Thursday, December 19, 2013

Is Anyone Else Having Panic Attacks??

I can NOT believe it is almost Christmas.

 I still have so much more to do before the BIG day. 
 I am making lists and trying to plan the best way to get the most done
 in the most efficient way possible. 

 I had to go to the financial advisor for my dad after work yesterday and
 there were 2 stores very close to that appointment so I got 2 gifts there.  
On the way home I realized I was going to be late to the AAMQG party if I stopped to make something so I called the local Mediterranean place and stopped and picked up humus and bread. 
 First I had to stop home and get some things to bring with me and let the dog out then I was off.  

I had such a fun time at the AAMQG meeting!  
Such great women. 
 I gave my friend Vicky an ornament that I found while I was in Shipshewana.  
She gave me these.

They are super amazing gift tags made from all the cut out greeting cards that I had given her. 
 Well not all the cut outs, there were literally hundreds!  
My grandma cut them all out and my mom had saved them. 
 I don't do paper crafting so Vicky returned some to me in this way.  
Thanks sweetie!

On the way home I stopped by my friend Pauline's house.  
She had knitted me some scarves as gifts and was finished with 3 of the 4. 
 How amazing is that???  
She is so kind to me! 
 On top of that she gave me the most wonderful Christmas gifts.

Homemade hot dog relish, an amazing butterfly night light (made from recycled pop bottles), a kitchen towel and two pot holders with owls on them and that adorable bag that she made!!!  
Can you see who is peeking out of the stripe? 

Well Hello Kitty!! 

 Owl and the Pussycat theme? 

The inside of the bag is full of kitties too.
 Some day I am going to learn how to make bags. 
 I better get at it before she moves back to Canada eh?

It is so nice to have such wonderful friends.
Thank you so much Pauline for your generosity.  
I treasure our friendship!

Almost time to leave work and go to that LONG overdue haircut appointment.
I hope Melissa can work her magic.

Baby girl flies in tonight and I can't wait!!  
Lots of plans for that girlie.

Have a good one!


2 comments: said...

Looks like you had loads of fun and what a lovely bag Pauline made you. Is it a Tammy Bag?

margaret said...

some very nice gifts, have a lovely Christmas with the family.

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