Thursday, December 03, 2015

Bee Positive Quilt Along Anyone??

I have a friend that is making a quilt for another one of her friends that has cancer. 
 She called me to tell me that she is copying off of me (LOL) and making a + quilt for her friend. 
 I offered to make a few blocks and send to her as they are fun to make and go together quickly. 
 Her color scheme is purple, pink and orange. 
 Interesting, but as it turns out really pretty when finished.  
Here are the 8 blocks I made for her.  

I posted these on Instagram and there were several people that thought this was great and wanted to know how to make them. 
 I thought about it for a bit and it seems like there is some interest in learning the technique to make the blocks and to learn how to put it all together.
I have decided that I will run a Bee Positive Quilt Along. 
I will begin in January and we will talk about fabric selection then.  
Next up will be me showing you how I build the blocks and then you are off to do this.  
After that we will go on to talk about assembling the rows and finally about putting the rows together.  Sound like fun?  
These blocks would be a great way to use up scraps.  
You could go totally scrappy or use just a few colors.  Make it bed sized or lap sized.  
These quilts really lend themselves to charity quilts too.

So after I was done making blocks I decided that extra pie crust needed to be used up. 
 I cut out some circles, and put them in the muffin cups. 
 I opened a can of peach pie filling and used the left over dough to cut into strips for the top. 
 I brushed the tops with egg and sprinkled raw sugar over the top. 
 Popped them into the oven for 20 minutes at 375 and VIOLA Individual peach pies!!

Cats be like,"Hey what do you think that crazy woman is doing in the kitchen?" 
Pardon the dog food bag, I use this for paper recycling!

So please let me know if anyone is even remotely interested in learning this technique and how to make a great + quilt and we will make that happen in January.



Judy in Michigan said...

I will join your group - especially the part about putting it all together. Also, I'll be right over for some peach pie!! Looks like a great way to use up crust. My MIL used to take the left over dough, roll it out, and cut up an apple, mix with a little sugar, cinnamon, etc. and then just fold it all over to make like a pocket - all the extra dough made a big knot on top. Yummy!

Judy in Michigan said...

But your way is more elegant!!

Dolores said...

Good lookin' pies and cats. I'd be interested but will you be doing one of these in the future?

Joanne said...

Sounds interesting. It would take me some time to relax enough to sew these shapes. But I could learn.

margaret said...

yes would love to have a go at this quilt, thanks for offering a tutorial said...

I would love to try your QAL.

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