different center but this worked for my purposes.

Love these flasks!

Microscopes were used daily

We made antibodies in our rabbits and used the antibodies for other tests and staining.


My favorite block in the whole quilt!
I made this mouse dark like the C57BL6 mice we used.

DNA.  Note the nucleotide colors, LOL
Also the "DNA" wallpaper
I had to extract DNA to genotype the mice we used in our lab.

New Zeeland White rabbit

Jingle Ball

I hand embroidered an outline around the rabbits so they would show up better.

I worked, for many years, with New Zeeland White bunnies.
All of my bunnies were antibody donors.
They were all named, and they were all long term animals.
I loved my bunnies and used to provide them with treats and enrichment.
One of their favorite toys were the orange "Jingle balls".
They had circular holes and had metal washers inside.  
They used to pick them up and toss them and chew on them.
This was not part of Mary's original pattern but it really meant something to me.
In the 36 years I have worked in my lab my boss has progressed up the ladder.
He became busy with grant writing and other administrative duties.
He spent less and less time in the lab but
 the one thing he never stopped was the immunization of the rabbits.  
He was very allergic to them but insisted on doing the immunizations himself.
He would proudly state that it was the only lab duty he still had left!

I also hand embroidered the label, but for privacy reasons I am not comfortable showing that.

I am not certain when I will gift this.  I am back working part time for him, mostly remotely, until his retirement in a few more years.

I would love to know what you all think!


Monday, August 24, 2020

Vote For Finn

 I entered Finny in a contest to become America's Favorite Pet!

We would LOVE it if you would go to their website and vote for him.  You are allowed to vote once a day. This is the photo on the website.  You can click on this link and vote for Finn!  We would really appreciate it if you can vote, Vote, VOTE!  We would also love it if you would share on your social media pages too.