Monday, November 25, 2013

Last of the Bee Blocks?

I only had a short amount of time to sew yesterday but thought 
I should work on the remaining Ima Bee blocks.  
I had found a bordered star block I was dying to try out.  
The rules were that we had to use med gray Kona for the background and low volume for the star.  This one was a lot of work and it is far from perfect but I like it anyway.

I was not really paying close enough attention to this one and 
reversed the background and the star colors.  
I will probably either make it again or make a different star and send this along anyway.  

I need more medium gray though either way to make another star.

I went to see Catching Fire this weekend and it was amazing!!  
Can't wait to see it again. 
 I love this series.

I also went through a ton of boxes.  
Both boxes I brought home from my dad's and boxes from my own basement that I will be taking to my dad's on Friday for the estate sale.  
I had 9 Rubbermaid containers full of Precious Moments Figurines that I will be selling there!!!  
I did keep some but I just have too many and have no real attachment to most of them. 
 My mom used to buy them and it was a nice gesture but 9 Rubbermaid boxes??  
Plus I kept 4 and I think there are a few more in the crawl space under the family room,
 but I won't go in there to check (I secretly call it the Hell Hole).  
To get into the crawl space you have to crawl through a hole 
in the cement wall in the basement and it is all dirt.  
I make hubby go in there when I need something!!

I am ISO this red print by Kate Spain from The 12 Days of Christmas.  
I need a yard. 
 If anyone has it and is willing to swap or let me purchase it that would be GREAT.  
If you know a shop that still has it that would be great too.

Hubby and I made pasta from scratch for dinner on Saturday night.  
It is so easy to do with the Kitchen Aid mixer attachment!  
Now I need a pasta drying rack.  He made the sauce from scratch too.  
It's great to have a hubby that loves to cook!!

Have a great Monday!



Rosa said...

Your star is wonderful and love your fabrics choice.Could you explain what is a Bee Block? I've seen many blogs with it but do not know what it is.
Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Rosebud said...

I bought my pasta drying rack at a Kitchen store, years ago. I've seen them online since. Mine is simply dowels and the rack breaks apart for easy storage. I have a kitchenaid mixer and even have the dough attachment. I tried it once but wasn't very successful. So I simply mix my own noodles (1/2 cup flour per egg; add more flour as needed but don't overwork; flour counter, roll out dough, and cut with a knife). It's the recipe my mother used and now I use it. You can salt if you like but I don't. I don't add any water or oil. They're just basic egg noodles. When our daughter married a fellow from Scotland, his parents and sister came over and stayed with us. We had 2 extra bedrooms and plenty of room. One of the meals I fixed was homemade meatballs, spaghetti sauce and noodles (my own). The loved it. Since I don't use the machine, mine are flat but yet perfect. Another great use for them is to make a nice beef stew (just stew beef and it's broth; no veggies), cook the noodles in the broth, add the meat back in and serve over mashed potatoes with a salad on the side. Really delicious. Have fun making pasta. You'll find you prefer it.

Quilt n Queen said...

Looks delicious!! Have you located some of the Kate Spain red fabric yet? I know I have a FQ bundle and maybe charm packs of the 12 Days of Christmas and I know I bought some yardage of some of the fabrics from, just have to put my hands on it...not sure if I have that particular fabric in you need a full yard?

margaret said...

I am not usually a grey person! but it has worked so well on your blocks, must get used to it as my younger daughter wants a crazy hanging using pink and grey.Not seen the fabric you are after sorry. Best of luck with the sale of Dad`s bits and pieces, you will be glad when you have finished sorting and your hubby will be thankful not to have to crawl through any more holes. Never tried making pasta, just buy the packet stuff well done the pair of you.

dianne said...

i have some yardage of the Kate Spain 12 Days of Christmas - i dunno about THAT particular red, but i'll check (when i can lift more than 20 pounds - there's a bunch of stuff on top of the bin the 12DofC is in) and let you know...

Kate D. Spain said...

Any luck on that 12 Days ... fabric?

please let us know @

Speaking of 12 days ... we're running 12 days of giveaways at through Dec 8 ... all the best!

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