Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Drive By

I don't have a lot of time but had a few quick things to share with you.

A friend managed to snap a couple of photos of the gigantic yo-yo quilt I found at my dad's house.
I thought you might like to see them too.

Most of the yo-yo's were in good shape.  Looks like a few need to be repaired.  
Interestingly the pink yo-yo's appear to be made from 2 different pink fabrics.  
We had a textile expert at the meeting and she was able to date some of the fabrics in the quilt.
There were some from the 20"s, 30's, 40's and maybe the 50's.
I am pretty sure my mother's mother made this one.
Even if you are not a fan of yo-yo's you have to appreciate all the work that went into this quilt.

We did a mug rug swap at out AAMQG meeting and this little beauty came home with me!
Made by another Pam.
I just love the aqua and the orange together!
Thanks to Stephanie for making one for me so I could participate too!
You're the BEST, Steph!

JIC you might be wondering about my dad and the man that ripped off his car. 
 I found a link to an article about him.  
He pleaded guilty to 2 different felonies and may be spending life in jail.  
This is not the first time he has ripped people off.  
If you are interested, here is the article.  

If you learn anything from this, please dear friends, remind the elderly in your life not to talk to people that knock on their doors!  
I found out from the police, these scam artists love to go into older neighborhoods and 
look for signs that an elderly/disabled person lives there (like a ramp to the house). 
 Never give them money and never believe their stories no matter how friendly they appear!

OK off my soap box now!
We have my dad's car back.
We had to pay for a new title, registration and license plate though.
So even though he didn't commit a crime we still had to pay the money to fix it.

Have a wonderful day!



Toni Macomb said...

What an impressive quilt! I got tried of making yo'yo's at less than fifty! Now as for making hexies? That's a different story! I don't know why tho'! Cheers!

Quilt n Queen said...

Awesome yoyo quilt...I'm not a yo yo fan but that find is definitely a keeper. I read the glad your Dad's experience with the 'thief' came to a happy ending. Have a great weekend!!

Shanna said...

WOW! Now that does seem like a lot of work, what a treasure to have something your mother made. I have a wonderful quilt my Great-Grandmother made that is showing so wear but I can't help but keep snuggling in it.

Rosa said...

It`s just awesome!

Sara said...

The yo-yo quilt is quite the gem isn't it!! What a treasure you have.

Well that is GREAT news that the guys that did that to your dad is going to pay! Good to hear you got your dad's car back too:)

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