Monday, April 28, 2008

Paducah Part 1

Well, I am finally back from Paducah.  I hope you are all ready for a long story!!  I will have to do it in installments!!  On our way to Paducah, Yuki and I stopped at a quilt shop in Indiana.  I bought this wonderful quilt pattern.  They designed them in their shop.  I got the MSU version and Yuki bought the other one.  Maybe a quilt for the raffle this year, we'll see.

I also found this fabric for Karen and Cory's wedding quilt.  I had planned on having everyone sign the center squares but there won't be enough room so I decided to make just white ones for the back and they can sign those with a message and I will make a beautiful top.  This is the new Simplicity line by Moda.  I refrained from buying the ones heavily laden with big flowers.  Isn't this so soft and pretty??
On the way to Paducah we saw a camel in the field grazing with the cows.  (I didn't take a photo as it was from the highway so I used this camel quilt from the show, clever, huh?)
We arrived at Hickory Hill Resort and here are Yuki and Liz in the kitchen.
That is Marlene, Liz's aunt checking out our view of Kentucky Lake.  There was a pair of bald eagles nesting on the site and we got to see them fish every morning!
Here was the view from the LR.
On Wednesday morning Yuki and I had a lecture from Jan Krentz (Lonestar and Beyond).  You may recognize the quilt on the left, it is the cover quilt from that book.  She was a very good speaker, we really enjoyed the talk.
Then we were off to the quilts and vendors.  We met up with Liz and Marlene.  Here is one of my all time favorite quilts from the show.  It was called Moose Drool.  I will have to bring my show book tomorrow and let you know who made it.  It was seriously great!
Look at his drool!!
I loved this mermaid quilt too.  Very different from most of the quilts.  
I don't know why but this reminded me of one I saw 2 years ago that also used the storm at sea block for the water.  This one won an award.
We went to the museum also but you can't take any photos inside that.  I have a ton more pics and will post more later.  On Wed night we went to see Alex Anderson speak.  As we were walking in I stopped at the table she was sitting at and showed her "our" green shoes.  She laughed and asked me if I knew that they come in pink? and that she wants the red ones and then she shook my hand!!!  She spoke for about 2 hours and she is a very genuine person.
I wish I had more time to write and post photos but I have to get home for a lax game!  More to come!!


Barb said...

Granddaughter and I had the pleasure of hearing Alex Anderson speak locally, and she is very "genuine" your description of the shoe conversation is very much Alex! She spent quite a bit of time talking 'one-on-one' with my DGD, explaining how to figure the $$ to charge for making a commissioned quilt! It was very much like chatting with a friend! Love your pictures, they are very neat and it looks like fun!

Pat at Bell Creek Quilts said...

woo hoo! A MSU quilt...gotta love the new twist. Is it pieced or applique?

Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures :)

Faith said...

wowsa what wonderful pictures, welcome home I am sure you are inspired with fresh ideas after visiting the quilt show and all those lovely shops. I love your fabric choice from the Moda brand called Simplicity. I had to smile when I saw the camel quilt I have two soft toy camels on my bed called Humprey and Bogart, camels are so cute.

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