Wednesday, November 07, 2007

U of M Quilt Raffle/ BIG TEN Quilt

It's finally done! We finished the top awhile ago and then we got it back from Liz, the LAQ genius. As you can see in every block she did a star pattern to quilt the block but the best part is that in the sashing around each block she wrote (using thread) what they cheer at each school. You might think this an easy task but it was not. I did not know what they cheer at some of the other schools so what to do?? Well I went on my facebook account and randomly selected students from the places we didn't have and asked them, of course! The guy I chose from Northwestern actually emailed me back telling me that his mom was a quilter and that what we were doing was great! (I have to say everyone I contacted did get back to me with whatever the chant was from their school). I thought some of them rather interesting. Like for Penn State they say "We are...Penn State". And Purdue says, "Boiler Up!" and Illinois says, "ILL...INI". Interesting, fun facts to know and tell, hahaha.

Then I threw in a few close ups of the corner stone where we used the logo in a 4 patch and when we didn't have enough for 16 (only 11 schools in the Big Ten) I appliqued the Big Ten logo in the square! I love the way the Big Ten block came out too. I appliqued all the logos in the block. I also did all the center appliques for each block and Iowa and Penn state win the prize for being the most difficult to applique! Note the amazing Liz's BIG TEN quilting in the border of the quilt too. She even drew the football in free hand! I would sure love to hear what you all think of this quilt.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Wow... that is amazing... the attention to detail and all the effort! Very well done.

Faith said...

wow this looks great and I love how the writing is at the side of each block,it gives it a style of its, own. Thanks for visiting my blog I will have a go at fabric painting fabrics to put in quilts that sounds like a good idea.

KC Quilter said...

Absolutely incredible! It looks amazing. Job well done.

atet said...

The raffle quilt looks amazing! What fun for someone to win. And your halloween party looks like it was a ton of fun! What was wrong with those folks that they didn't want to eat the cool looking food? (though, the cat poop cookies might have put me off as well)

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