Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Christmas Sewing

I have not really had loads of time to sew lately.  
I'm not sure what I have been doing but I am busy, LOL.  
I finished a cute piece for a friend and I will show that now. 
 It is a surprise for her but since she is not expecting anything she won't realize it is for her, LOL .
 I am calling it a wine mat.  
I hand quilted around the dragon using 6 strands of embroidery floss and 
did straight line quilting using the machine. 
 I am really pleased with the result and hope she likes him too. 
If you click on the photo you should be able to see him larger and 
notice the "eye" placement of fabric.

A friend from IG sent me this amazing Unicorn Thread Gloss.  
You guys, you really need to go to Robot Mom Sews shop and buy some.  
You pull your thread through it and the thread doesn't tangle when you sew with it for hand sewing.  
I used it for my binding thread.  
I happened to use Gutterman thread for this binding.  
It is NOT my favorite hand thread but the color matched.  
Using the thread gloss was a total game changer. 
 No more tangles!

I have three Christmas stockings to make and thought I would see if I could make one last weekend.  My hope was to get the pieced front made, which I did.

Then I decided to "go for it" and actually got the whole stocking made (sans the name).  
I had to print the name out on my computer from work as my home computer doesn't have that font.  I have finished this one and put it in the mail.  
I can't show the name just yet, but soon.

Hubby has been continuing the cleaning and has gotten our family room all cleaned up.  
We might even be able to get it painted before Christmas!!!  
 This means all the junk that was in that room is now in my living room and must be dealt with. 
My plan for the weekend is to get the living room cleaned up so we can decorate for Christmas the next weekend (after Thanksgiving) and 
also get the upstairs guest room tidied up for my friend, Sue's visit in 2 weeks. 
 So I don't anticipate much sewing over the next few weeks.  

I am leaving on a quilt retreat to California on Dec 5th so there are supplies that I need for that also.

So much to do!

Are you all ready to decorate for Christmas?  Shopping done?  Tips you can share??



Bettina Groh said...

I'm not sure I will ever get things organized for Christmas or any other holiday... we still have boxes and boxes of my son's things plus more boxes of my mother-in-law's papers from where the roof leaked last summer. But no one seems to mind! We have assigned foods and tasks for Thanksgiving. Luckily the downstairs is relatively ready. Thanksgiving and Christmas here we come!!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love that dragon! So cute.

AndreaMM said...

Yay! I'm so glad you love the thread gloss!! :) :) :)
Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

beaquilter said...

Cute dragon and stocking!

Susie said...

Love the stocking. Love making Christmas things although I always seem to run out of time. Yes all the presents bought and wrapped, baking done and tree up so we are doing okay. Merry Christmas. Hugs, Susie x

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