Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hey What's UP?

I feel like this blog is being neglected, by me, for Instagram.
 I am not getting many comments so wondering if anyone is even still out there?  Hello?
 I was wondering if there is something you all might like to see over here.
Give me some feedback what you guys are interested in.
 Maybe no one is actually out there.

I am going to share what's been happening over at my little corner of the world.
I have actually been sewing quite a bit!
 I am running a Tula Pink Mini Quilt Swap on IG.
 I designed my top and have it all sewn up.
 I auditioned quite a few backgrounds like this.

This is a purple texty print by Alison Glass, which I really liked

This one is Moda Bella Feather (light gray)

Gray linen

 I was all set to go with the text print and then decided to try Kona Coal.

Kona or Text?

I put it out there on IG to get some opinions and Kona Coal it was!
I sewed late on Saturday night and put it up for a photo.
 Oh NO!  I sewed some of the things wrong!
 I had to un-sew and re-sew.
Then ready for another photo?
Nope, I see a different part is wrong.  GAH!!!
More un-sewing and more re-sewing.
 I now have the top finished.
I don't want to show it just in case my partner reads my blog or pops over here.
We are showing peeks but not full shots.
Although some are showing the whole finished top!

I also started working on the "muslin" for my daughter's dress.
It took me forever to cut the tissue pattern out.
 Then I pre-washed the fabric, pressed it and laid out the pattern.
 I have a love-hate relationship with multi-sized patterns.
So much cutting and folding later, I had the pattern pinned and then cut out and finally marked.

These guys were a HUGE help!
 I would much rather have been curled up napping with them.

I am not fond of garment sewing.
 I did manage to get part of the bodice sewn and the pleats put in the skirt front.
(I'd much rather be quilting my Tula mini).

I hope this thing turns out well.
I need to go back to the store to get some lining after work tonight.
My goal is to get over half way done tonight.
We are leaving on Friday morning really early and I am working all week.
  That doesn't leave much wiggle room for shopping and packing before we go!
Wish me luck!



Charlene S said...

Good luck!

Mary Caldwell said...

I'm still here, reading :) Good job on the dress - I hate garment sewing too. I finally hemmed a pair of jeans that have been sitting on my ironing board for a month. I'd rather piece and quilt any day~!

Jocelyn said...

Still here! I do read the blogs, every day. But I too have noticed a distinctive drop in comments on my own blog. I think we are in such information overload (blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc), that it's hard to read and comment on every single post. Instagram is fun to get a quick update but I still love reading the blog posts and seeing what's going on in the quilting world.

krislovesfabric said...

I.no.IG. lol! I must be the only one, sigh.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I read, but I Instagram if I am sitting with DH watching TV. :D Dress is coming along fabulously!

Michele T said...

I'm here and I'm at IG too! I don't miss a beat!!

Jodi said...

I'm still here, too, and also on Instagram, but somehow I love going through my blog feed, too. I love the Tula on Kona coal, but on the text print, too. Looking forward to what you're doing with it. Good luck with the dress - oy!
Not my forte. love the kitties! Makes me tired just looking at them :-)

Lynda said...

I am a blog reader - do not comment much - don't do instagram - agree with the choice of Kona Coal, one of my favorite go to's

Gill said...

I don't do IG so I hope you'll still keep posting here!

DianeF said...

I don't do any social media, so blogs are the only way to get my crafting fix. I haven't started quilting yet, but it's in my 10 year plan along with learning to knit. Your blog has inspired me to start hoarding material and dream about future quilts!

OhioLori said...

Oh yes!! Definitely still HERE!!! & checking in often!! I don't do FB, Twitter, Instagram..& whatever else!! Just do Computer! lol Please don't leave us! Not everyone wants to be out on all the social media stuff....know I am not alone lol


roberta mill said...

I'm here. I don't do instagram but I do facebook. sometimes there is alot of overload. pokes from pintrest doesn't help either :) Keep on keeping on!

Cthompson said...

Always enjoy your blog and read it first.

Mama Spark said...

Diane F, Roberta Mill, and Christine Thompson: There is no email associated with your comments so I will leave you a comment here and hope you see it. Thank you for your encouragement! I am happy you are reading and now commenting and that you love the kitties! ~Pam

Anna said...

love reading the blog...i do lik.e instagram but to me it is like a small appetizer and the blog read is like the main course, lol. Wish you were coming to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this year Tula is coming and we are going to Parteee

Rosa said...

No IG.I lo ve reading the blogs and love tips tutorial and see your fabric choice.
Here is my best place to leave a comment.

Finnie said...

I don't know about some, but I am not on instagram. I cant get it on my older ipad- I don't have a cell phone that I can get it on, and besides I LIKE reading blog posts. So much easier to bookmark and save to read later!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Betty Woodlee said...

I'm here too! I don't twitter or IG. I FB and read blogs which takes an enormous amount of time so I decided that in order to have time to quilt, play with great grand sons, attend quilt guild meetings, and proscractate house work and laundry I could not do addition social media. Love the colors in your quilt.

Mama Spark said...

Thanks, BJ. It is always nice to hear from those that read my blog.

Mama Spark said...

Thanks, BJ. It is always nice to hear from those that read my blog.

roccagal said...

-read you regulary but leave comment on flikr-luv your blog!!!!1

Lana said...

I stop in almost daily on my lunch hour...to see if you are here....I love coming here...ppl will come and comment if you visit other blogs too...my blog really grew when I reached out to others in my field...
Please don't stop blogging...I would REALLY MISS YOU!!! I love the photos!!!! Lots of PHOTOS>>>>

barbara woods said...

still here

Katie M. said...

Still here but I don't 'do' instagram.... So guess I will just catch you when I can...

CA Bobbie said...

I seem to be ditto with most of the other comments-I don't IG. Time limits how
many social media I do. I'm not a good multi tasker. BTW when did muslin start coming in blue? or did I miss a beat? I've never been a clothing sewer so can't appreciate how difficult if must be. Keep going, girl!

Margo said...

I come and see...with great envy! haha! Love the texty print! As for garment sewing, I don't like it much either, and do if I have to. Will love to see the final projects!

Anita said...

I also do not do Instagram, and very often do not comment, but I do read blogs every day

Mama Spark said...

Santee bobbie, your comment made me LOL. No muslin does not come in blue, I am using Kona. I thought that perhaps if this one turns out well I could use it as a second dress for my daughter.
Quilting Momma-thank you for leaving a comment and for visiting to see what I am up to. I really appreciate it!
Neither of you have linked email addresses and I could not find them when I clicked through to your google + accounts . I love to respond to comments but can't figure out how to do that when I can't use a linked name or there is no email associated. You may want to consider adding your email addy to your comments so we can communicate with you!! I would love that!
Anita-glad to hear it! Thanks for stopping by.

Mama Spark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Old Quilting Soul said...

Agreed, life is too busy for bunches of social media and I like to catch up when I have the time on your blog :)

Cherie in St Louis said...

I always read your posts and so enjoy them.

Keri D said...

I haven't figured out Instagram so I'm here reading blogs - I tend to comment only when it won't be repetitive- I felt like it might be wasting time you would rather have for quilting :)
I love the Kona coal - it made your fabrics look like they were on fire - what an awesome effect!

Michele said...

Oh I'm still here! Trust me...blog reading will continue to be top for me compared to IG.

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