Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Public Service Announcement

I don't usually do this sort of thing but I am asking for help from you, the blogging community to help out one of our own that is in need of assistance. I can't say who it is for her safety but she has become a friend of mine through blogging. My friend is in a horrible marriage and needs to get out with herself and her daughter. Everyone is telling her to leave. Like many women she does not have the money to do so. She has asked some of us if we would be willing to post a pay pal link for people to go to and make a donation. All she is asking is one dollar from whomever can spare the money at this time. Please know that this is real and serious, this is not a scam it is a wonderful woman that I know personally.

So c'mon go to the link on the left side bar and donate $1. We all waste more money than that in a day, right? Help a sister out, I know I will.

Thank you and bless you!!

Last Stops on the Way Home

Ok, I know that I'm home already but I thought I would share my last few stops on the way. DH allowed me to stop at a few more quilt shops on the way home from PA. Wasn't that caboose cool? Any way on to Olmsted Falls OH and Abigayle's Quiltery. It was a fabulous old house with loads of "treasure" at least for me.
NYC Day 4 10-10 036NYC Day 4 10-10 035
That quilt was hanging on the wall on the way upstairs. Where I just happened to find these treasures.
NYC Day 4 10-10 and 5 006
I still kick myself that I didn't get any swell back in the day. Well,now I have a little. YEAH!!
Then I also found these beauties.
NYC Day 4 10-10 and 5 007NYC Day 4 10-10 and 5 008
I can just see baskets made out of that plaid.

Then we were off again, this time listening to the MSU game via DH's Droid! In Ohio they weren't broadcasting the Michigan State football game! So we made one last stop before home and it was at Quilts and Kreations in Amherst Ohio. I went in without my camera or my phone and of course this is the shop I found the fabric my BFF has been looking for! So I went back out to the car and got my phone and called her and told her what I found. Now I will show you too (still left the camera in the car so no photos of the shop)
NYC Day 4 10-10 and 5 001
I just LOVE that owl fabric!!

I hope you have enjoyed my trip to NYC and back. It is always a fun adventure traveling with Mr. Spark!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 4 and 5 of the NYC trip

Day 4 started off with me staying at the hotel while DH was off at flight training. Then I joined him at Flight Safety and waited for him to finish. We got in the car and drove to Wilkes-Barre, PA. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery like this.
NYC Day 4 10-10 004
Then we got up and headed out route 6. Talk about beautiful! So scenic!! As we were driving through some little town we saw a brewery called Lionshead. Then we saw the truck with it so we figured we needed to stop at the local store and buy a 12 pack so we did! Our final destination was Titusville. PA, but more about that later. DH was being a good sport and let me stop at some quilt shops on the way too. First stop? Endless Mountains Quiltworks in Tunkhannock PA. (we couldn't pronounce it so kept calling it tuunickahannakuh!!!, LOL) Here is what the shop looked like.
NYC Day 4 10-10 014
It was a really nice shop, lots of modern fabrics. I found a few things that made their way home with me.
NYC Day 4 10-10 and 5 004NYC Day 4 10-10 and 5 005
Loved those greens and oranges and who could resist that gray giraffe print? Not me! Then we drove on and decided to stop at a winery but couldn't find the one we thought we were going to stop at, instead we ended up at Grovedale Winery.
NYC Day 4 10-10 017NYC Day 4 10-10 018
It just so happens that they have a quilt block trail, but we didn't have time to go and see them all. I did spy this and another one on the way to the winery. Pretty neat.
On the way to the next stop we drove through some beautiful country. We stopped here so I could show you. When you look at the pics of the scenery it is like you were scanning the view from left to right.
NYC Day 4 10-10 024
NYC Day 4 10-10 021NYC Day 4 10-10 020NYC Day 4 10-10 019
Bought some wine and off to Wellsboro and another quilt shop, Needles Quilt Shop to be exact. They had a HUGE selection of civil war fabrics, and a few other nice fabrics too. Again, you know I found something to love right?
NYC Day 4 10-10 030
NYC Day 4 10-10 and 5 002NYC Day 4 10-10 and 5 003

Then we had to make a bee line to Titusville for the night. What's in Titusville?? Only the caboose motel. Yes, you read that correctly. We slept in a caboose!! Here is DH in front of our "room". Sorry about the poor photo, have I told you how much I hate his camera?
NYC Day 4 10-10 034NYC Day 4 10-10 028
Our car was pretty cool! We ate dinner at the Blue Canoe and the food was spectacular! they brew their own beer too, awesome!! I was reading, while waiting for our dinner, that this is the city John Heisman grew up and played football in (you know, the person the trophy is named for). Very interesting!

