Friday, June 22, 2018

Adopt Don't Shop

Yesterday marked the one year mark of adding Finn and Cole to our family. 

 Remember these little babies?

They have grown quite a bit into handsome young men.  I can't imagine our lives without them.

This photo sums up how I feel.

We adopted them from the Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue in Belleville.  
The facility is amazing and they are always seeking homes for their cats and kittens. 
 If we weren't planning on traveling I would adopt at least one more, preferable a senior, 
but maybe upon our return.  

All you need is love and a cat!

Have a good weekend my friends.


Friday, June 15, 2018


I am SO happy it is Friday (Fri-YAY!). 
It's been a long week back to work after all that enforced time off. 
 I tried to get a few things done while home but there is always more to do, right?  

I used my Binding Buddy (you can get one here) to spool my binding on.  
I made the binding for the first wedding quilt. 
 I LOVE the Binding Buddy.  
No more binding dragging on the ground getting covered in cat hair or threads!  
Just slip one end in the crack, and twist using the head to spool the binding on the spool.
When ready to use, put her on a vertical spool pin and sew on your binding.
It will un-spool as you sew.  

I'm participating in a Tula Granny Square challenge group. 
 Each month we are given a challenge.  
The center (or baby) of the block was given to each of us by the organizer.  
Then each month she issues us a challenge.  
You are only allowed to use Tula fabric or solids.  
This month the challenge was to use pink in the block.  
Finn was "helping".

He is DYING with my husband out of the country, for attention!

He is adorable but it sure makes it difficult to sew!

Here is my block.  
Baby is from Nest, Mama is from Slow and Steady and Grandma is from Nest.
Pink was my background.

I have the weekend to myself and I can't wait!  
I do have a bridal shower to go to tomorrow and a visit at the funeral home tonight.  
My plan is to make some dish towels tonight, for the shower tomorrow. 
 I also have another gift.  Then, to work on the components for Paula's traveling quilt center. 
 I am excited to begin that.  

What are you up to this weekend?  


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Halloween Blocks Are Finished

I am making a couple of Halloween blocks for a friend.   
 It is a swap of sorts.  
I decided to make blocks that I liked when I made my Halloweding quilt.

First up is this cat block by Artisana.  
I love this block!

The other one I made is this haunted house.  It was fun choosing who or what to put in the windows.

Also, I love the board like fabric I found for the house.  

Tonight I need to make some binding for the wedding quilt.

This weekend I plan on working on the traveling quilt for Paula.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

WIPs With Friends

I wonder if anyone noticed that I was absent for the past week?  
I had Shingles!  I had it on my face! 
 I am pretty much over it now but my hair still hurts
near the side of my face that the Shingles was on.

I did manage to do some sewing while I was off work 
(since it is cause by the same virus that can cause Chicken Pox, while I had blisters 
I had to stay home from work).

I had Finny keeping me company for the first few days when I really didn't feel well.

I finished up the pattern testing for the atom for Quiltgenius.
 It was a LOT of work but I am very happy with how it turned out!  
I will show you in stages how I put this together.

Isn't this so cool!!  
All of the pattern testing is supposed to be completed this weekend and I suspect Mary will have the pattern available for purchase shortly after that.

My garden was in full bloom.  
Peony season lasts for about a blink but I sure did enjoy it while it was here!

My roses are blooming also.  What glorious colors!

I was also able to get my tomatoes and peppers planted in my front yard.

I made some refrigerator sun pickles (dill) too this week.

The biggest project I finished was this gigantic quilt top for a wedding this year. 
 I LOVE it.  
It was really difficult to get a good photo of it in the shade of my backyard.  
The first photo is truer to the real colors. 
 Grays, blue grays and white. 
 Off it will go to my quilter next week.  
I got the back pieced too (with the hand embroidered label)
 but I can't show you that just yet, not until it's gifted. 
 I have 2 wedding quilts to make for 2018 and I don't want to spoil it for the couple getting this one!
The pattern is called Newport Fantasy if you want to make one too!!!

I did manage to clean out my dresser and part of my closet and got rid of some clothes.  
This week my hubby is out of town so my goal is to finish a Halloween block for a commitment, start on Paula's traveling quilt additions, 
and go through the three boxes I still have to go through from my dad's house. 
 I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back so sitting for long periods of time hurts!  
We will see how far I actually get with all of these aspiration!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

WIPs With Friends

I hope you all had a good weekend. 
 It was amazingly HOT here in Michigan.  
We almost never get 96 degrees in the SPRING!  
 I wanted to do some yard work but that just did not happen.  
I tried for a bit on Monday.  
I dug out some grass from a small part of my garden, planted some tomato and pepper plants 
and a couple of planters and called it a day. 

