Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Finger Lakes Trip Part 2

Now we are on our way to our final destination of Watkin's Glen.  
Watkin's Glen is located at the south end of Seneca lake. 
 We stayed at the Idlewild Inn.  
This was the view that greeted us when we drove up.

We parked around the back of the inn.

The view to our left was the fountain and garden.

Next we went to our room, we were staying in the nanny's quarters.  Our bed and,

our sitting area.

One view from our room.

The sunrise of the first morning from our window in our room.

This used to be the carriage house but now has 2 rooms available for rent.

I told the innkeeper that we really loved the gazebo and he told me it used to be the owner's daughter's doll house!  

 I could not resist taking a photo of the giant "hexie" that was the wooden floor in the "doll house".

I took this of hubby sitting in the doll house so you could see how BIG it really is.

We drove down to Montour Falls.  
This is a crazy set of waterfalls. 
 It is in the town.  
So you are slowly driving by like

 "house, house, house, --->WATERFALL<---house house.="" house="" nbsp="" p="">

 It's NUTS!

Last time we were here there was so much water I wondered
 how the people could tolerate all the noise it made. 
 This time, with so little rain all summer, it was just like a trickle. 
 I took a photo anyway so you can see it too.

We stopped for ice cream and it was fantastic!  
We watched the people ahead of us and the small was seriously 6" of soft serve ice cream! 
 They had a pumpkin soft serve ice cream that 
they actually made with pumpkin puree and it was really good.  
I got the kiddie size and it was probably also 6" of ice cream.  
I could only finish half and had to discard the rest.  You can see hubby here with his "small".

We did go down to the Seneca pier and walked out to the end.  It was beautiful.  

Seneca Lake, NY.  We ate at the Seneca Harbor Station and the food was excellent!

The second day we went hiking in Watkin's Glen and I will show those photos another day.

We did so much on this trip that I want to share!
I will probably upload all my photos to my Flickr account
 (yes I still use Flickr)
if you want to see more details of our trip via photos.

I am going to stop here for now.



Jennifer said...

What a wonderful and beautiful place to visit.

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful and beautiful place to visit.

Rosa said...

Great and beautiful place.Thanks for sharing photos.

Ioleen said...

Beautiful setting. Looks like a nice relaxing place you stayed. said...

Gorgeous plac.

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