Thursday, July 13, 2023

My Darling Cathole Quilt Top

 I did a pattern test for Sew Fresh Quilting.
It's called Catholes.
I loved testing this one and can't wait to get a backing together to send it off for quilting.

I changed it up a bit (accidently) but I love it.
If you have a cat you know they often shove their behinds in your face.
I changed the color and so it is difficult to see but this one is looking between his legs.
Instead he kind of looks like a bat, lol.

Here is the final top all finished.
I LOVE it.

I used an Origami cat fabric for the background.
It was the purrfect choice!

If you need a Catholes quilt in your life you can find the pattern here.

I have lots to share so stay tuned.



Darla H said...

Okay for a paper cartoon maybe, but not a lovely quilt subject.
I do res p ect and admire your quilting skills though.

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