Monday, May 17, 2021

Nightingale Quilt

 I am still trying to adjust to being home again.  
There is so much to do here! 
 I bought plants for the garden and some hanging baskets.  
I did weed the side garden and now I need to plant. 
 There is SO much yard work to do!!!  
I have had zero motivation to actually sew in the week since we have been home.  
I changed out all the bedding in both bedrooms today and did some laundry.
 I put away all the clean clothes from the camper and did some organization.  
Some days the work list seems so overwhelming!! 
 That makes me want to do nothing.  Do you ever feel like that?

Yesterday I thought I would put together the back for my "Canada Quilt".
I didn't think it would take *that* long but it took me over 2 hours to piece a back.
Every time I thought I was finished I realized it was not large enough.
I wanted to use fabric I had here rather than go out and buy fabric.
I did manage to do it using only fabric from my stash!!!
I did not get a photo of the quilt top or back, will have to do that once it is back from the quilter.

I then pieced the top for the Nightingale quilt.
This picture is from before I put the top together.
I will take a photo of the top tomorrow.
I was too busy to do anything with it today.

This is not a very good picture of the blocks as it is in my hallway and the lighting is crap.
I will take it outside tomorrow and get some better pictures.

I am still trying to navigate work time around the house and sewing time.
I really need to find a good balance.
Not just for the house, but also for my sanity, LOL.

I am giving plasma 2x a week and have to factor that in each week also.

Any tips on how you balance getting things done and finding time to sew?


Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Spending Time With Avery

 Our month in NC is coming to an end.  
We have spent almost every weekend with Avery and his parents.
  I have taken hundreds of photos and would love to share just a few of my favorites.  
Today, when I walked in and went to the room where he was on the floor,
 he looked up at me and was smiling so much! 
 It just melted my heart. 
 He is such a happy little guy and such a pleasure to be around.  

That smile!

 I took an entire series of photos of Chris making Avery laugh.
It was so difficult to choose just a couple!

This video of Chris making Avery laugh is the cutest!

The perfect ending to our visit this month.


Monday, April 26, 2021

Hiking the Haw

Last week we went for a 4 mile hike along the Haw river.  
We saw TONS of turtles. 
 I think most of my photos were of turtles!! 
 The best find was a swamp lily growing directly in the middle of our path. 
 Someone hiking from the opposite direction we were going told us to keep going and we would see it.  So we continued our hike to the lily and then headed back.
  I will share some of my favorite photos here.

I was totally fascinated by all the turtles!

I've only ever seen these flowers in yellow!

I was taking turtle pics when I looked up and these white flowers were all over a bush in front of me!

This is the swamp lily we found right in the center of the path!

Not sure what this flower was but it was so sweet.

I caught this Cormorant as he was taking off.  Lucky shot!

It took a few tries to get my camera to focus on this spider web.

Love shooting directly down on plants like these.

I took so many pictures of the turtles, but there were so many in so many cool spots!
I hope you enjoyed our hike photos.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Our Visit To Old Town Cemetery

 We had to head in to Durham yesterday to pick up some packages.
  It was a cold, rainy day here.  
We decided to drive through Hillsborough and stumbled upon the Old Town Cemetery.  
Both of us are fascinated by old cemeteries.  
We decided to get out and explore.  There were so many interesting things there.  
One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Willliam Hooper.  

This told about Hooper and as you can see in the bottom corner, there is a bit about a giant stone chosen by a young girl for her marker (apparently like in the "olden days") to be used upon her death.

This is a view of the cemetery from the sidewalk as we walked up.

Such interesting markers.

This is the site of William Hooper

This was the largest marker. 
 It was for Governor Graham.  "William Graham, who served as a U.S. senator, secretary of the Navy, N.C. governor, and Confederate senator." 
 His family was buried around him.

This marker was for one of his children.  As I turned around the lamb was behind me.  

We found the boulder marker.

As we walked around we also saw the Nash Hooper house.
Had it not been cold and rainy we would have walked around more as we saw lots of historic signs.

On our way out of town we saw a "Quickie Mart"  
I SO wanted to stop in and see if Apu was in there (or maybe Homer).


Friday, April 23, 2021

Pineapple Fabrics and Friends

 Today was the day!!  Chris and I met up with our friends, 
Debbie and Mark at Pineapple Fabrics in Archdale. 
 Debbie and I shopped and Chris and Mark visited.  I
 completely forgot to take pictures inside the shop, 
but got a couple of pics of the two of us and our bags.

These are the 25 nap blankets I made for Debbie to give for a donation.
I got a pic of her and Mark putting them into their car.
These are 2 of my favorite people in the whole world!
They are not only some of the nicest people I know, but very giving too.
We are looking forward to going wine tasting with them when we return in the fall!!

I was super happy to get 50 yards of fabric out in the form of nap blankets.
I also donated another (probably over 20 yards) for her and her friends to use to make some more.
I'm thinking that my goal should be to make another 10 before we return in the fall.
Maybe I will just have to keep making them until all my kid friendly flannel is used up.
What do you think?

Wanna see what I bought today? 
I can show you all but one thing as that's a surprise for a friend.

I found some of the sky Thatched I needed for a pattern.
Then I found some Lizzy House ghosts and some Tula!!!
I bought the rest of the Tula and just a little bit of the ghosts.
They had some of the LH butterflies in navy and a bunch of her constellation prints,
 the ones in the rainbow colors. 
I reluctantly left those all there. 

I found some Tiger Lily.  I really wanted to buy it ALL, but I left some for others
 (plus I couldn't afford to buy it all). 
 These are two of my all time favorite cat prints!

OMGosh you guys.  I could have done some damage here!
I found the cutest panel of a town and roads (a car mat) to make for Avery.
My friend, Debbie, swears by these Magic pins so I decided to give a set a try.
They were 20% off so I figures what the heck.
They also had the snowman panel by Moda for $9.99.
Again, I left that there.

Chris has been into wearing "crazy" socks lately.  
When I saw these I could not pass them up.
His birthday is next month so I will be putting them away for his birthday.

I saw this bag made up and thought it would be a fun one to cut my teeth on. 
 I don't make many bags but this looked about my speed!  LOL. 
 I bought the pattern and think I will do that once I get home.
Isn't it cute?

After a fun lunch at an actual "dine in" place we left our friends and headed back to the camper.
Thanks for a fun time friends!

Yesterday was Finny's birthday.  
He is now 4 years old.