Instead I concentrated on sewing. 
 I should have concentrated on cleaning, HA!  
Maybe this weekend.  
I have a lot of commitments coming up so wanted to get a jump on those things.  
I finished hand embroidering a quilt label for an upcoming wedding quilt. 
 I can't show that though = (

I finished a block for another Halloween quilt but have one more to go.

On my google sheet that I keep with monthly goals is always "Make one Ocean Waves block".  

 I can happily check this off my list now.  I have 21/36 blocks made.

Cole was "helping" while I was working.  
He matched the color scheme perfectly. 
(or should I say purrfectly?)

I had no intention of making the progress I did on this wedding quilt 
(Let's call this wedding quilt-A, WQ-A).  
I got the entire center of the quilt cut out.

I made all the HSTs.  Next I got those all trimmed up to 4.5".  They are all untrimmed in this photo.

Next I got the first rows sewn on.

Lastly I sewed the white rows on.
All that's left to do it assemble it into the quilt center.

I am using the pattern called Newport Fantasy by Pleasant Valley Creations which you can find here.

This is what it looks like, but obviously not in the colors I am using.

What I need to determine is what color to use where the green is in the border.  
I have 2 prints I am considering, 
but I may just use the same solids I used for the center for the outer border too. 
 I wanted to get the center done and then decide what to do. 
 Anyone have any strong opinions?  

The two prints are mostly gray and white.  
The colors in their house are grays and whites.  
I am using some gray blues in the quilt but thought about
 just using the different gray solids in the border.  
Maybe just one of the grays? 
Or maybe mix the grays and blues? 
Or stick with one of the prints I got for the border?
Time will tell.

I still have an intricate FPP pattern that needs to be tested and done by the 16th.
I best get myself working on that next.
Then I can work on WQ-A.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy 60th To My Dear Sweet Hubby

I don't talk about my hubby a lot on my blog but today I am going to celebrate him. 
 His 60th birthday was Wednesday.  
We have been married almost 35 years.  
I don't know how I would get along without him by my side.  
He is not only my husband but truly my best friend.  

I wanted to do something special for his big birthday, as I knew we would be away on his actual day.  I tired to plan a trip but he was NOT having that, haha.  
So I conspired with his uncle to plan a surprise birthday party!  
He is pretty quiet and keeps to himself except where his family is concerned.  
He loves to hang out with his family.  He is the oldest of 7 kids.  
I invited his entire, gigantic family.  
Almost everyone made the effort to show up too.  
I could NOT have done it without his sister, Mary's help.  
Also his aunt and uncle who offered up their house for the party.  
My sweet SIL, Jackie, also had her sister make the most amazing cake too.

So the plan was that everyone would be to the farm at a specific time.  
I flew our daughter in from NC so on Saturday morning I went to the airport to pick her up.  
He was at our church doing landscaping work with others for the day so I had the day to myself.  
My daughter and I went out for breakfast then I dropped her with the eldest daughter.  
I had gone shopping with the eldest on Friday to get fruit and veggies to make for the party.  Everything was in place.

Surprisingly everyone showed up on time!  
I was texting with my eldest the entire drive to the party (an hour away).  
We pulled up and got out and his uncle came over to greet us.  
He turned Chris away from the garage door and tried to put the door up.  
His son was trying to do the same thing from inside so the door kept going up and down in the space of about a foot for a bit.  
Hubby turned and asked what was going on with the door. 
 We could hear giggling inside, which he thought was his uncle's grand kids.  

Then...the door went up and everyone yelled SURPRISE!!!  
Hubby just stood there like, "wait...what?"  
He was so confused and had no idea what was happening. 
 HAHA it could not have been more PERFECT!

We went inside and it was an amazing party.  
I had BBQ catered in and my SIL Mary made potato salad and coleslaw (I still need that recipe).  
I also had the BBQ place bring mac and cheese, OMG you guys, it was so good!

This is the cake.  It was an old man of the sea theme.  

My SIL got him a top hat that had "60" on it.  That is my younger daughter next to him.

Around the table, me, hubby, middle daughter, eldest daughter and BIL.

 Hubby with his middle brother, Mark.

Hubby and me

His uncle gave him this walker.  HILARIOUS.

Blowing out the candles


Chris's uncle explaining how to work the walker.  Notice the fishing pole, LOL.

 My daughter and me.

My daughter and us.

I could NOT have done this without the help of so many other people.  
It was so nice to be able to celebrate such a special day with our entire family (almost).  
Thank you to everyone that made this such a special day.  
As we were falling asleep that night, he turned to me and said, "Thank you for today". 
 I know it meant so much to him.