Thursday, April 17, 2008

More of My Life

Just a quick minute to jot a few things down. I finished the 4 patch units and found some beautiful white to use for the other parts of the quilt. I will make an Irish chain from the 4 patch units alternating with white. I probably won't get much done until I get back from Paducah.

I had to take the DS to the otrhopod today for the reading of his MRI. (It's about time) If you remember he hurt his knee in the first scrimages of lacrosse on March 29th and hasn't been able to play since then. This is a problem! He is driving me nuttier that usual!! So back to the doctor. There is nothing requiring surgery. He dislocated his knee cap and stretched out some ligaments and has some deep bone bruising. The knee cap is back in place but the doctor still thinks it is possible to re-injure it if he plays. I asked for a note anyway. (Worst case he tells me no, right?) Well, he was less than thrilled, but he gave us the note with the admonishment that if he re-injures it it is not his (the dr) fault. Well, duh!!! I don't think he will be able to play tonight but he should be able to play on Sat. The team really needs him! So far we are 0-5, which really sucks. On the other side of it though is that DS learned how to support his teammates without being a player and someone that would not have been able to play got to play while he was out. We have a very young and inexperienced team so more people playing is a good thing, even if we are losing. We played much better in our last game and didn't have a running clock in the second half! (Mercy rule, ya know?)

So it is a beautiful day here in MI and I went to the LQS with my friend, Charlotte. She doesn't like this particular shop (nor do a lot of quilters) as she feels they are very unfriendly there. I have never had that problem, but then I could make friends with anyone or anything if I needed to, lol. So she won't go there without me as when we are together they are very nice to her, isn't that funny? The CL's are making a quilt for one of our priests and she needed a few additional colors so we found a few there. It didn't take that long and I found the cutest fat quarter and a great fish print to add to the "fish quilt" I hope to make for DH someday! I will take some photos and post when I get a chance.

Have any of you heard about the book, "A World Without Complaint"? Mrs. Goodneedle is reading it and I am considering joining her. I just wondered if any of you knew about it and what your thoughts are about it? I really think I could use this in my life too.

I also want to tell you about the wedding shower for Karen (the one I made the garter for) but that will have to wait until later! Enjoy your day!


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Well, sounds like the news for DS is really mostly good... could have been worse, right? Still, it's hard not doing what you love, what you're good at.
I agree, you could make friends with anyone! You certainly make the effort... it's a wonderful gift (for all of us ;-) )

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