Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Michigan Stash Dash

I have been MIA lately and I'm sorry about that. 
 Life continues to be very busy over at my house! 
 I did make the time to go on the Michigan Stash Dash 
with some of the Wednesday night quilters, Shirley and Barb.  
We had an excellent time!  
I tried to restrain myself and did ok, still need to work on it but not too bad overall. 
 We went to 7 shops! 
 I'm going to share what I bought at each shop. 
 Photos of some of the shops are on my Flickr if you want to see them.

We started at the Lake Street Mercantile and that's where we took the bus from.  
They did a really nice job and kept us on time and home early!  
Also the BEST chocolate doughnuts I have ever had!

The first actual stop was The Quilting Season in Saline.  
A small shop but nice. 
 They had homemade cinnamon rolls waiting for us there! 
They also had this amazing rug!

This is what I bought there. 
 A half yard of MSU Spartan fabric that I don't own. 
 Imagine that?

The next stop was Bits and Pieces in Wayne.  
This is where I bring my Bernina for her yearly spa visit.  
I stocked up on a few essentials while there and talked with my sewing machine boyfriend, 
Jay, while I was there.  
(He is the person that gives my machine her spa treatment and he is fabulous!!)

Next stop was Quilt-n Friends in Sterling Heights. 
They had a very nice shop, but I didn't buy anything there.

I can't remember which shop came next but I think it was Sew Elegant in Fort Gratiot. 
 (but I could have this one mixed up with the next one, but whatever you get my drift right?)  
This shop has a LOT to choose from, but I restrained myself! 
Just look at that butterfly from Hushabye!! 
 They still had quite a bit of Hushabye left too (see photos in my Flickr).

We stopped at Sew Together in Richmond too and I bought a Frixion red pen and this magazine.  There is a great pattern for those mermaids from Kellie Wulfson in there!

There was quite a bit of time from the second to last and last shop 
so we did some of this while on the way to it.

Mother and daughter, so adorable!

The last stop was my favorite (and I knew it would be).  
The Quilter's Garden in Fenton. 
 If you haven't been here you should go.  
Fabulous shop!  
I found LOTS to love here.

Some peacock fabric for pillowcases for DD1 for Christmas.

This great wreath pattern that I have been looking for for a long time.  
I need to try these, especially the Halloween one!  
And look at that adorable apron! 
 It is just screaming for some vintage modern!

I refrained (just barely) from the pattern for this ironing board cover but will probably buy one later.

I didn't buy these patterns but I was tempted. 
 An owl, frog, pig, cat, dog, raccoon and more.  
Can you see that flip flop in the bottom left of the tree (blue and yellow) so cute! 
 Made from a regular flip flop and they put some kind of base over it and 
used twisted the yellow for the part you slide your foot into.  
I didn't happen to see a pattern for that but we were not the first bus there.  
I may have to track that down, they were really cute!

Then they had this wallhanging.  
It was so cute!!  
Reminded me of the Peanuts gang.  
They were out of the pattern and the kit too. 
 I'm on a list.  
Will see how that goes.

I did buy the newsprint for the hats though.  
How could I resist?

All in all a very successful and fun day!  
Shop hops are such fun aren't they?

More soon!!



MB in MI said...

Saw a big charter bus outside Quilt n Friends a couple Saturdays ago (i work across the street)--maybe their gang was just leaving?? How fun your trip looks! Another thing to put on the 'to do' list!! :-)

Impera_Magna said...

Shop hopping on a bus sounds like a good thing... esp since you can nap between stops!


Sara said...

Love that rug,cinnamon rolls, bus ride,Hushabye oh my!

Quiltluver said...

Ok, now I'm wondering if my Janome sewing machine boyfriend is two timing me. Jay--tall, skinny guy, wears cowboy boots, maybe a cowboy hat?

ColleenaMareena said...

I love the little pins you got--that is way more fun than the stamps we had here in CA!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh fun!!! Thanks for taking me along for the ride! I haven't been on a good shop hop in ages. I'm going to have to track down some of that newsprint fabric - too cute :*)

Brenda said...

How fun, Love ,love shop hops! I have some of the fabric on the ironing board, Poppy in the name? I used it to line a bag. I am making an ironing board cover that I found on a sew along. I think it will turn out fine without spending money on a pattern. Happy to say I finally got my new sewing machine out of Lay-away. I got a Baby Lock Elizabeth. Excited to get to use it soon.

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