Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Meadowland Quilt

I determined to make a quilt for our priest for Christmas. 
 I know it is early but with a grand baby on the way I just wanted it done.  
I chose the Meadowland patter.  
It is a fun and easy pattern to make and goes together pretty fast once you have all the cutting done.  
I chose fabrics by Jennifer Sampou from her Shimmer lines.  
I had some in my stash and I had to add some from purchasing.  
I used some of the whisper pallet by Lizzy House too.  
These 2 lines compliment each other very nicely!  
I am totally in love with how this is coming along!!

Here are some of the blocks.  
I did not have them all finished when I was ready to take photos

Here are the first 6 blocks together.
There is no sashing in this quilt.

I have since finished the top and the back but have not taken any new photos. 
 I adore this quilt!  
These fabrics are totally up my alley and may need to be made into a quilt for myself.  
I have enough left over to make another one, just sayin!

I used Kona medium gray and another gray with the one left over block I had for the back.  
I will probably write something for the label on the block. 
Can't wait to give this to my quilter when she is back at work.  
(and me too).  
How would you quilt this if you were me?



Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

I'm loving this one, I've had my eye on that pattern. May need to get it and start something new.

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

I have the pattern...not sure what fabric I want to use. This is lovely. Quilting choices are such a personal thing. Do you want it to have a traditional feel or modern? I would select something that fades into the quilt, letting the blocks be the stars. An Edge 2 Edge wavy line or small movement, horizontal or vertical. Or maybe a bit if custom work over each block?

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