Thursday, December 13, 2007


I am still alive and well, just super duper busy! (Who isn't, right??) Well I was *trying*, (trying being the operative word here) to sew some binding on my flannel brick road Christmas quilt. When what to my wondering eyes did appear? Miss Autumn, see her tail?

AAAHHHH, now you can see her. She would not leave this quilt alone. I did finally get the binding sewn on but not turned yet.

These are 2 of the quilts I donated to the U of M quilt raffle. I designed the embroidered animals one. I first did the squares in all different colors and I HATED it...a lot! So I tried adding the white and making the squares the same color but with different fabric. I liked this much better. I did not repeat any fabirc in the colored squares. When I was a little girl, (a LONG time ago) I used to sleep under a quilt that my grandmother made. It was a crazy quilt made using feedsack fabrics (I am still trying to find this old quilt!) I vividly remember falling asleep while trying to choose my favorite fabric or seeing if I could find any that matched. I really wanted to re-create that for whoever ended up with my quilt. We raised $10,700 total for the charity!! WOO-HOO!!!

On to the most recently finished quilt. I made this baby quilt for a baby shower for a friend of mine, who's son and his GF are expecting. When the future DIL opened it my friend was announcing all the gifts and who they were from etc. She took one look and said over the microphone, "Oh no you didn't" But of course I did!! So I just nodded my head and she burst into tears as the DIL opened it up. Everyone in the room gasped and started clapping and wanted to know who made it. It was very embarassing!! I did not want to be the center of attention! My friend told everyone that the very first quilt I made had gone to her daughter 6 almost 7 now years ago. I had completely forgotten that. The panel is from Thimbleberries and was, of course, quilted by Liz the Whiz! Aren't the bees so cute?

I did not know the baby's name (which I now know is James) so I made this label. I used flannel on the back. I used the stamp my GF Yuki carved for me to jazz it up a bit too. The whole quilt was made from stash so that made me happy too.

I just sent another quilt off to Liz that is for a baby due in feb. The new dog is learning, although a little slowly for me, not to chase the cats. She and Jack are ok the others still HATE her. She is a sweetie but still a dog. Hopefully I will have some more photos to post later.


atet said...

Congrats on the charity raffle total! Love the baby quilt as well -- way too cute. Don't you just love it (even if you are embarassed by it) when your quilts/gifts are appreciated?

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - so many really darling quilts! You are on a roll. Especially love the little stamp you used on the label.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

So busy Pamela, and such lovely work! Congratulations on the charity success.

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