Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sew Quilty Quilt Retreat

 I had the pleasure of flying in to the MSP airport in MN and
 driving with some friends to Siren,WI for a quilt retreat. 
 It is the same group of women that met up in Kansas City in August. 
 One of our friends owns a quilt shop in Siren WI. 
 It is called Sew Quilty. 
 My friends, Paula and Mel flew in from Kansas City and Colorado and we rented a car and 
drove to our friend, Traci's shop.  

I brought Captain Jack along for the trip.  I think he had fun too.

This is the only photo I took of the three of us (and it is a HORRIBLE pic of me). 
 We were in front of Traci's shop.

Mel and I were working on the Lyric quilt by A Crafty Fox. 
 Jack is showing my favorite star block.  
It used a fish from one of the Ghastlies lines.  
Mel has her whole top put together already. 
 I don't, LOL.
In my defense, I have been binding like a mad woman.

On the way to the shop we stopped at a dairy. 
 In the fields around the dairy were hundreds of Sand Hill Cranes!

The retreat took place at a hotel called the Lodge.  
This is the entry into the hotel. 
 It was a really cool place for a retreat.

I did take a short video of the quilting space and made my friends wave to all of you too!

Jack needed some caffeine to keep going and so did I!

If you are looking for a gift for a quilter these mugs were great!
Traci has them in her shop.

I was afraid someone would tell me I needed this one!

All in all it was a wonderful time spent with friends and sewing! 
 Can't wait to see them again.



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