Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Convert

Last night I met a friend (actually my dentist's daughter, who is also my dentist)
 at the local quilt shop.
  Turns out she wants to learn how to quilt. 
 She received a sewing machine for her birthday and wants me to help her.  
She breezed into the shop about 10 minutes before it was going to close.  
I had 2 patterns picked out for her to choose from.  
 She chose Take 5 and away we went searching for fabric.  
Just so happens they had the new Perfectly Perched by Laurie Wisburn in the shop, 
or at least a few bolts of it anyway, in the aqua and green color way.
My two favorite colors!!

These are the three prints she chose

We also picked out a green that matched the chairs and 
a gray that matched the birds in the second swatch.  
This is going to be one adorable quilt!  
She chose the green solid for an inner border and the dark birds for the outer border.  
I am hoping she comes tonight so we can cut it out!

Isn't it fun helping a new quilter?  
Do you remember your first quilt?  
Mine was hideous!  
So not me anymore. 
Deep dark Thimbleberries colors.
 I hope she will like this one when it's all finished.



Jodi said...

How cute that quilt will be - I love Laurie Wisbrun's designs. My first quilt was only four years ago, and ugh! I actually had the gall to give it to my SIL! I need to swap it out for her with a better one! Have fun with the newbie - she's blessed to have a teacher like you!

Denise :) said...

My first finished piece was really darling -- a horse wall-hanging that I gifted to a sweet young lady for her sweet sixteen. Yes, watching a new quilter get excited is rejuvenating!! :)

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

don't you just love teaching somebody something new and them watch them grow into a quilter!!?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

There's nothing better than helping a new quilter find their own way down the path, nothing!

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