Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dicken's Festival 2018

We have been doing some traveling lately. 
This was our annual trip to Holly Michigan for the Dicken's Festival.  
It was not the usual frigid trip and we had a lot of fun!  
There were carriage rides, although we didn't go on one this time.

We love checking out the local antique shops. It is where I usually pick up a creepy elf or 2. 
 No luck this year though.  Maybe they are getting wise to me?
I did see these cute vintage toy sewing machines.

And this adorable puppy basket that was embroidered.  It needed to be finished so I left it. 
 I'm still thinking I should have bought it.  
It would have made an adorable pillow!

There was a guy walking around on stilts.  
I don't think I have ever seen that before IRL!  He was holding mistletoe over couples.

Look who I found as we were leaving.  Of course I needed a photo with him!

More travels tomorrow!



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