Sunday, December 01, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Ever heard the phrase best laid plans can go astray?
That is certainly what happened to me this weekend. 
 Thursday, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. 
 Made dinner and all was well.  
Then I went to bed. 
 I woke up around 3am with a stomach ache, you know the one.  
Where you know you ate too much and now you are paying for it right?  
So I ate some Tums, and drank some water and tried to go back to sleep.  
It soon became clear to me that was not going to happen. 
 I just felt worse and worse.
 I took 3 hot showers, got out the heating pad to no avail. 
 I was super nauseated and won't go into more detail about THAT! 
We were supposed to go to Grand Rapids to see my dad and sister 
but it was clear that was not happening either. 
I finally got up and moped around for awhile before deciding to call the doctor. 
 The on call doctor told me I had to go to the ER. 
 told hubby I really felt like I needed to go and we were there by 11am.  

I was whisked off for an ultrasound and then another test that involved radioactive dye and morphine
 and was told that I had gallstones blocking my bile duct that had inflamed my gall bladder
 and that it would have to be removed right now! 
 I went in to surgery at around 7:30pm Friday night and they operated on me and took out my gall bladder!  They did it laproscopically so only 4 holes!!!  
It doesn't sound like much but I am really sore now. 
 When I got to my room my son and hubby were there and they had written on the white board.

JIC you can't read it it says "goals for discharge" 

Learn how to cook Thanksgiving dinner that doesn't kill me

as well as Anticipated date

Sam and Dean (the men from Supernatural)

HAHA gotta love my boys, they knew how to make me laugh!

So I spent the night in the hospital. 
 That was fun! 
I finally got to eat something on Sat morning. 
 Hospital breakfast and boy was I happy to have that, even though I couldn't eat much.

I went home Saturday morning but was out of it most of the day due to the medication they had me on.

I don't like how I feel on that so I only took Motrin for the night and all day today. 
 I'm still pretty sore and my belly is really tender but I feel more like myself. 
Hubby went off to DD1's farm to work on the chicken coop today and
I got to just hang out with the cats all day. 
I paid the bills and got my dad and sister's bills done too. 
 Then look what else I managed to do this afternoon.

I got all my squares cut for the Tula Pink swap.  
Plus Judith's and Cilvee's too!

Most of the day though I hung out with one of these guys.  
Doing just what she is doing, being lazy!


Anyway, that's what happened around my house over the Thanksgiving break.
I hope yours was somewhat less eventful!



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Not fun - get better soon, but really take the time to rest and recover.

MB in MI said...

Oh My Goodness! Glad you're doing better. Wishing you a safe and semi-speedy recovery--get your rest !

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Sending more healing thoughts your way MS. I'd say you're one tough cookie! Get well...

dianne said...

i'm kinda jealous - i didn't get a waaaay cool white board for people to write loving messages - ha ha ha!!! i can't believe you felt good enough to use a rotary cutter - good for you!!!

jeifner said...

For crying out loud in the dark! That's terrible. You've got enough going on without that as well but I'm so glad you're feeling better :)

Gill said...

Oh dear - I hope you're feeling better and taking things easy! Just a little light sewing!!

beaquilter said...

ouch! get better soon......

kathy said...

I'm soooooo sorry .I know the gallstones are very painful, an inflamed gall bladder too? I think that's insult to injury. Feel better

Mary-Kay said...

Here's to a speedy recovery! It's time to let people take care of you. Rest, relax and enjoy!

M.W. said...

Take care and get well soon. Not a fun way to spend Thanksgiving weekend.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Michele said...

Oh boy that was definitely no fun for you. I know exactly how that feels though my 1st pain started after eating a salad. Yours had nothing to do with your dinner, it just happened to be the right time for your gall bladder to not play nice. I am happy to tell you though that after you heal and your body adjusts to not having it any more, you will feel much, much better. Hugs. said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better by now. LOL Nice notes on the white board. Take time to heal.

Shannon said...

I am glad that you are ok now. I had my gall bladder removed a few years back. Glad that is all over. I had years gall bladder attacks. I wouldn't mind a date with Sam and Dean. Maybe we could go together. Love that show!

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