This leaves us spending the night in Titusville and I will pick up the journey home tomorrow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day Three in NYC

Are you tired of the trip yet? Well hang on to hour hats, this was the BEST day ever!! I took the bus to the city and walked to Victoria's flat (bumblebeans). She showed me around her wonderful home and it was so kind of her to take me around to some amazing spots. We went to B & J Fabrics and it was overwhelming. Just look at all these rolls of fabrics.
Day 3 in NYC 001
It was great to be able to see so many awesome fabrics in person but they are a little pricey so nice to look at but better to buy online! Except for this amazing bit I happened to find that is not available anywhere else.
NYC Purchases 006
We had gone to a great shop in the garment district that has LOADS of Dupioni silks, good to know for the next trip! You have to buy a yard at a time but it is not too unreasonable. Also saw loads of Liberty of London at B & J as well as later at the Purl.
Victoria and I walked to a Japanese bookstore that was fabulous too, right across from Bryant Park. We went to the park and got someone to take our photo so here you go, Victoria is the tall thin on. Really, what a doll!
Day 3 in NYC 002
She gave me some suggestions of some places to visit on the way to Soho and she walked me through how to use the subway, great info, Victoria, so helpful! She also told me that if I needed any other help to call or text and she would help me. We hugged and I went off to the subway on the way to Union Square. I can't thank you enough Victoria for spending your morning with me, I really enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you. If you are ever in the Detroit area you know who to call!
So I took the subway to Union Square and ended up smack dab in the middle of the farmers market, that was fun. I looked around there and then went to ABC Culture to look around (suggested by Victoria). It was an amazing shop, I loved this adorable Christmas display and this Madona was so beautiful.
Day 3 in NYC 008Day 3 in NYC 004
I wandered around there for awhile, then back to the market and bought a cookie and got back on the subway to to to Soho.
Once there Victoria suggested The Pearl River which is an Asian import shop. Very fun to look around in. I bought a few little Japanese luck cats, just little ones and headed to the Purl to meet Heather Ross. I was quite early so I did my shopping and then sat down to wait. Here is what I bought. Some Far Far Away II
NYC Purchases 009NYC Purchases 010
Some more of the peacock fabric
NYC Purchases 011
And I broke down and bought a little Liberty of London (expensive). I figure if I keep to one color way and just buy a little I can collect enough over time for a beautiful quilt!
NYC Purchases 008
Just look at all this beautiful Liberty fabric, and the FFQ II line too
Day 3 in NYC 014Day 3 in NYC 016
Then the meeting I was so looking forward to...Heather Ross. She walked into the shop and looked to the back and directly at me. She knew it was me and I knew it was her and she made her way to the back of the shop and we hugged, just like we had been friends for a long time. I gave her the bag that PTM had made for her along with the tea towels PTM ad I had embroidered for her. PTM send some raspberry jam and I sent salsa, I hope she liked them. You can tell by the look on her face that she was thrilled with the bag.
Day 3 in NYC 017
She graciously signed the 652 pieces of fabric PTM sent me with as well as my Princess and the Pea fabric, such a good sport! She even put her signature cricket on a few things.
NYC Purchases 005
I spent about the next hour and a half just talking with her and her friend Maria (who happened to be there to meet up with Heather and give her some things from another friend). It was so nice, she is such a genuinely nice person. Here we are, I know the first one is blurry but look at the expression on Heather's face...priceless.
Day 3 in NYC 018Day 3 in NYC 019
PTM thought we could be sisters (I'm the MUCH older one) but our coloring is similar. It was as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. I really hope that we will be able to keep in touch.

