Monday, February 05, 2007

I was working on several quilt projects last night while watching the superbowl, or rather the super bowl commercials. I am making a sampler quilt for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's 25th anniversary, so I worked on those blocks. The pattern was spread out in 3 magazines so now that I have them all I can actually work on finishing it. I have the blocks from the first month done and am now half way through the second month.

I signed up for a signature block exchange with Aussie Quilter. There are now 40 people signed up to participate. Thank you Cynthia for doing this! It should be fun. I was so excited about it I made the triangles for the siggy block last night too. I made them the same way as Bea did. Thanks for the tip! : D

Then one of my daughter Shelby's friends gave her some fabric that used to be her grandmothers. She asked if I could make something from it for her to remember her grandmother by. The fabric looks like it is from the 70's so I wanted something kind of old-fashioned. I decided on a dresden plate. I made one of the units last night. I will applique it down in the car on the way to Minnesota this week. I used a template from Elenor Burns that made the point east and no needle turn! The top was a straight cut, I folded the "petal" in half length wise and sewed a 1/4" seam across the tip of the petal. Well, when you turn the seam to the inside of the petal the point is made and you have no raw edge for the point! It was great! I then sewed the petals together into the ring. Now I will applique it down and make a center to cover my raw edges on the inside of the unit. I think I will make 4 of them for a wall hanging. The colours of fabrics are so varied that I think each plate will be a different colour scheme.

We leave for Minnesota on Wed. My middle daughter swims for Michigan State University. MSU is in the Big Ten Conference (see the quilt in the last post for all the schools). The championship meet is Thurs-Sat this week. She is swimming one event each day. Keep her in your thoughts and pray for some fast swims!!

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