Saturday, June 19, 2021

A Little Time To Make

 As you know things have been hectic around here.  
We are getting ready to go camping for a few days so that just adds to the mix. 
 We are meeting up with our friend Kallie in Berlin, Ohio!!  
I met her when we were at the campground in NC. 
 She was camping there with her dog, Ebby. 
 I saw her sewing outside so I walked up and asked her if she was a quilter.
  She said YES!
 Then we ended up sewing together and hanging out. 
 She is working in Ohio and camping where we love to camp so 
we decided to go back when she was there.  
We are going to sew a bag together, the Midi bag by Quilt Smart.

I had picked up a remnant of this adorable quilted fabric awhile ago and
 found time to make it into 2 burp cloths.  
Then I made a few teethers. 
 I love getting some small projects finished when I get a minute. 
 Don't you?

I have begun to collect as many different MSU fabrics as I could find.
  Starting with these. 
 If anyone has a F8 or FQ they want to share.
 I would love it if you have a different one from the ones I have here.

Then, because I didn't think about the bag first,
 I cut out another Nightingale quilt for a special baby due in the fall. 
 No not my daughter, not yet anyway, LOL. 
 I used the fabric from Riley Blake called Dorothy's Journey.  
It is wizzard of Oz fabric.  
SO cute!! 

 I used the cutest daisy fabric in periwinkle for the background. 
 I think it is going to be amazing. 
 I bought the panel to put in the back. 

 Stay tuned for pictures once I begin to work on it.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Patchwork Flying Geese Quilt

Hey friends! 
 It's been a minute. 
 I've been so busy lately going through "stuff" and listing, and packing, and shipping.  
This is a lot of work! 
 I have managed to re-home a few things but it doesn't even look like I have done anything! 
 I have managed to sneak in a bit of sewing here and there though.
I got pulled into another quilt along with my friends, Kallie and Mel. 
 It was the Patchwork Flying Geese quilt.  
I needed to make a quilt for a gift so I just adapted this pattern to fit that!  
I got my fabrics cut out and sewn into ALL THE GEESE, LOL.  
Then I trimmed them all to the correct size.

Next up was to lay the quilt top out on my design wall. 
 Pardon the lighting!

This was about half way. 
 I ended up rearranging some by the time I had all the blocks up.  
They did not all fit on my design wall so some were on the floor
.  I had to sew those quickly so the "boys" didn't have time to rearrange them for me!

I managed to get it all finished!  
Now I need to decide what I want to do for the back.  
Some kind of Minky I think but not sure if it should be navy or a slightly lighter blue. 
 The  people I want to gift this to have a white pet so I worry about navy. 

I am totally loving this!
More soon!!  


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Quilty Stars and Shop Sample

 I have been a busy person lately! 
 I wanted to make a throw for my sin-in-law's brother who is getting married in October. 
 OF COURSE their colors are gray and white.  
You would think those were the ONLY colors available to young folks!  
My love of working with color is being thawarted, haha.
I found the perfect pattern. 
 It is by Quilty Love and called Quilty Stars. 
 I am proud to say that I used ALL STASH fabric, and the gray was all scrap fabric!! 
 I can't sew fast enough to use up what I have though so destash is in order, but first I have to get rid of the stuff hubby brought into the house from the garage.
  Never a dull moment around here, I tell ya!

OK, so you probably want some photos of the quilt right?

I want you to notice the little stars in the cornerstones.
The pattern didn't call for those I just added them myself.  
I just got the backing in the mail so this one is heading out to the quilter soon.

My friend, Traci, that owns the show Something Quilty in WI 
send me this baby top to make as a shop sample.
This was what it looked like up on my design wall before I sewed it together.
The pattern is the Yellow Brick Road.
That is a nice, easy pattern to make and these took me about 2 hours to sew once I had them all cut.

Here it is all sewn together with the borders added.
If you want to make one she had FQB of the fabric and the pattern in her shop!
You may have to call the shop though as I am not sure she has them listed.
Just tell her Mama Spark's baby quilt and she will know what you mean.

It really did turn out pretty.
I didn't worry about the direction of the prints either, just let them fall where they were.
I did not follow the layout in the pattern either, as I wanted the fabrics more balanced.
It's easier to do with more blocks but with only 20 though.

