Monday, June 12, 2023

Blue Lagoon Quilt Top

 I *finally* finished all the hand stitching on my Blue Lagoon quilt top.
I just had gotten out of the habit of doing handwork but decided to pick it up and start working on it.
Do you ever just put something away and forget about it?
I made a small box for handwork projects and will bring that in the camper.
It is relaxing for me to do this at night instead of just playing on my phone.
Wish me luck with keeping this up!

I did this pattern as a test for Meags and Me.
It is a darling quilt and I am so happy with how it came our!

I took these inside so the colors are not as vibrant as they are in real life.
I found a royal blue Minky remnant in my stash that I am going to use for the back.

Happy Stitching!


Friday, June 09, 2023

My Gifts For Little Miss

 I gave some gifts from the baby registry, but I made a lot too.
It was exciting to get to make for a new baby.
First up were burp cloths.

I made 2 flannel crib sheets and one knit one (rainbow)

Self binding blanket

The bear fabric is flannel and the green is a very soft Minky

I embroidered bear faces on both the white and pink Onise.
These were 3-6 month size and a real pain to do!
Came out really cute though.

The bear face ones are the ones my daughter requested.
The other 2 were total surprises for her.

I loved this little rainbow design.
I found this adorable Onsie at Hobby Lobby!
Who knew?
Rainbow pattern was from ETSY
Much easier since this was a 6 month size.

This unicorn face turned out well too.
I put a cushy fleece on the back so the embroidery wouldn't be scratchy on Little Miss

I found this onsie on Amazon.
Unicorn embroidery was from ETSY.

These were so fun to do (well mostly, LOL)
When my daughter opened these, she said maybe she was going to have me
 make more embroidered clothing!

I have a quilt to get working on next.
Stay tuned.


Thursday, June 08, 2023

Baby Sprinkle

 We were in NC again but just for a week this time.
My daughter's best friend was throwing her a baby sprinkle. 
A sprinkle is a shower but for a second baby.
Since her first was born during Covid she didn't have a normal pregnancy/baby experience.
This included the baby shower.

I was in charge of the desserts.
A little pressure since my daughter told her friend that desserts are the most important part of a shower.
I ordered the cookies from my SIL's sister.
I asked for unicorns and rainbows.
They came out SO cute!
My daughter and family were on vacation so I was able to use her kitchen to prepare.
I made mini cheesecakes, and her favorite peanut blossom cookies.
I put rainbow sprinkles on top of the cheesecakes and cookies.
I had my hubby spray paint the chocolate kisses with gold and silver edible spary paint.
I dipped Oreos and pretzels in different colored chocolate and put sprinkles on them.
I bought brownie bites, frosted them and added sprinkles.
I ordered cupcakes from a local grocery store then wrapped them in unicorn face wraps, and put horns with ears and flowers on top.
I bought stands for the cupcakes and trays for everything else.
I have to say it turned out better than I had hoped and everything was delicious!
Ready to see the results?

These were the party favors

We had a "Mommosa" bar.

Gigi and Grammy with the expectant mama.

My BEST friend flew down to NC from MI for the shower.
We met at work and have been besties for almost 40 years!

We all had "unicorn horns" to wear.
I thought I might need 2, LOL

Such a gorgeous venue

Gift table.

Grammy knitted the cutest hat and blanket.

A self binding blanket made by Gigi.

I embroidered some Onsies for the baby
This bear face was so cute!

Took this pic on our last day there.
He was saying goodnight to us as he was going to bed and we were leaving in the am to go home.
He is going to be a GREAT big brother!

Such a special time celebrating Little Miss!!
We can't wait to meet her!