Both Heather and Maria suggested dinner at The Pearl Oyster Bar (Maria works there) so DH called me and came into the city and guess what? He had to ask me how to use the subway and guess what?? I could tell him!! So he came to Soho and we went to the POB. Heather and Maria suggested the lobster roll and the cod so that's what we ordered. I was so hungry I almost forgot to get a pic of my lobster roll but here you go, partially eaten, LOL
Day 3 in NYC 020Day 3 in NYC 021
You can see us here after the meal.
We took the subway back uptown and walked around Times Square. You see a very tired me in Times Square!
Day 3 in NYC 022
WE took the bus back to the hotel and collapsed!

Today DH has his last session in the flight simulator so I am hanging out at the hotel and will go there and join him at Flight Safety. We are going to head out to the Scranton PA area and do a slow road trip and overnight somewhere along route 6 in PA on Friday. We will head out and home on Saturday.

It has been a wonderful trip so far and I was so thrilled to meet Heather. Can't wait to do this again!


Day 2 in NYC, Part 2

Ok, are you all settled in and ready for your trip to City Quilts? Here we go. I was on 53rd and the quilt shop is on 25th, so LOTS more walking. I was worried about getting enough exercise but no worries, I've got this covered!! I headed off to the quilt shop. I walked up to the shop and you had to buzz the bell in order to be let into the shop. Thank goodness they let me in!! LOL

I looked to the left and saw this
Day 2 in NYC 079
I just love Buster the cat. I have this pattern and this made me think I should dig it out and make it! Now looking down the center of the shop. Love it!
Day 2 in NYC 077
Don't you love that skull? It's from a new book that I am interested in looking at. It was a fun shop to visit. Here are the things I bought. Some patterns and this great NYC fabric
NYC Purchases 001NYC Purchases 004
And I found some Hope Valley and some adorable bicycles by Erin McMoris.
NYC Purchases 002NYC Purchases 003
After that I was exhausted. I walked back to the bus station (25th to 42nd) and took the bus back to NJ and the hotel. We went out to dinner but I was so tired I think I fell into bed around 8:00!! Next up my BIG day meeting some amazing folks! Stay tuned.

Day 2 in NYC

Today was my second day in NYC on my own. What to do, what to do? I decided that I would go to the American Folk Art Museum in the morning because they have a quilt exhibit going on at the moment. I thought about staying for the curator talk but later decided not to. The bus station is on 42nd and the museum is on 53rd. So I got off the bus and struck off on my own. Why, look who I found in Times Square on my way. None other than the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty!
Day 2 in NYC 006
She's looking pretty good for such an elderly woman don'tcha think?
Finally the museum! Whew, that was quite a walk. So many quilts, two floors worth. I will post a few here but if you want to see them all in detail you can go to my Flickr page and view them all. When you walk in there are three amazing Amish quilts. The hand quilting is amazing. The next one I found and loved was this little star beauty. Just look at that even hand quilting.
Day 2 in NYC 020
I found this friendship, signature quilt to be amazing too
Day 2 in NYC 032Day 2 in NYC 033
Now you know me, I'm a sucker for feather star quilts and this one was no exception. Then I looked at the plack and it was made in Plymouth Michigan!! My community. That was very exciting.
Day 2 in NYC 033Day 2 in NYC 035
Just look at that amazing hand quilting! STUNNING!!
To me though, the most exciting quilt in the exhibit was this one
Day 2 in NYC 072Day 2 in NYC 040
It was behind glass and so it was a little challenging to get some good pictures of it so just keep that in mind. Since we just had the peacocks at our house I was a little fascinated by these blocks.
Day 2 in NYC 061Day 2 in NYC 067
The quilt was called Bird of Paradise and this was the block it was named after
Day 2 in NYC 066Day 2 in NYC 064
There were certainly a lot of birds on this quilt. Just the most amazing quilt in real life. I was listening in on a tour person telling that they think this was a wedding quilt but if you notice the man is missing. They found the template for him but he is not there. They speculate that perhaps he was killed in the war but whatever, there was no wedding. Very interesting quilt.
When I first walked by this quilt I briefly noticed that there was a spot that looked like Michigan. Upon closer inspection,that's because it was a crazy quilt of the entire US!! Pretty cool.
As I was leaving, I saw this cool witch and since it is so close to Halloween I thought I would share this one with you before we move on the City Quilter. Isn't she cute??
Day 2 in NYC 076

This post is getting so long, I will take a break and be back shortly when we will go and visit City Quilts. Hope you are enjoying the trip so far.