Monday, February 29, 2016

Ahhhhhh Florida

I just returned from a week long trip with my hubby to Florida. 
 We drove from Michigan and we took 2 days to do it.  
We stopped at a couple of quilt stores on the way down and that was nice! 
 I thought I would share the shops with you and let you take a shop hop (so to speak) with me.

The first shop that we stopped at was in East Bernstadt, Kentucky. 
 It was called Paula's Quilting Pantry.  It was in an old farm house in the middle of nowhere.

When I walked in the front door this is what greeted me.

Along with this beautiful antique quilt.

There was a big classroom area and this beauty was hanging in there.  

I thought this log cabin tile on the floor was pretty awesome also.  It gave me some ideas.

Here is the haul from this shop.  Some OOP Lizzy House and some neat black and white fabrics. 
 Just a peek of green solid for the next wedding quilt on the docket too.
  I loved that she gave me a calendar with that adorable cow on it too.

We stopped in Lake City, Florida, at this very purple shop.

This shop was huge and had quite a nice selection of some of the more modern fabrics.  

I found a couple of oldies but goodies to stock up on!

Then we had to get serious about arriving at our destination.  
Hubby wanted to do some fishing! 
 We arrived in Sarasota at my inlaws just in time to go to church.  
After that we went back to their place and had dinner with them and my SIL and BIL. 
 I was so tired, I ended up in bed at 7!!

More adventures coming soon. 

Did anyone miss me??



Norma said...

How nice to take a road trip this time of year. I do not like to fly and since my hubby's daughter lives near Tampa, we talk a lot about going, just haven't. And I love the quilt shops! Now that is a vacation!

dianne said...

YES!!! i DID miss you!!! welcome back home!!!

KaHolly said...

You certainly were missed! Such a great and well deserved break. Tell us more! said...

I love the cow calendar. How fun to visit shops especially the out of the way ones.

Cecilia said...

You should come back to Florida! The weather is warmer this week and it is beautiful! I've been to the purple Shop, too. It's always fun to stop at the different quilt shops on a trip.

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