Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Weekend Getaway

We have had very few get aways this year so hubby and 
I thought we would sneak off to Shipshewana to a B & B for the night on Friday. 

Morton Street B & B

We left early Friday morning and it turned out to be a surprisingly beautiful, and kinda warm day.  
We hit the usual haunts, Jo-Jo-s Pretzels, one of our favorites!

Amish Buggies

 Yoders, one of my favorites. 
 Some of these 4 came home with me!

I even got this teal pair of shoes, although technically they are for Christmas. 
 No I have not worn them yet.

We ate dinner at the Blue Gate and they had this fabulous tree outside, all lit up!
Sorry the photo does NOT do it justice, and the colors rotated.

It was a wonderful day and we had the B & B all to ourselves! 
 The owner made us an amazing breakfast too.  
They own the bakery next door!!  
The down side?  
When we woke up it was to a blizzard.  
We had to drive to see my dad that day too.  
This is what our drive looked like most of the way there.

We checked out my dad's house.  It was after the estate sale and all the "stuff" was cleared out!  
Here are some after pics. 

 In the basement.

In the basement looking the other way

On the other side of the basement.

Almost everything is cleared out, YEAH!!!  
The estate sale is over and now we just need to clean up and list the house.
  I just heard from the social worker today that they 
want to move my dad back to his apt on Christmas eve. 
Because that is so easy for me to be there, right?

Sorry I am feeling majorly stressed right now over all of this.  
I just got my tree up on Monday and it is not decorated yet and the house is a mess and DD2 is flying in on Thursday night and, and, and.  

OK deep breath. 
 I will just keep plugging away. 
 Still have one Christmas present to bind!!

I have to run, so more later!!


7 comments: said...

The get away looks fun, the snow not so much. Especially driving up to Grand Rapids in it. Glad to see that you are feeling better.

sophie said...

I am so glad that you were able to take a break and get away. I love Shipshewana and it was fun to live vicariously through you and your photos. I'd love to be within driving distance of Yoder's again.

I suspect your dad will be happy to be home for Christmas even if it means a very busy Christmas Eve (and probably Christmas Day) for you. Maybe this last flurry of activity (and stress) will indeed be the last and you can all settle in for a much more relaxing 2014?

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Dont worry about the tree. Do What I do. Pull out some decorations and put them in a basket or on the closet table. Not all just some. Take 15 minutes and put lights on the tree. Everytime you walk past the tree as a decoration or two. Let DD add more when she comes. Even if it is Christmas eve until its finished. Dont worry about the mess. DD grew up inyour house and can help when she arrives. Just enjoy what you have and not what you think you have to do. A

Bettina Groh said...

every year seems as hectic as can be no matter the circumstances!! I remember the year we moved from St. Joe, Michigan to a suburb of Kansas City the week before Christmas with three sick kids, 2 cats and a dog! It was minus 16 when we arrived and it dropped to minus 20 over night!! And there were loads of other things that just didn't go right....
I didn't intend all this but want to tell you that my package of stash ( the kitty stuff) arrived and it is super cute! Thank you!!

Annemiek said...

Yes, breathe dear, and try to relax. Christmas means being together and that's all that matters, even in a messy house.

Tamara Hampton said...

I dont miss the snow! akk! you can get thru it... just relax and go with the flow... its the only way i can handle the stress in my life!!

margaret said...

looks like you had a good time on your overnight break but that snow must have been hard to drive through. Very comfortable looking shoes and some lovely fabrics. It is good Dad is well enough to return to his apartment, will he come to you Christmas Day?You have done a great job on that basement, it is so empty now!

have a lovely Christmas with your family

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