Friday, July 15, 2016

Q3 Finish Along, The Proposed Finishes

I have a few things on my list of things to finish.  Here we go.

1-Mark and Karly's wedding quilt.  I can't show photos since they can see my posts on FB.

2-Onsies from the baby shower. 
 I have the shower this weekend so hope to get them back and work on them then.

3-Repeat of the shower gifts.

4-  Hallowedding quilt, my take on this quilt, but for my daughter's wedding.
(the photo is not of my quilt, but from the Epic Halloween quiltalong on Flying Parrots Quilts)

5-get the cat quilt patterns written and ready to sell.

6-Finish the baby peacock quilt 

This is my list.  Sorry not more photos but some are waiting to be published.

Linking to the Q3 FAL.



Charlene S said...

6 nice activities to complete. Good luck.

CA Bobbie said...

I love the Betty Boop wedding gift block

Cathy Weber said...

Really enjoyed looking through your blog. I love the cute cat blocks you have for your blog header and wonder if there is a pattern for them? Thanks, Cathy

Roopantaran said...
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