I just joined another QAL, like I have a brain in my head.
I needed to make one more to complete giving one to each of my husband's family members.
So I am using it for that!
It's like a million degrees here in MI.
Gotta run, going to a movie with my daughter and hubby.


Tuesday, June 08, 2021

This Week

I took this photo in my garden today.
Isn't she beautiful among the Peonies and roses?

I have been working with the cats to try to teach them to use buttons to communicate with me.
I recorded my voice on 3 buttons.
I recorded "foods, Play and outside"  
I was targeting Cole but Finn is also interested.
Not too suprisingly he has hit "foods" a few times today but only when I went to the board.
I am hoping they will get the hang of it.
Cole always hangs back when Finn is there too.
Here is our button set up, I moved the pop so it was less crowded.

I am trying to get some things ready for my upcoming July retreat.
One thing I like to do is to make a little something for my friends.
Another friend turned me on to these.
Her friend made them and calls them "Thready Parker"
You use them next to your machine to put the threads you cut off.
I thought it was so clever.
Left over batting  (6" ) and fabric (8")

I joined a QAL, like I have a brain in my head.
It's called Patchwork Flying Geese.
I chose navy and low volume for my geese.
I have a recipient in mind for it too.
So I guess it's not that bad right?
Cole was helping me cut everything out.

These geese are HUGE.
I bought a Bloc Loc ruler to trim them and it is 5 x 10!!!  

Lastly, I have been playing with an animation app called Voila.
It makes you into a cartoon.
This was me when I did it.
I sure wish my skin was that nice, LOL.
It's a fun app to play around with!


Saturday, June 05, 2021

WIP Progress

 I have a LONG list of WIPs to work on. 
 Don't we all? 
 I am trying to balance sewing with going through stuff and listing it for sale. 
 It's exhausting.  
I have yard work to do too.
  I have begun button training with Cole to see if I can get him to communicate via pressing buttons.  Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed!

I went to my SIL, Mary's house on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  \
We did some shop hopping and some sewing. 
 I took the Spartan pillow covers I needed to work on hoping to get the piecing done on them. 
 I made one of these white ones for my son and he asked me to make one for one of his friends.
  I did manage to get that done.  

On Tuesday it was such a beautiful day we set up to sew outside.  
I got my machine set up first but she brought out stuff to sew too.

We went to the quilt shop at Marshall House then drove to Country Stitches in East Lansing.
I finally remembered to get a picture of us there.

My son asked me to make him a reverse color Spartan pillow cover and I did manage to get it pieced.
I took the photo at night but the background is actually a dark green not black. 
 Now I need to quilt these and make the pillow covers.  
I may try to work on that today. 
 It's what I *want* to do but not what I ^should* be doing.  

I had the chance to go over to my niece's house and hang out with her and her 4 girls (all under 5).  They are the cutest!  
We brought my husband's aunt (so their great great aunt)
 to visit as she had not met the most recent addition.
  I snapped a few pics of her with Lincoln.  
Just look at all of Lincoln's hair!

OK, I have to get moving and do something.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 03, 2021

I Have So Much To Share

 I FINALLY got my hair cut!  It's been almost a year and a half.  It got SO long.

I had to find a new stylist. 
 She took 7 inches off my hair and highlighted it.  I LOVE how it turned out!
I will be going back to her again.  
She did a fabulous job. 
 I feel so much better with my hair being shorter.

We have been going through TONS of stuff from the garage.  I cam across some old slides, used my light box to view them.  I found this "beauty" in the mix.  Me when I was 11 in my aunt's wedding dress holding my cat, Princess.

This was a nice find too. 
 Me with my best friend, Kathy in swimsuits my mom made us so we could match!!! 
Not made out of swim suit fabric but pretty cute. 

OK back to quilty content.  
I finished this Meadowland quilt quite some time ago.  
I just gifted it last weekend. 
 I made it for our priest. 
 I really love the quilt and the photos don't really do it justice.  
The colors were so icy in color and looked so beautiful together.  

It was difficult to get a pic in the bright sunlight but our priest, Father Kimball, loved it!
We had a birthday party for him at the church and I was able to gift it to him then.

I promise you I have been working on things, but need to take some photos. 

 As I said we are also going through the "stuff" in the garage and selling stuff off. 
 It is SLOW going but I am happy to be doing it.  It is time to purge!!