Sunday, June 24, 2012


I know that Amanda Jean is talking about her pattern testers today. 
 I wrote a post yesterday about my quilt that I made when pattern testing for her new book.
  Now I want to show you what I received from AJ as a thank you for doing the testing.

I received a nice box containing fore things for both Pauline and me.  
This was my stuff. 
 Hers was similar.
  Some chocolate, some pins, a layer cake of Salty Air, a book plate,
 a handwritten note and a mini quilt!

The quilt is gorgeous!
Funny that it is the one Pau1ine tested!

I seriously love that I have such nice friends!
 It was an honor to do the testing for you AJ and this went above and beyond a necessary thank you!



Rachel said...

Awww, you did a fabulous job and AJ is SO awesome!! (I am jealous, I want a mini AJ quilt!!)

Jamie Lee said...

How awesome!!! I have the book and love it.

I've sewn together my first 4 rows of my sliced apples quilt. Like I said, I've got 3 kids under six, so it's been busy so far this summer, but I'm making progress...

Sara said...

I saw that quilt over on AJ's blog and I know I gotta make it now!

Congrats on your awesome experience!!

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