Monday, November 07, 2016

The Lost Is Found

I had an interesting pretty low key weekend.  
I am taking a class on Craft University that I will be blogging about when I finish.  
I did the first 2 lessons.  

Hubby has been working in the garage getting it cleaned up and organzied and he came across an old sewing machine caddy that was full of fabrics and blocks!!! 
 Unfortunately they all smelled awful! 
 I suspect they got wet or something.  
I brought them all inside and decided that I want to selvage them. 
 So I filled the washer with warm water and oxyclean and tossed them in. 
 They came out great!  
I did not want to dry in the dryer so I brought them into my quilt room and pressed them all dry.  Sigh.  
I still like them so I need to work on putting them into a quilt.  
The first set was a basket pattern by Buggy Barn.  
There was a LOT of extra fabric 
(which I also had to wash and still need to finish pressing)

Such soft colors. 
 I always think of these as "shabby chic" for some reason.  
I think I will make a few more so I can get a bed sized quilt.  Still thinking about this though.  

Next up are some bunnies.  
The patterns are from the book Grandma's Bunnies by Darcy Ashton.
I did fusible and then hand stitched around them all.

That bunny fabric on the left is actual vintage fabric.

So is that cat fabric on the right.

I also took a photo of my growing "keeper" collection, just for fun.  
I added the one on the far right during our trip to NY this year.

If you see one I don't have please feel free to point me in the right direction!

Happy Monday!



Summer said...

All so pretty ♥

Ioleen said...

Such a great find. Love the bunnies.

OhioLori said...

Ooooh! LOOOOVE the bunnies! You did Awesome job!!

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