Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finds, Friends and Fabric

My weekend was eclectic. 
 Scratch that my LIFE is eclectic! 
 I did a lot of things this weekend that were not connected except that they were done by me. 
 I did some gardening and boy was it HOT. 
 I did some cleaning and laundry, not very exciting. I also did some shopping, cutting and sewing.
 I decided that I need a new shower curtain.
 I also decided it was time to cut into my precious FQ bundle of Bliss to make said shower curtain. 

I am using the pattern Happy Hour by Terry Atkinson 

 I saw this made up as a shower curtain on Terry's blog a LONG time ago and loved it! 
 So that's what I am going to do... eventually.
 Hey at least it is cut out!  
I have a few other things to get done and they have a deadline. 
 I figure I have 6 quilts to make in about 2-3 weeks!!!  
Two for Yolanda, 3 for MHC, one that I can't talk about, (yet) and *then* the shower curtain.  

I have to say that my friends are so good to me.   
Pauline sent away for a free pattern for me. 
 Cute right?
Thanks P!

Cori and I were talking about my making some quilts for MHC and their drive for kids quilts.  
You can read about what they are looking for here
 I like to donate to this group as they are in Michigan and I know the people running the charity.  They are in particular need of quilts for boys and young men.  
Desired size is 40"X 60", so not that large.  
Anyway, Cori and I were talking about this and she sent me off with a JR to use for one (or maybe 2) quilts for some of the younger boys.  
I think I am going to try this pattern by Amanda Jean. 
 I think I can adapt it for a jelly roll.  
What do you think of using white for the other part of the pattern?
I'm trying to use from my stash and I have loads of white.

 Interestingly enough Amanda Jean just blogged about sending blocks off to MHC for an upcoming sew-in on August 25th.  
You can read about that here.  
The link to the pattern for the blocks can be found here.

Whew that's a lot of information! 
 It would be great if you could join in! 
 I wracked my brain to see what I could come up with for older guys and thought,
 "you can never go wrong with sports teams". 
 So I am working on Michigan and Michigan State tumbler quilts.  
I have the U of M one done and ready to send to Liz. 
 I have 6 of the 11 rows done on Sparty's quilt.  
These tumbler tops went together in just over 3 hours and used 1 1/2 yards of 3 fabic.  
If you have a GO and want to help, you can whip one of these babies up in no time!!
Well maybe in 3 hours anyway.

I'm going to stop right here.  
I have more to share, but will save it for tomorrow. 
 I know I don't like  posts that go on and on and on, LOL. 
Have a wonderful day!!



Teresa in Music City said...

A shower curtain! Who'da thunk??? I'm definitely going to have to try this. How many times have I worn myself out trying to find the perfect shower curtain in perfect combination of colors and design? Too many!!! Thanks for the inspiration today =^..^=

Sara said...

The shower curtain is going to be very pretty when it is done Pam!!

You have loads of white...I always need to stock up on whites!

Sheila said...

Very nice fabric and pattern for a shower curtain :D

Karen said...

Holy crap I can't keep up :) love the shower curtain idea, white stash yes, tumbler is great and fantastic charity work! I need a nap :D

Allie said...

Love the Bliss fabric! Great idea to make quilts for MHC.

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