Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby Quilt

I have been so busy for the quilt raffle showings that I have not been near my computer for awhile. We had the big 7 of7 tournament for lacrosse on sunday too. That was taking up a lot of time so now it is the raffle (and probably thanksgiving, since it is always at my house!) I did manage to finish a panel baby quilt and I sent it to Liz. I will show you the photos once I get it back all quilted up! It was the Thimbleberries "Wiggles and Giggles" panel with a bear and a bunny. Maybe some of you know it. I just bordered it with a blue star border and then a second border with rectangles. I found a nice blue stripe flannel for the backing. A good friend of mine sent me a shower invite (Dec 9th) and I was so suprised as neither of her boys are that old. Apparently the 19 year old is *that* old and now there is a baby. I guess it is not the end of the world but him mom is pretty upset. I hope the quilt helps!

I found these pretty fabrics and thought they would make a nice baby quilt too. Our lacrosse coach and his wife are expecting a baby in Feb and the lax moms will be having a shower for them. Any suggestions for a pattern? I really want to work on it soon as the shower will be in Jan. I am open to any ideas, mine seem to be coming in fits and starts right now.

Isn't this mouse adorable??

I don't know if you remember the woman friend of mine with cancer that has no family only her two cats? Well, I *finally* finished putting together, and binding her quilt. I am meeing her tonight for dinner at the Olive Garden to give it to her. She had tumors in her jaw, bone cancer. She said one of the tumors is not responding to treatment, so I would appreciate you keeping her in your prayers. I will post that quilt once I remember to bring my cord to work = )

I had to see the dentist yesterday to have him replace a filling that had cracked. They ended up giving me 3 shots to make my mouth numb. It was awful! My jaw is so sore today. It is difficult for me to eat too (I guess that is no great loss as I need to lose some weight anyway, lol). Hope all is well with you and send me some ideas for that baby quilt!

Just a funny Aiden photo for you to enjoy!!


The Calico Cat said...

Love the fabrics!

Off the top of my head...

Something with a plain alternating block - you can use the novelty as the alternating block - if you have enough.

I know it will sound trite, but Yellow brick Road or somethign similar using those tone on tones & then use the novelty print as the border...

Stars with the novelty as the center & the tone on tones as the points with muslin backgrounds...

Laurie Ann said...

Oh, those fabrics are fabulous and I really love the ones you picked out to coordinate with the dog (and cat) :) fabric. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Great pic of Aiden!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I am sending prayers for your friend... and I am imagining the love and comfort you will put in every stitch of the quilt you are making her... it will be a healing hug she can wrap herself in.
The fabrics for the new baby quilt are adorable... I think you will get good suggestions for it... I don't know pattern names well enough, but I would look for something that suggests a chase... does that make sense? Just ask Aiden... he looks like he might know something about cats, mice and chases ;-)

atet said...

Love the fabrics -- that print is just too cute. As for a pattern, um, hmmm -- something simple, alternating nine patches and the focus? Use the focus for the border and then do some simple nine patches and/or four patches for the center? Ooohhh -- I just remembered take a look here:


Something like that could look really cute!

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